How Cornish Traditional Cottages Enhanced Team Meetings and Streamlined Property Performance Tracking on Leading OTAs

Meet George Edward-Collins - a dedicated property manager with over 200 properties in the beautiful Cornish countryside.

To successfully manage such an impressive portfolio, George and his team needed a simple way to gather data about booking trends and occupancy rates for their major OTA listings.

Now, thanks to Elevate, George can present data reports to his team on the performance of OTAs.

No. of properties connected 200+
Headquarter Location Cornwall, UK
Tech Used Rentals United + Elevate
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Business Challenges

Identifying booking trends

Making data driven decisions

Sharing information internally

Using Elevate, it's great for me to be able to see how many bookings have come in across all the channels for a particular period on all OTAs with one click.




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Cornish Traditional Cottages

Cornish Traditional Cottages

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A comprehensive picture of performance in one click

With Elevate, George can view detailed insights about booking volume, average booking value, average daily rates, lengths of stay, booking windows, channel share, and much more.

He told us:

It’s great for me to be able to see how many bookings have come in across all the channels for a particular period on all OTAs with one click.

It’s a simple, streamlined process to collect data and generate reports that contain all the data he needs to share with his team.

Meetings lead to revenue-boosting action  

The team has accurate, up-to-date information, meaning discussions are more effective, and everyone can collaborate. George and the team can compare occupancy rates, identify booking trends, and make data-driven decisions that drive revenue and growth.

Plus, gathering data and preparing for the weekly team meeting now takes just a few minutes.

Every Tuesday before our team catch-up, I take a brief moment to check how sales channels are doing regarding bookings – you know, if they’re up, down, or holding steady. It’s like a five-minute thing where I grab those few important numbers and share them with the team.

Reliable, first-party data: a standout feature for George

Given that George already used Rentals United to manage his listings successfully, it made sense to adopt Elevate. Instead of searching for another tool, he has a data platform that’s fully integrated with his channel manager, which simplifies the workflow and keeps everything connected.


For George, a stand-out feature of Elevate is its high-quality, first-party data, which gives a true picture of the state of the market today. 


Smooth meetings and better decisions with Elevate

Thanks to Elevate, George has simplified data collection. He can quickly and easily access high-quality, first-party data and share information with his team.  

With all his data in one place, it only takes a few minutes to get a full picture of what’s happening on big OTAs.