Holiday Cottages in North Wales

Founded in 1966 North Wales Holiday Cottages has been providing exceptional holiday cottage stays in North Wales for over 50 years. The business which helps to let privately owned cottages and apartments is now the oldest independent holiday cottage agency in Wales. Now in its sixth decade, the business has grown and expanded, covering and specialising in renting cottages and holiday homes in every corner of North Wales.

N of properties connected 121
Headquarter Location Wales, UK
Tech Used Rentals United
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Business Challenges

Increase inventory to large OTAs

Ensure more stable connections with channels

Open up to new markets and audiences

We knew we needed a channel manager, and we spoke to a few local agencies who had experience of doing this, and Rentals United continued to come up as a market-leader.


Rentals United Channel Manager

Rentals United Channel Manager

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North Wales Holiday Cottages' own PMS

North Wales Holiday Cottages' own PMS

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North Wales Holiday Cottages understood the challenges of multi-channeling manually. The biggest challenges faced was keeping up to the minute pricing and availability changes correct, not to mention smaller issues like content changes.

Increase In Occupancy
Increase In Revenue

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North Wales Holiday Cottages Cottages is a self-funded business, with a small but dedicated team working from their head office in Deganwy, North Wales, and now running around 120 property listings for around 100 different owners. Maintaining an emphasis on quality, they offer their owners exclusive marketing, access to affordable, professional services like cleaning contacts, photography and, of course, marketing and booking operations for all their holiday homes in the region of Wales made famous for the beautiful and rugged Eryri National Park – known to many as Snowdonia.

Before working with Rentals United, they onboarded very little inventory to large OTA websites, and they could see that they had reached an impasse, where their owners and clients were asking for this capability or beginning to investigate this directly. So, working with Rentals United has enabled them to onboard with stable connections and to multi-channel on their owner’s behalf, saving them time. They established their own internal processes to ensure due diligence while opening new markets and audiences for their owners.

The company understood the challenges of multi-channelling manually. The biggest challenges faced was keeping up-to-the-minute pricing and availability changes correct while regularly managing content changes. They knew they needed a channel manager, and they spoke to a few local agencies with storied experience, and Rentals United continued to come up as a market-leader.

North Wales Holiday Cottages’ goals for today are to sustain and grow back the business to pre-Covid levels, and to refocus their commitment to owners and customers. As such, they have continued with a steady owner recruitment and incremental increase in property and booking figures. The business feels it’s important for them to continue serving both sets of clients as best as they can. However, they want to grow and be a bigger entity, but to do this in a sustainable way to ensure locals and holiday homeowners can co-exist with each other which will ensure services in the region can continue.

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