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Now You Can Advertise Request to Book Listings on Airbnb Via Rentals United: Here’s How

Are you a property manager who doesn’t list on Airbnb because you operate on a request only basis? With Rentals United’s new feature, you can list your properties on Airbnb and set them to Request to Book, so you can screen your guests and accept or decline booking requests. Here’s how it works.

3 Pricing Strategies to Fill Gaps Between Bookings and Maximise Occupancy

3 Pricing Strategies to Fill Gaps Between Bookings & Maximise Occupancy

Gone are the days when guests used to book vacation rentals for a full week, from Saturday to Saturday. Now, property managers often find themselves with awkward gaps in their calendars in between bookings. So, what can you do to sell out those gap days and avoid losing money on an empty rental? Here are three pricing strategies that’ll help you maximise your occupancy throughout the summer.

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The Adapters, A New Book on the Travel Industry Featuring Rentals United CMO and Co-Founder Vanessa de Souza Lage

The Adapters is a book that presents real-life experiences and fresh insights from a diverse group of innovative workers in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries, including our CMO and Co-Founder Vanessa de Souza Lage. This multimedia phenomenon provides an unfiltered breakdown of how you can navigate through unprecedented times and effectively run your business in the hope of inspiring workers in the services industry and beyond.


New OTA Amenities? How to Add Them to Your Listings Now

OTAs keep expanding their list of amenities in response to changing guest needs. Just think of all the cleaning and hygiene items that appeared over the last year! All the new amenities can be hard to keep track of. And it’s frustrating when you can’t add them to your listings because your software doesn’t support them. That’s why, at Rentals United, we’ve created a feature that allows you to add new amenities introduced by OTAs as soon as they become available. Find out more in this article.


Exclusive Interview with Eric Bergaglia,’s Global Head of Homes and Apartments

What does the future of travel look like through the lens of one of the world’s biggest OTAs? In our new interview with Eric Bergaglia, Global Head of Homes and Apartments at, we discuss travel trends like the rise of longer stays, share exclusive stats from’s large-scale research, and dissect the company’s plans to help vacation rental property managers capture demand.


PTBA: Control Last-Minute Bookings & Eliminate Time Zone Headaches

Last-minute bookings are great for boosting your occupancy – as long as they leave you time to prepare for the guest’s arrival. But what happens when a guest books your rental an hour before check-in? The PTBA setting in Rentals United allows you to specify how much time you need to ready your rental. This way, you can prevent ultra-last-minute bookings and run a truly global business without having to worry about the jet lag between you and your guests. Here’s how it works.

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Create the Perfect Listing Optimised for Conversions with the Rentals United Quality Checker

The number one reason why Rentals United exists is to help property managers improve their performance on OTAs and get more bookings. That’s why we create tools like the Quality Checker, which allows you to identify missing fields in your listing content and fill them in quickly so your properties can go live on sales channels without delay. Here’s how the Quality Checker works and why, once you try it, you won’t be able to live without it.

top-performing alternative vacation rental websites 2021

Top-Performing Alternative Vacation Rental Sites So Far in 2021

With summer just around the corner and demand for vacation rentals surging, it’s crucial to get as many eyes on your listings as possible. A great way to boost your visibility is by getting listed on alternative vacation rental sites. Here are 10 that our clients have had success with in 2021.

vacation rental software

Top 55 Vacation Rental Software

Technology is the key to growth in the vacation rental industry. The software solutions that you choose to include in your tech stack could make or break your property management business. Here are the top 55 vacation rental software providers that you should consider when future-proofing your company.

google vacation rentals – how to get listed and bookable

Vacation Rentals on Google: How to Get Listed and Bookable

Listing your vacation rentals on Google is a fantastic opportunity to get commission-free direct bookings. And, thanks to our latest Google connection update, property managers with 200+ rentals can now send traffic from Google to their own website. Learn how Google includes vacation rentals in their travel search inventory and how you can get listed and bookable with Rentals United.