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Home Select ha aumentato i ricavi del 40%

Home Select è una società di gestione immobiliare ubicata a Madrid con oltre 14 anni di esperienza nel settore. La loro selezione di case vacanza gestite professionalmente include proprietà boutique attentamente selezionate in tutta la Spagna. 

№ proprietà connesse187
Sede centraleMadrid, Spagna
Tecnologia utilizzataRentals United + Integrazione API
SitoVisit Now


Annunciare numerose proprietà in modo rapido e accurato su tutti i siti di prenotazione

Automatizzare le operazioni per reindirizzare le risorse alla crescita dell business

Migliorare i processi di ogni giorno utilizzando il loro sistema di gestione fatta su misura

La nostra promessa agli ospiti è offrire proprietà uniche, con informazioni accurate e aggiornate in tempo reale


Il Channel Manager Rentals United
Il Channel Manager Rentals United
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Integrazione API a Rentals United
Integrazione API a Rentals United
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Home Select automatizza il marketing e la distribuzione utilizzando il Channel Manager Rentals United che è direttamente connesso al loro sistema di gestione. L'integrazione all'API aperto di Rentals United consente a Home Select di inserire automaticamente le proprietà dal proprio sito e successivamente di inserirle sui numerosi siti di annuncio. Le prenotazioni e le cancellazioni da questi siti vengono inserite nella loro piattaforma di gestione, sincronizzate da Rentals United. In questo modo, Home Select centralizza l'informazione delle proprietà e gestisce le operazioni, la contabilità, la comunicazione degli ospiti e ogni altro aspetto dell sue business dal proprio sistema creato su misura.



Testimonial Intero

Home Select is an important Spanish property management company with over 14 years experience in the indusrty. Managing over 500 properties in all the major Spanish destinations, their portfolio brands are Home-Flat and Home-Villa. Lucia Fariñas, Channels & Revenue Manager, gives us unique insights.  

Quality standards at Home Select are extremely high. Our mission is to offer more than just a home, we offer a luxury experience!” says Lucia, “Our clients don’t just include holidaymakers, but also large companies who accommodate their employees in short, medium and long business stays. We aim to provide an extraordinary way of living with unique apartments and villas. Guests are our main focus and we provide plenty of personalized services for their every need.”

Guests staying in any of the 260+ short-term rentals can contact the Home Select team 24/7. There are over 80 professionals in the team. 360° services take centre stage not only for guests but also towards property owners who can find solutions for vacation rental management, interior design, marketing, real estate, consulting and maintenance. It's not surprising that Home Select decided to use a channel management solution to automate processes. They initially decided to try an all-in-one software but it was lacking in automation. 

“We were synced only with but had to upload pricing and insert reservations manually in our system. It wasn't user-friendly. I'm very happy to say that it doesn't happen with Rentals United. We like the platform not just for connecting bookings to our system, but also because it's intuitive. We like it a lot,” says Lucia. 

Integrating to the Rentals United Open API gave Home Select the chance to upload properties automatically from their own site and subsequently link them with the numerous advertising sites where they have accounts, as well as new ones. Rentals United syncs bookings and cancellations from all these sites onto the Home Select system. 

“We have many more channels now. The connection is good, faster, automatic, and the service with our Key Account Manager is very positive and easy.” says Lucia, “We have noticed a considerable difference in the minimum stay and our average yearly occupancy rate is 70%.”

The personalized system used by Home Select gives staff specific tools, such as revenue and occupancy planning, reporting and competition monitoring. 

“We use many tools to calculate revenue, create analytics and reporting, from PowerB to market data provided by Transparent, we sit down and forecast short and long-term actions,” says Lucia, “We invest in building our own tools with unique functionalities, such as identifying rapidly when a property is blocked by owners.”

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