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What We Learned at This Year’s Vacation Rental Conferences

Had to skip DARM or VRMA this year? No problem! We attended both vacation rental conferences and summarised our biggest takeaways for you. Here’s our recap of the many enlightening discussions we had with industry peers about everything from revenue management to distribution and preparing for 2022.


Top-Performing Niche Vacation Rental Sites for Rentals in the APAC Region

With the opening of international travel looking optimistic for many countries within the Asia Pacific region, now is the time to make sure your listings get as much visibility as possible. A great way to make your properties stand out is by getting listed on alternative vacation rental sites. Here are 12 popular listing sites for the Asia Pacific market that our clients have had success with.


How Can Vacation Rentals Take Advantage of the Wellness Travel Trend?

Wellness travel is on the uptick as people take more care of themselves and look for a way to decompress after two stressful years. In this article we discuss what wellness travel is; why it has become so popular; how vacation rental property managers can take advantage of this trend and the top listing sites to advertise on.


Announcing the Winner of the VRTECH Startup Competition 2021

Hot off the press: The winner of the 5th Annual VRTECH Startup Competition has been announced! Which of the three finalists – Vintory, Rented and Turbosuite – took home the 2021 VRTECH Award? Read on to find out.


Sports Tourism and Vacation Rentals: How to Attract Sports Enthusiasts

Sports have the power to bring people together around the world. This holds true for vacation rental managers and guests who travel for sports. Here’s how you can take advantage of the sports tourism trend – once again on the rise after a pause during the pandemic – and attract all kinds of sports enthusiasts, from avid skiers to devoted football fans

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What Is the Lifeblood of Every SaaS Business? Interview with James Burrows, CEO of Rentals United

Ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of a SaaS business? On the latest episode of the Highway to Scale podcast, our CEO James Burrows reveals how he and his partners built Rentals United from the ground up, how they raised their first rounds of funding and what challenges they faced running a SaaS business in the vacation rental industry. Learn more in today’s article.

vacation rental education and training courses

Top 10 Educational Sites & Training Courses for Vacation Rental Professionals

The most successful people never stop learning – and this couldn’t be more true for those in the vacation rental sector. Our industry is rapidly changing, and constant learning is key to success. That’s why, in today’s article, we’ve rounded up the top 10 educational sites and training courses built by experts for vacation rental professionals.

summer booking trends

Preparing for Shoulder Season: 5 Summer Booking Trends to Learn From

Vacation rentals experienced a huge surge in demand this summer. But how can you maintain the momentum and keep business booming in the shoulder season? Here are 5 summer booking trends to learn from – and take action on.


Now You Can Advertise Request to Book Listings on Airbnb Via Rentals United: Here’s How

Are you a property manager who doesn’t list on Airbnb because you operate on a request only basis? With Rentals United’s new feature, you can list your properties on Airbnb and set them to Request to Book, so you can screen your guests and accept or decline booking requests. Here’s how it works.

3 Pricing Strategies to Fill Gaps Between Bookings and Maximise Occupancy

3 Pricing Strategies to Fill Gaps Between Bookings & Maximise Occupancy

Gone are the days when guests used to book vacation rentals for a full week, from Saturday to Saturday. Now, property managers often find themselves with awkward gaps in their calendars in between bookings. So, what can you do to sell out those gap days and avoid losing money on an empty rental? Here are three pricing strategies that’ll help you maximise your occupancy throughout the summer.