How June Homes listed on diverse channels efficiently with Rentals United

The June Homes team knows renting can often be a headache. That’s why their mission is to bring a fresh approach to a complicated process and make renting easy and flexible.

Travellers and tenants use June Homes to book unique apartments and rooms for mid to long stays of 30 days or more in desirable US cities like New York, Boston, DC, and Chicago. The renting process is simple, straightforward, and completed in a matter of hours.

Rooms & Apartments Connected 1000
Headquarter Location New York City, USA
Tech Used Rentals United & June Homes custom CRM
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Business challenges

Distributing and optimising listings took too much time.

Managing pricing for a large portfolio of properties across multiple OTAs is practically impossible to do manually.

Automation needed to support growth.

With Rentals United we can connect to relevant OTAs and manage distribution across several channels seamlessly.

Our listing quality has improved and we now spend much less time managing listings and pricing.


Since using Rentals United, June Homes has been able to revolutionise their listing procedures and drastically reduce the time spent managing listings, thanks to automations.

The team can distribute listings on a wide range of suitable OTAs, with less room for error.

This has led to a 4x increase in reservations on Airbnb, plus growing revenue from other channels.

Full testimonial:

“Before Rentals United, we knew we needed to scale up our presence on OTAs and find an easier way to manage the pricing and availability of our inventory and connect to more channels.

After hearing positive feedback from some top connected OTAs, we decided to try Rentals United. 

The onboarding process was smooth, we had a great experience with the customer support team who were attentive and helped answer all our questions.

Now, using Rentals United, we’ve automated much of the work of managing our inventory, such as adjusting prices and improving the quality of our listings. We’ve saved a lot of time and been able to list on new channels.

Our business has grown since partnering with Rentals United. Year on year, we’ve seen a 4x increase in our Airbnb reservations, and we’re also getting promising results from the new channels we’ve connected to.”