domestic travellers

How to Target and Convert Domestic Travellers

Domestic tourism is already exhibiting its prominence in 2021; we see upward trends in length of stay, booking windows and average booking price. Take advantage of this trend and start marketing to domestic travellers rather than international travellers and gain that competitive edge through these coming months.


20 New Listing Sites Coming Soon to Rentals United + 7 New Live Channels

Boost your visibility in 2021 by getting listed on as many channels as possible. Target travel nurses, mid-term guests, pet owners, business travellers, military employees, golf and skis enthusiasts, campers and more with these 27 new listing sites.


When Will Guests Start to Book Again? The 2021 Date You Should Be Ready For!

The first huge swell in bookings is touted to begin after the winter holidays. Get your marketing distribution ready for 2021 when the world will start travelling overseas again.

niche vacation rental websites

Top 40+ Niche Vacation Rental Websites

Diversifying your distribution is key to getting bookings in 2021. We’ve put together a complete guide on niche vacation rental websites so you can start including them in your marketing strategy today.

Top 10 vacation rental websites focusing on inclusivity

Top 10 Inclusive Vacation Rental Websites to Get Listed On

All travellers should have the opportunity to book safe and welcoming stays at short-term rentals. Diversity and inclusion are top of mind for these 10 niche vacation rental websites. They’ve made it their mission to provide stress-free experiences to different groups of travellers. Learn how to get listed on them and start supporting inclusivity in the short-term rental world!


Want To Make The World’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Manager List? 2021 Nominations Are Now Open!

We are currently in the process of updating our list of the world’s top 50 largest vacation rental property managers. Today’s fast-growing, tech-enabled companies are redefining the future of the industry. Our world’s Top 50 Property Managers list aims to give everyone a better undsterdaning of the landscape and give an overview of the property management market.

vacation rental metasearch engines holidu and hometogo

The Rise of HomeToGo and Holidu: The Role of Metasearches During an Economic Downturn

Metasearches could become your best source of bookings during these uncertain times. Here’s why they’re so popular right now with travellers, with exclusive insight from Holidu and HomeToGo.

vacation rental webinars

Vacation Rental Webinars Worth Signing up for

From the existing coronavirus travel restrictions to what is expected in the future, check out our list of vacation rental webinars we think are worth the watch.

Why You Should Advertise Your Vacation Rentals on

In this competitive climate, reaching new traveller segments and nationalities will be the key to success. You’ll want as many eyes on your ads as possible. By getting listed in, you’ll be able to target an audience known for its immense buying power.


Q&A: Is Mid-Term the New Short-Term?

Is mid term the new short-term? Booking trends and tips for 30+day bookings. A follow up to our webinar discussing all the questions asked by attendees that we didn’t have time to answer.