How Air Peace of Mind distributes over 200 properties in London with Rentals United

Founded in 2016, Air Peace of Mind currently manages more than 200 properties, most of which are located in London. Their rentals range from pied-à-terre flats to multi-bedroom houses, from £120 to £2,200 per night. Air Peace of Mind believes in professionalism with a personal touch: an approach that’s reflected in everything they do, from looking after guests to building relationships with owners.

N of properties connected 200
Headquarter Location London, England
Tech Used Rentals United + Air Peace of Mind
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Business Challenges

Avoid double bookings

Take the manual work out of managing listings

Control listings centrally from a single platform

I had no doubt that Rentals United was the best channel manager to use having done the research and speaking to industry experts. RU delivers a first-class service, we have our own account manager and nothing is too much trouble.


Rentals United Channel Manager

Rentals United Channel Manager

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Air Peace of Mind

Air Peace of Mind

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Rentals United has allowed Air Peace of Mind to seamlessly connect to multiple sales channels, avoid double bookings and ensure a consistent guest experience. This has resulted in higher conversion rates and happier guests.

Increased Conversion Rate
Time Saved Managing Listings
Improved Guest Experience

Full Testimonial

Air Peace of Mind was founded in 2016 by Emily Bruce-Watt. She built the company like a true startup, starting with a single flat and growing to 35 properties within 3 months.

Today, Emily and her team manage more than 200 properties. Some of their rentals are magnificent luxury properties, others are unique London flats, yet others are located elsewhere in Europe and globally.

Before starting to work with Rentals United in 2017, Air Peace of Mind struggled to sync their calendars on all the platforms they were advertising on. They found using the iCal system frustrating, as it often led to double bookings.

They wanted to be able to control their listings centrally for several reasons. Most importantly, to take the time-consuming manual work out of distributing their properties across multiple platforms.

“RU has allowed us to be connected to multiple new platforms and ensure the guest experience is consistent across platforms,” said Emily.

“By having central control over our listings we are able to focus solely on booking generated growth instead of the manual processes that were formally associated with managing listings across platforms,” she added.

As a result, Air Peace of Mind has improved its conversions by reducing the length of time taken to ensure availability. Furthermore, they’ve also improved their guest experience by completely removing the possibility of double bookings.

One of the sales channels that they’ve had the most success with is Plum Guide. Currently, Air Peace of Mind has 90 properties connected to Plum Guide through Rentals United, and bookings from Plum Guide make up about 30% of the company’s revenue.

“RU’s synchronisation with Plum Guide has been revolutionary for us,” said Emily.

Rentals United is the only software that Emily and her team use for listing distribution and sales – and they are more than happy with the results.

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