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Earn more from your US mountain properties: Strategies for every season

Maximizing revenue from your US mountain vacation rentals doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you're in Idaho or Montana, Nevada or Colorado, we’ll dive into how optimizing pricing, attracting early planners, and capitalizing on last-minute deals can earn you more bookings, as well as top platforms like Marriott, Google Travel, and Hopper for maximum visibility.

Barcelona’s Short-Term Rental Ban: Why has it happened, and what does it mean for you?

Barcelona mayor Jaume Collboni announced on Friday 21st June that Barcelona plans to ban all short term rental properties for tourists from 2029. Whilst the move is unexpected, the vacation rental industry continues to go from strength to strength. Here we break down why the ban took place and what property managers can do to ensure short-term rentals remain mutually beneficial for them and the local community in the future.