Top 5 vacation rental housekeeping tools

Management tools for property owners and managers in the vacation rental industry are gaining a lot of momentum this year. In this article we explore the newest maintenance and vacation rental housekeeping tools available to property managers and owners. Streamlining your housekeeping can now be a reality – take advantage of the technology!


Key Exchange & Key Drop Box for Vacation Rentals

At Rentals United we know from our clients that running from check-in to check-out can be a major stress factor. One way to deal with this pain point or (at least as a backup) is to use specialised companies in key exchange and key drop box for vacation rentals. We researched such services in Europe, UK and the States and found these 4 companies that have slightly different ways of doing things and different pricing! Looking for more peace of mind with your check-ins? Dive into the world of vacation rental key exchange!


How to manage a vacation rental from abroad

Running a vacation rental isn’t easy, it takes lots of time and energy. But the complications are lesser if your rentals are local, you’re at hand to deal with your clients and eventual problems. Not located in a tourist destination? Looking to invest in a property abroad? The task to manage a vacation rental from abroad is not impossible, you basically have 2 ways: do the marketing and sales yourself and outsource operations, or get someone to do everything for you. This article is packed with tips on how to set up both options. Now all you need is that dream villa abroad!

vacation rental amenities

8 vacation rental amenities guests are willing to pay extra for

Whether you’re looking to potentially raise the price of your property or increase those low season bookings, revising your vacation rental amenities is an absolute must. So what is it that guests are looking for when booking a place over another? What are the triggers that make them choose your vacation rental? We found THE 6 amenity types that make heads turn.


The Distribution Strategy of a Successful Property Manager [Video]

When we ask Jaume’s from Bizflats what his distribution strategy is, the answer was straightforward: trying many websites and making decisions based on data not intuition. He turned to Rentals United Channel Manager to ease the entire process of finding channels, testing them and maximising their revenues. Here’s the very insightful interview no property manager should miss out on.

vacation rental services

18 Seriously Useful Services for your VR Business [Infographic]

We scanned the Vacation Rental market and came up with 18 categories of businesses that help vacation rental property managers and owners streamline their businesses. These can be grouped into 3 top-level categories: Marketing, Guest Management and Business tools. With high season starting for most, are you taking advantage of all the help out there?


8 Things Hotel Websites do to Generate Direct Bookings

The vacation rental industry has a great advantage: it can look at what the hotel industry does right & wrong and learn from it. This is what we’re proposing today: let’s look together at hotel website trends. How are they growing their direct bookings? We’ve discovered 8 definite trends that you could easily implement on your vacation rental website today.


Automatic Pricing for Vacation Rentals [2016 Update]

Last April 2015 we wrote an article on how some clever start-ups were helping you to optimise your rates the automatic way. The article sparked quite a few comments on LinkedIn: “No single property is the same, they cannot be compared!” “Easter is unpredictable. How do you price that?”. Forward a year later and it seems our industry is now more open to adopt dynamic pricing, even if not 1 solution is perfect. Without a doubt it is one of the big topics of 2016. So we had another look at the yield management softwares that are making the news.


The Anatomy of a Perfect Property Manager’s Contract

Whether you’re a property owner looking to entrust the managing of your rental to a professional or a property manager looking to improve the way you sign up vacation rental owners, the insights Andrew McConnell from rented.com has on the subject of contracts will be invaluable to you.


5 Reasons people choose NOT to stay in a Vacation Rental [Infographic]

Why do people choose NOT to stay in a Vacation Rental? A recent study came out listing the top 5 reasons. We’ve laid these out in a beautiful infographic with ideas on how you can convince travellers otherwise.