Golden Stay makes guest communication a breeze and increases their growth by 5x with Rentals United

Back in 2017, two brothers from the Netherlands bought and renovated their first house. Despite initially planning to sell it, they fell in love with the property and decided to use it for short-term rentals instead.

Fast forward 6 years, Peter and Tim de Zwart now run Golden Stay with their wives, Lynn and Febe, managing a collection of 40 charming properties in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France and Italy (and soon to be Germany).

Each of the properties in the portfolio offers something different, a special touch that makes the experience unique.

No. Properties Connected 40
Headquarter Location Cadier en Keer, Netherlands
Tech Used Rentals United + Smart Guest Communication
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Business Challenges

Struggled to keep their website and channel data synced and connected

Communicating with guests was time-consuming and messages slipped through the gaps

Prices were often misaligned across channels

Since using Rentals United, It’s been game changing being able to manage messages from all our channels in one place. We have far fewer missed messages, and spend much less time on staying organised.


Rentals United Channel Manager

Rentals United Channel Manager

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Golden Stay

Golden Stay

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Since switching to Rentals United in 2020, Golden Stay have been able to synchronise pricing across multiple platforms, reaping a substantial 25% annual return on investment and increasing their growth by 5x.

But the real game-changer has been the Smart Guest Communication feature. The unified inbox has revolutionised their message management for their 40+ properties, enabling them to prioritise and address issues seamlessly. And with a built-in translator, international guest communication has never been more efficient.

The unwavering support of the Rentals United's Customer Success team and and the hassle-free onboarding process have been instrumental to allowing Golden Stay to focus on expanding their property portfolio. They are aiming for 50 properties by the end of 2023.

Increased revenue and efficiency
Saved time with more efficient guest communication
Allowed the team to flourish

Full Testimonial

Golden Stay increased revenue and efficiency with Rentals United

Since using Rentals United, Golden Stay has grown to 5 times their size – and this is in part because they’re now able to optimise their rates and reduce time spent on admin. 

With Rentals United’s channel manager, Golden Stay was finally able to align pricing across all platforms simultaneously. This made it much easier to manage a comprehensive pricing strategy, adjusting their pricing seasonally where previously they struggled, sometimes receiving high season bookings at low season prices. 

This in turn has helped them earn a 25% annual return on their investment.

Why Smart Guest Communication was a game-changer

Peter told us that Rental’s United’s Smart Guest Communication has made a huge difference to the team’s efficiency, and that the unified inbox is one of the most valuable features.

Without a unified inbox, the team had to monitor all their channels individually to answer messages. With 40 properties and counting, it could be tough for the team to stay on top of all the messages across all channels. 

But Smart Guest Communication lets them view all messages in one place. Closed conversations disappear from the inbox, which allows the team to focus on pending messages, making it easy to identify what issues they must deal with first.

According to Pete:

“It’s game changing being able to manage messages from all our channels in one place. We have far fewer missed messages, and spend much less time on staying organised.”

And as a multilingual company managing properties across 4 countries, Smart Guest Communication’s built in translator has revolutionised the way they communicate with international guests. The team can message guests directly, with the translator handling translations, making communication more efficient and time-saving.

Attentive customer support has continuously helped the team flourish

The Golden Stay had no problems getting to grips with Rentals United, crediting the seamless onboarding process. And from the beginning, Rentals United’s Customer Success team has been on hand to help Golden Stay get the most out of the tool.

Peter told us that Rentals United has been reliable, and they’ve never had any major issues. Any time a problem does arise, it’s dealt with swiftly and effectively. 

Master guest communication and win back time with Rentals United

Thanks to Rentals United, Golden Stay properties can manage guest communication efficiently and never have to worry about missing an important message.

The team can focus on more important things like increasing their revenue and acquiring more properties  – they aim to increase their portfolio to 50 properties by the end of 2023.