No one likes being pessimistic but bad things can and do happen. Damages, thefts and cancellations are all common occurrences that aren’t always covered under a standard homeowners insurance. As a property owner or manager it is well-worth protecting yourself and investing in vacation rental insurance.

Luckily, we have specialised insurance providers in our industry that cater specifically to these risks. Here’s a top 8 list: Vacation Rental Insurance Companies offering great plans that will help you, and your wallet, sleep better at night.

1. Safelystay

This company offers the full package. In addition to homeowners insurance for rental periods, safelystay offers the Check a Guest and Check a Home service that performs background checks on guests and hosts. They have a database of over 1 million vacation nights with reviews and information on potential guests and hosts. If that wasn’t enough to offer, Safelystay also provides a payment protection service that holds payment until after the stay, in order to ensure that the host and guest are satisfied.

2. Rental Guardian

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Another big name in the game, Rental Guardian offers great plans tailored to your budget. The plans are on a daily rate and are included in the rental fee which is convenient for both the property owner and the guest. They have coverage plans for both US and International properties. They also offer integrated solutions for tech companies and large property managers.

3. Proper Insurance

This provider replaces your current homeowners insurance policy in order to give you full coverage. This is a great policy to choose especially if you use your own home as a vacation rental. It also covers your home’s amenities such as a swimming pool, hot tub, bicycle, or recreational area. Proper Insurance will also cover any lost business income due to damage to your property. This policy is an amazing safety net especially for properties that are located in areas that depend almost entirely on one season’s income.


CBIZ is a highly lauded insurance provider that covers both owners AND property managers. This partnership with property managers offers a complete package to vacation rental owners. The property manager’s commission income and the owner’s income are insured. In addition, this policy can entirely replace your current homeowner’s insurance.

5. VRMA Member insurance

This policy is exclusively for VRMA members and offers a plan specifically tailored to their needs. If anyone knows about vacation rentals it’s the VRMA. They know that the needs of this industry are unique and therefore can offer the type of insurance that vacation rental owners are looking for.

6. Schofields Insurance

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This provider has been around since 1984 and focuses solely on providing coverage for vacation rentals. They pride themselves on being family run and have an excellent customer services reputation. Schofields covers rental homes in the UK, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

7. Boshers

Based in the UK, Boshers offers vacation rental insurance as well as various other home-related insurance. They offer plans that match your specific needs and their plans include coverage of legal expenses.

8. Your Current Insurance

Your current insurance provider can sometimes be a convenient and familiar option. Allstate and Farmer’s Insurance are two, of many, traditional homeowner’s insurance providers that also offer vacation rental insurance. Consider asking your current provider if they offer this type of insurance in order to benefit from a comprehensive and potentially discounted plan.