Q&A- Is mid-term the new short-term?

Is mid term the new short-term? Booking trends and tips for 30+day bookings. A follow up to our webinar discussing all the questions asked by attendees that we didn’t have time to answer.

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Rebuilding the Short-Term Rental Industry: Experts Predict Post-Crisis Trends

Is your property management business prepared for post-coronavirus-crisis? Here are the predictions of top vacation rental industry experts for what’s to come.


6 Distribution Tips for Short-Term Rental Property Managers Affected by Coronavirus Cancellations

Did another one of your guests just cancel their booking? Don’t worry. There are steps you can take to lessen the impact of cancellations and the drop in demand brought about by the coronavirus epidemic. Here’s what short-term rental property managers can do to improve their distribution during the crisis.

top 30 niche vacation rental websites

Top 30 Niche Vacation Rental Websites

Swim away from the mainstream and towards the exceptional. We’ve put together a complete guide on niche vacation rental websites so you can start including them in your marketing strategy today!


9 Property Managers Mastering Distribution with Rentals United

To succeed in 2020, property managers need to diversify their marketing and find a solution to frictionlessly distribute their listings to global and niche sites. Here are 9 PMs who use the Rentals United Channel Manager to win at distribution.


9 Vacation Rental Websites Backed by Venture Capital Funding

If you follow the industry news, you’ll know that a handful of unique listings websites have raised a significant amount of funding lately and are growing incessantly. Here we show who they are and how to get your properties listed!

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Vacation Rental Sites to Watch in 2019

Picking new vacation rental sites that fit your business is not always easy. Our industry changes rapidly and there are many successful listing sites you can choose from to target specific markets. We made it easier for you by listing the top sites to watch in 2019. Why not go ahead and list your rentals right away?

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Why vacation rental metasearch Holidu fits all budgets

Vacation rental metasearch Holidu is a price comparison specialist that allows users to browse millions of listings in key markets worldwide. The European start-up is now integrated with Rentals United and we got them to share unique insights on their fast-growing business. Find out why you should list your rentals on Holidu!


Why you should advertise your properties on TravelStaytion

Vacation rental listing site TravelStaytion aims to be the #1 online platform for professionally managed short-term rentals. Read our interview with the founders of the London-based site who share unique insights and why you should advertise your properties on TravelStaytion!