How Evolve expanded their channels and increased distribution with Rentals United

Evolve is reimagining the vacation rental experience with their modern approach to hospitality and property management. They help guests rest easy with vetted homes, bookings that give back, and all the support they need for a great stay. They also support owners in reaching their financial goals, partnering with them to start, manage, and grow their vacation rental business — all for an industry-low fee.

No. of properties connected 29,000
Headquarter Location Denver, CO
Tech Used Rentals United + API
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Business Challenges

Managing multiple API’s for listing channels was complex and difficult.

Wanted to list on Google but it required months of development time and changing their pricing structure.

Struggled to test new channels as it required creating new API’s.

Rentals United solved our distribution challenges, saved us months of development time, and provided unparalleled partner support, enabling us to expand our channels and revenue efficiently.

Rentals United Channel Manager

Rentals United Channel Manager

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Rentals United seamlessly addressed Evolve's property distribution challenges by replacing complex API development with a comprehensive solution, fostering reliable connections to numerous channels, and enhancing revenue through key partnerships, all while delivering exceptional customer service and understanding of their needs.

Properties Managed
4.7/5 star
Average property review score

Full Testimonial

At Evolve, we were facing significant challenges in distributing our properties effectively across multiple channels. Developing API’s for each channel we wanted to connect to required months of work and managing multiple API’s was complex. 

Rentals United provided us with a seamless solution that not only eliminated the months of development time and pricing restructuring we anticipated with Google distribution, but also provided us with the ability to form reliable connections to more channels, including smaller channels. The team’s dedication to finding the best fit for our collaboration, their technology-focused approach, and their exceptional partnership support made the decision to choose Rentals United a no-brainer. 

We’ve found their customer service to be world class. The Rentals United team keep the channels of communication open and work with us to solve problems. Working with them, we’ve not only expanded our channel partnerships but also increased revenue through key partnerships like Google, HomeToGo, Hopper, Homes & Villas by Marriott, Expedia and more. With Rentals United, we found a reliable partner that understands our needs and empowers us to deliver the best guest experience.