Now more than ever, the vacation rental community needs to stand together. Collaboration, knowledge-sharing and innovation could be the difference between success or failure for our industry. 

That’s why we’ve given a new life to VRTECH, the world’s largest vacation rental tech community. We want to inspire, educate and unite – not for profit, but for the gain of everyone in our industry. 

Read on to find out more about VRTECH: why we created it, what our mission is, how we’re going to achieve it, and what you can do to take part.

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What is VRTECH?

VRTECH is a community that brings together vacation rental professionals to inspire each other, share ideas and accelerate innovation in the industry. 

Launched in 2015, VRTECH has been connecting the industry’s various tiers for 5 years. Through global events, startup competitions and content, we’ve created a global network of engaged members who share our technology-forward and human-centric approach.

We believe that it’s essential for us to come together and discuss our industry’s future so that we can strengthen each other and effect real change. 

So far, we have:

  • organised 80+ events in different countries
  • built a community of 5,000 members who follow us online and attend our global events
  • named four winners of the annual VRTECH Startup Competition

And we’re just getting started!

Why did we create VRTECH?

At VRTECH, our three pillars are community, innovation and insights. We believe that all three are needed to push the industry forward – and we want to give you access to them through our events and online activity.

Community and collaboration are at the heart of VRTECH. Our industry performs better when we work together. And in these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to unite and support each other.

Innovation is essential because the industry is constantly evolving. Vacation rentals now compete with hotels on the same playing field, supported by an entire ecosystem of tech companies and startups. Adopting new technologies helps us become efficient in areas where traditional sectors could not – and that’s what gives us the competitive edge we need.

Insights from industry experts are crucial to help us respond to current trends and optimise our businesses. Everyone should have access to knowledge that helps them come up with their own creative ideas. That’s why sharing knowledge is a priority for us. 

Who should become a member?

VRTECH welcomes anyone who wants to become a member of the world’s largest vacation rental tech community. Some of the profiles that have attended our meetups include:

  • Tech startups
  • Property managers
  • Online travel agencies 
  • Niche listing sites
  • Software companies
  • Software developers
  • Investors
  • Consultants
  • Service providers 
  • Vacation rental associations
  • Policymakers

If you want to expand your network and join our community of extraordinary professionals, changemakers and industry leaders, become a VRTECH member now.

What to expect from VRTECH 

VRTECH isn’t just a meetup group. We undertake many different initiatives to reach our goals, which includes networking events, startup competitions, online content, and large-scale events.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

VRTECH Meetups

Let VRTECH come to you! We organise regular meetups all over the world, in cities that are thriving startup hubs. After a short talk or panel discussion, we grab a beer and a slice of pizza and enjoy some informal networking. 

It’s the best way to exchange ideas and get to know each other in a casual setting while learning about the latest industry trends, understanding local regulations and discovering new technologies to help you run your vacation rental business.

Because of the current global situation, we’ve paused our global VRTECH meetups. However, we expect to be back very soon – until then, follow us online and watch this space for the announcement of our first post-pandemic event!

VRTECH Startup Competition

The annual VRTECH Startup Competition is a superb opportunity for young innovative companies to showcase their products and gain international visibility. Each year, we announce the winner at an awards ceremony during the Vacation Rental World Summit. 

In 2021, we will organise the fifth edition of the competition. Stay tuned for more info. If you have a tech startup in the vacation rental space, you can already apply to participate!

Vacation Rental Tech Week

Vacation Rental Tech Week is a series of meetups and events dedicated to connecting property managers and innovative technology providers. It aims to provide an immersive experience and give participants a chance to dive deep into topics that other events don’t have time to explore. 

In 2018, Vacation Rental Tech Week coincided with Kigo’s conference in Barcelona and included events hosted by Guesty, Vreasy and VRTECH. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next edition!

Trip Circus Conference

Finally, VRTECH and Rentals United are behind the long-awaited Trip Circus Conference, an event aiming to unite hotels and the short-term rentals. 

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the 2020 edition, which would have been the first-ever Trip Circus. But we’re beyond excited to see what 2021 brings. We’re determined to make our dream of bringing together the entire hospitality industry come true. 

Supporting women in the vacation rental industry

Part of our mission at VRTECH is to support female founders in the vacation rental industry and help close the gender gap in leadership. 

Our industry has a long way to go when it comes to gender equity in leadership roles. In fact, only 3 of the world’s top 50 vacation rental management companies are headed by female CEOs.

We believe that this needs to change. We need women at the forefront of the industry to help our sector innovate and grow.

We are committed to supporting initiatives that highlight the role of women in business through unforgettable meetups, interviews, resources and more.

After all, we’re an all-female team: and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished so far at VRTECH.

Join us on this journey and become a member of our community now!