How Casiola broadened their reach and enhanced the accuracy of their listings with Rentals United.

Casiola is an award winning vacation rental management company. They offer full service property management in Aruba, Miami and Orlando, including powerful marketing, sophisticated revenue management to maximise income, excellent 24/7 guest support, 5-star property care with in-house maintenance and housekeeping and a worry free crisp linen program.

No. Properties Connected 350
Headquarter Location Orlando, FL
Tech Used Rentals United
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Casiola was looking to diversify channel distribution for increased visibility.

Sought streamlined listing optimisation, as managing listings individually on each OTA was time-consuming.

They were aiming to enhance the precision of reservation information received in Track.

Working with Rentals United, combined with our PMS Track, has allowed us to effortlessly manage and optimise our listings across multiple channels, providing faster onboarding and increased accuracy of reservation information.


Rentals United Channel Manager

Rentals United Channel Manager

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More Info


Casiola streamlined operations for 350 properties across multiple locations with Rentals United, enhancing their guest experience and expanding their business due to swift onboarding, accurate listings, and seamless integration.

Channels added
New locations
Bookings from Rentals United

Full Testimonial

At Casiola, managing 350 properties across multiple locations requires a reliable and efficient solution. When we started working with Rentals United in April 2022, we were seeking to overcome several business challenges, including the need for increased channel options, a more efficient way of optimising listings, and faster onboarding for new properties.

The partnership with our PMS Track and Rentals United provided us with features and benefits that set them apart from other solutions. What stood out to us was the swift onboarding and channel activation process for new properties, as well as the accuracy of listing content and reservation information received through our PMS. This not only saved us time but also ensured a seamless and consistent experience for our guests. The ability to broaden our reach, enhance the accuracy of our listings, and maintain consistency across various platforms has been instrumental in our growth journey.

The efficiency, accuracy, and seamless integration between these platforms have propelled us forward in the vacation rental industry, enabling us to provide exceptional experiences to our guests while expanding our business horizons.