You Stylish increased business avoiding manual work

You Stylish is a vacation rental company based in Barcelona with a portfolio of over 45 luxurious apartments. With an experienced team managing rentals exclusively, You Stylish aims to provide guests only with quality, unique and stylish properties.

N of properties connected 49
Headquarter Location Barcelona, Spain
Tech Used Rentals United + Egluu PMS
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Business Challenges

Manual update

Limited market reach

Relying on 1 listing site

Uploading all the details for 45 properties on every channel would be a real headache.


Rentals United

Rentals United

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Egluu PMS

Egluu PMS

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The You Stylish team was using Barcelona-based Egluu to manage their properties. Back in 2016, they decided to try Rentals United Channel Manager in order to advertise on numerous listing sites, but also benefit from easy property upload and info synced automatically. The Egluu took care of enabling the flow of information between the two platforms. Nowadays YouStylish advertise on global and niche websites and staff focuses on offering unique guest experiences.

Connected Sites
Increase In Bookings
Average Stay
Revenue Increase

Full Testimonial

You Stylish is a property management company based in Barcelona that manages 45 luxurious properties exclusively and is connected to Rentals United via Egluu Property Management System. The company has been working with Rentals United since June 2016. Viky Grau, the reservation manager of You Stylish kindly shares their experience on adding Rentals United to their business.

“We were looking to increase the number of websites to advertise on,” recalls Viky. “Uploading all the details for 45 properties on every booking site would be a real headache”. A channel management solution was needed so Viky and her team decided to try Rentals United that is integrated with their PMS, Egluu.

The team at Egluu took care of enabling the flow of information between the two platforms. Viky then just had to make sure property content was up to scratch to rank high in websites and choose where to advertise on. They were already working with HomeAway so that account had to be linked with Rentals United, which was just a question of informing the success team at HomeAway.

In only 2 months You Stylish was able to increase their number of advertising channels from 1 to 5. We only advertised on HomeAway before but quickly got on 5 websites. Bookings started to come from new sites for us, such as Only-Apartments”. Using a PMS is vital to the company’s set-up and the added channel management function now saves the company an additional 2 hours a week.

All bookings received via You Stylish new advertising sites are reflected directly in their PMS. On the other hand, all the prices changes or information changes made in their PMS is then reflected in the channels they work with via Rentals United. “The connection between Egluu and Rentals United is working very well for us”, says Viky.

Today You Stylish guests come mostly from the US and the UK so Vicky says she’s looking forward to trying out more international sites available at Rentals United. She hopes that new channels will make it easy for Property Managers like herself and that their set-up phase will be fast.



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