Vrbo Premier Host

Vrbo Premier Host: Requirements, Benefits & Tips to Become One

Becoming a Premier Host on Vrbo drives business results by making your listings stand out and increasing your visibility. Learn all about the Vrbo Premier Host programme, from the eligibility criteria you need to meet, to the benefits of enrolling and actionable tips on how to achieve Premier Host status fast.


Reach the Most Exclusive Luxury Guests Through Smiling House

“Whoever is dealing with luxury, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we understand your journey, and we understand your guests’ journey,” says Moriya Rockman, founder of Smiling House.
Rentals United has partnered with niche travel platform Smiling House, and by listing on the platform you can expose your luxury properties to international jet-setters and travel professionals.

revenge travel stats 2022

Revenge Travel in Summer 2022: Booking Windows, LOS and ADR

Is revenge travel making an impact in summer 2022? We took eight countries – Spain, UK, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, USA and Australia – and compared their booking data to the same period last year. Find out how vacation rentals are performing in each country and which channels are attracting the most bookings.

best channel manager

Why Rentals United Won the Award for Best Channel Manager in 2022

There are plenty of good channel managers on the market. What makes ours stand out? Find out why Rentals United won the Award for Best Channel Manager for the second year in a row and how we can be a partner in your business’s growth.

get listed on Kid & coe the platform for luxury family travel

Get Listed on Kid & Coe, the World’s First Luxury Family Travel Website

What if you could attract a loyal customer base of travelling families with reliable, high-value bookings and high lengths of stay? Kid & Coe is the first travel website to offer exclusively family-friendly luxury properties. Learn how to get your properties listed on the site with the help of Rentals United.

kayak global metasearch engine

Get Listed on KAYAK, a Global Travel Metasearch Engine with Rentals United

Need more exposure for your vacation rentals? Get listed on the global travel metasearch engine KAYAK. The KAYAK family of brands boasts a one-of-a-kind global network that attracts travellers from all corners of the world. And best of all: Rentals United can fast track your application.

how to market luxury vacation rentals

How to Market Luxury Vacation Rentals: A 3-Pillar Strategy for 2022

The luxury vacation rental market is booming. Property managers have a never-seen-before opportunity to attract high-value bookings and generate incremental revenue. But marketing luxury vacation rentals is an art in itself. In this article, we explore how to strategically market and distribute your high-end rentals, with insights from luxury rental experts.

new listing sites coming soon to ru

12 New Listing Sites Coming Soon to Rentals United + 7 New Live Channels

Boost your properties’ visibility in 2022 by going beyond the big OTAs. To help you expand your distribution, we’re adding 13 new listing sites to the Rentals United channel manager. These channels will allow you to target specific guest profiles, get more exposure for your brand and take advantage of untapped distribution opportunities like B2B networks. Check them out now!

how to start a glamping business

How to Start a Glamping Business in 2022

Glamping has never been so in-demand and forecasts show that it will only increase in popularity next year. Do you want a piece of the cake? Find out how to start your own glamping business – or add glamping properties to your vacation rental portfolio – and reap the benefits in 2022.


2022 Trends Forecast: How to Prepare Your Vacation Rentals

Travellers are already booking for 2022. Demand for travel is on the rise and flexible cancellation policies are giving travellers the confidence to book in advance. But will 2022 be a record-breaking year for your property management business? Here’s our forecast of the trends that will define the New Year – and how you can get ready for it.