Q&A with Pros

How Handiscover simplifies wheelchair-friendly holidays

by Linda Pashaj

With over 23,000 properties, Handiscover is the world’s largest site for accessible vacation rentals. Classifying rentals based on accessibility requirements, they help guests find the perfect accommodation for different needs. But do you know how easy it is to list properties on Handiscover? Find out in this exclusive Q&A with CEO & Founder Sebastien Archambeaud.


The definitive list of Smart Locks & Keyless entry providers

by Thibault Saldou

Guests’ flight gets delayed and you’re waiting till early morning hours… A key is lost and you need to change the lock and get copies (for guests, cleaning staff, yourself, check-in staff). How about security in your rental home? Luckily, Smart Locks are a clever solution that put homeowners at ease and we’ve prepared the complete list of providers.

Just For Fun

5 Vacation Rental TV Shows to Watch Right Now [on Netflix and more]

by Vivien Magyar

Vacation rentals have officially become an indispensable part of our travel culture: they’re on popular TV Shows! Have you already watched any? Beyond the competition, exceptional home renovations and industry experts, these shows dive into what it truly means to be a vacation rental host. If you’re anything like us, your lazy Sunday will feature these 5 series (no spoilers)!

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