How Mykonos.Luxury expanded the distribution of its luxury villa collection with Rentals United

Mykonos.Luxury manages 50 high-end luxury villas on the island of Mykonos, Greece. The company offers personalised luxury stays with 24-hour concierge services. They cater to the individual needs of each guest; high-net-worth individuals who often travel with their families.

N of properties connected 49
Headquarter Location Mykonos Island, Greece
Tech Used Rentals United + Rentability PMS
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Business Challenges

Reduce reliance on travel agents

Get more bookings from niche OTAs

Adopt a digital approach to distribution

Rentals United has a big variety of channels and it’s very easy to upload properties. Everything is automated. This is the innovation we need in 2022


Rentals United Channel Manager

Rentals United Channel Manager

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Rentability PMS

Rentability PMS

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Rentals United has allowed Mykonos.Luxury to expand their distribution and incorporate new sales channels into their marketing mix. The ease of connecting to new channels and managing their listings has helped them reach their business goals.

Increase In Occupancy, Bookings And Revenue
Saved Per Week
Increase In Bookings From International Travellers

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Mykonos.Luxury manages a total of 50 luxury properties—however, only 15 of the smaller villas are listed on mainstream OTAs like Airbnb and The more exclusive, higher-end units in their portfolio require a different approach to distribution.

That’s why Chris Pikoulas, Operation Director at Mykonos.Luxury sought the help of Rentals United. They wanted to find a way to distribute their listings online in an efficient way, but avoid over-distributing their villas and diluting their perceived value by listing on mass market channels.

“These villas are for very few people,” Chris said. “You can’t just distribute them anywhere. You have to find the right environment.”

One of their main goals was to get fewer bookings from travel agents—which used to represent 80% of their reservations—and more bookings from niche websites.

Thanks to its wide variety of connected niche channels, Rentals United was able to provide Mykonos.Luxury with new sources of online bookings.

So far, Chris and his team have listed their properties on Homes & Villas by Marriott International, the prestigious international hotel chain’s luxury rental collection, and Google Travel. Next, they are looking to go live on another niche channel for luxury properties, Top Villas.

Chris believes that no matter the type of rentals you’re offering, it’s crucial to be listed and bookable online on the appropriate channels. Relying too much on travel agents is risky because “the world is changing. We’re building the metaverse. Soon, everything will be online,” Chris said.

“​​Rentals United has a big variety of channels and it’s very easy to upload properties. Everything is automated. This is the innovation we need in 2022,” he added.

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