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Vacation Rental Booking Window and Its Impact on Revenue [+ Statistics]

Your booking window, i.e how far in advance do your rentals get booked, is an important metric to consider. Starting with your historical data, and just as importantly, with market statistics. We looked into the current vacation rental booking window with data by Transparent.


Vacation Rental World Summit 2019: Why You Should Attend [+Discount Code]

Ready for an educational and potentially life-changing trip to the Vacation Rental World Summit in Lake Como? Founder Antonio Bortolotti shares what the best independent event in the industry has in store for attendees this year.


An Insider’s Guide to Switching Channel Managers

Switching Channel Managers can be a big concern as it implies investing time, money and resources. But if you need help with this process, start with this useful guide that covers all you need to know for a smooth transition.


15+ Vacation Rental Consultants to Help Your Business Grow

If you’re determined to grow your vacation rental business, you can’t be shy about asking for help from highly-qualified professionals with vast experience and knowledge. Here are 15 expert vacation rental consultants you can count on.


Masters of Distribution eBook: The Definitive Guide to Vacation Rental Distribution

The first step towards building a successful vacation rental business is mastering online distribution and advertising. To help you out, we’ve created a comprehensive free eBook with all the latest tools, tips and best practices. Get your copy!


The difference between Property Management Systems and Channel Managers

As a hospitality professional, chances are you’ve researched which software is best to run your rentals. In this article, we explain the major differences between Property Management Systems and Channel Managers to help you make an informed decision.


The World’s Top 20 Vacation Rental Property Management Companies

The world’s top property management companies work tirelessly to push the vacation rental industry forward: they not only keep guests choosing vacation rentals but they also constantly prove that they can take comfort and innovation to the next level. To give you an overview of the biggest players, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 vacation rental property management companies in the world.


The definitive list of Smart Locks & Keyless entry providers

Guests’ flight gets delayed and you’re waiting till early morning hours… A key is lost and you need to change the lock and get copies (for guests, cleaning staff, yourself, check-in staff). How about security in your rental home? Luckily, Smart Locks are a clever solution that put homeowners at ease and we’ve prepared the complete list of providers.


Top Posts of 2018 from our Vacation Rental Blog

The Rentals United blog is a source of hands-on tips & hacks for property owners, managers and vacation rental management companies. Our most-read posts of this year ranged from industry insights and reports to exclusive interviews and advice on pricing and revenue. In case you missed them, here’s the list of our top posts in 2018.

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Key Findings from the European Vacation Rental Market Survey

The European Vacation Rental Market 2018 is a report recently published by Transparent, the short-term rental data intelligence company based in Madrid. Analyzing the answers of 500+ property managers with a joint inventory of +23.000 rentals, it provides important data on marketing, technology, distribution, pricing and more. Take a look at some of the key findings.