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12 New Listing Sites Coming Soon to Rentals United + 7 New Live Channels

Boost your properties’ visibility in 2022 by going beyond the big OTAs. To help you expand your distribution, we’re adding 13 new listing sites to the Rentals United channel manager. These channels will allow you to target specific guest profiles, get more exposure for your brand and take advantage of untapped distribution opportunities like B2B networks. Check them out now!

how to start a glamping business

How to Start a Glamping Business in 2022

Glamping has never been so in-demand and forecasts show that it will only increase in popularity next year. Do you want a piece of the cake? Find out how to start your own glamping business – or add glamping properties to your vacation rental portfolio – and reap the benefits in 2022.


2022 Trends Forecast: How to Prepare Your Vacation Rentals

Travellers are already booking for 2022. Demand for travel is on the rise and flexible cancellation policies are giving travellers the confidence to book in advance. But will 2022 be a record-breaking year for your property management business? Here’s our forecast of the trends that will define the New Year – and how you can get ready for it.


Top 10 Inclusive Vacation Rental Websites to Get Listed On

All travellers should have the opportunity to book safe and welcoming stays at short-term rentals. Diversity and inclusion are top of mind for these 10 niche vacation rental websites. They’ve made it their mission to provide stress-free experiences to different groups of travellers. Learn how to get listed on them and start supporting inclusivity in the short-term rental world!


What We Learned at This Year’s Vacation Rental Conferences

Had to skip DARM or VRMA this year? No problem! We attended both vacation rental conferences and summarised our biggest takeaways for you. Here’s our recap of the many enlightening discussions we had with industry peers about everything from revenue management to distribution and preparing for 2022.


Want To Make The World’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Managers List? 2022 Nominations Are Now Open!

Are you one of the world’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Managers? This prestigious list compiled annually by Rentals United is widely known as showcasing the crème de la crème of vacation rental entrepreneurship and business success. Apply now for a chance to be featured among the Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Managers in the world and benefit from the exposure that this coveted title means.

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Airbnb Marketing Strategy: 5 Proven Methods to Boost Conversions

If you haven’t started advertising your rentals on Airbnb yet, now’s the time. With Rentals United, you can manage your listings on an Instant Book or Request to Book basis*; we give you all the tools to optimise your listings and boost your conversions; and we make sure you don’t miss out on bookings from the world’s largest vacation rental OTA. In today’s blog post, we’ll give you all the reasons why you should get listed on Airbnb and how to build a foolproof Airbnb marketing strategy.


TikTok for Vacation Rentals: Fad or Marketing Opportunity?

TikTok is the go-to platform for Gen Z, but it’s becoming more and more popular with older audiences, too. How can property managers take advantage of the marketing opportunities that this new social media platform offers? This article will cover why vacation rental property managers should consider marketing their properties on TikTok, the benefits and some tips and tricks to get started.


Summer Travel Forecast: Top-Performing Channels Per Country + Booking Window Analysis

How is your country performing? We looked at the booking data in eight counties – Spain, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, USA and Australia – and spotted trends in booking window, length of stay and top-performing niche channels. Here is how each country is performing, with data insights from Rentals United Data Studio.

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Why Rentals United Won the Award for Best Channel Manager in 2021

What’s the difference between an average Channel Manager and a great one? Find out why Rentals United won the award for Best Channel Manager in 2021, and what makes us essential for property managers who want to win at distribution.