One of the big mistakes that vacation rental managers and owners make is to stay in their own bubble. Fortunately it doesn’t have to take much to stay informed… in fact it just takes a few blog subscriptions. We’ve compiled some of the best ones out there, ones we like and follow. Unfortunately, we can’t mention them all but we’d love to hear the ones you follow in the comments at the bottom. Now it’s time to click “Subscribe” !




My VR is a great looking PMS and we can tell they’re serious by the quality of their blog (btw myVR guys: we partner up with PMS‘s to offer your clients more channels! Maybe we can talk!). It has loads of advice ranging from SEO to Customer Service. We particularly appreciate their category on Photography with plenty of articles helping us take better photos of our vacation rentals. Definitely worth subscribing to as a private vacation rental owner.



This giant in the vacation rental industry is certainly investing great amount of energy in their b2b/b2c blog. We love how they investigate topics close to our hearts like keyless doors. Note however that this blog is mainly focused on helping you advertise on TripAdvisor – though there’s nothing wrong with getting tips to get more bookings from that particular channel!

Lifty Life Blog

Lifty Life is a property management company specialised in the online marketing of vacation rentals in British Columbia and Alberta. The Lifty Life blog is a wealth of information for vacation rental owners as well as guests. They talk about a wide range of topics from property investment to market insights and hosting tips. Some of the topics they recently covered include the best Airbnb smart home devices and investing in a tiny vacation rental



The Business of Holiday Rental

We particularly like the style of writing and the look & feel of the blog by Karen Spencer who also consults to help you make more money out of your rentals. We much appreciate her marketing tips that range from social media lessons to how to appeal to the family market. Many practical tips on this blog too and a very useful section full of free PDF downloads. We just wish she would blog more often!

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

Matt Landau teaches vacation rental owners and managers how to generate more bookings. He’s been featured on CNN, BusinessWeek and US News & World report. As a marketing guru in the vacation rental industry he and his e-book (The Eureka Effect: How good vacation rentals become great) certainly deserve our recognition. As the name suggests, the focus here is to improve your marketing and we especially liked his top 10 cost-effective marketing activities survey, well-worth a read (including the comments).



Occupancy Level

Don’t let the strapline fool you. This is a blog about the vacation rental industry. has a very nice and fresh collection of articles, full of ideas to help you improve every single aspect of the business. The blog may be in its infancy but we have a feeling this one will be kept up with regular updates. Some entertaining articles like Robots in the Hospitality industry or how to brag about your Internet speed… Well-worth subscribing.

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Eldorado Immobilier

Pierre from Eldorado Immobilier is a major actor of the Vacation Rental industry in France and French-speaking countries. He has been featured in some of the biggest media in Europe such as Le Monde, M6, Le Parisien and Le Petit Futé (french version of Lonely Planet).
His blog is really serious while advising property managers and owners, with more than 500 articles with advice on each aspect of the vacation rental industry.
If you can understand French, this is a blog you should definitely have a look at!