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How to Run a Vacation Rental Franchise Programme

Vacation rental franchise programmes are currently all the rage in the industry. But is a franchise model really a great way to grow a property management business?

The Secret Sauce of Large Property Managers – How to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business Ebook

The Secret Sauce of Large Property Managers: How to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business [Ebook]

The world’s fastest-growing property managers have revealed their secrets to success. Here’s our free ebook packed with never-seen-before research and insights!

how technology has changed vacation rental property management

How Technology Has Changed Vacation Rental Property Management [+Infographic]

The boom of the vacation rental industry has spawned myriads of technology solutions. But do property managers really need to invest in specialised vacation rental software?

Vacation rental branding examples

Vacation Rental Branding Examples: How Large Property Managers Achieve Consistency

Is it possible to achieve brand consistency across a diverse portfolio of vacation rental properties? Here’s how the world’s largest property managers are tackling the challenge.

Booking com star ratings for vacation rentals

Star Ratings for Vacation Rentals: What Property Managers Need to Know has introduced a new star rating system for vacation rentals. But what does the adoption of this practice from the hotel industry mean for property managers?


Why and How Hotels Do Vacation Rentals [+4 Tips for Hoteliers]

Vacation rentals are a great opportunity for hotels to diversify their offering and generate more revenue. But what should hoteliers know before tackling short-term rental inventory?

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Net Promoter Score for Vacation Rentals

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most powerful tools to measure customer satisfaction and a company’s health. It’s a crucial metric for any business, especially in hospitality. But what is NPS exactly and how are large property managers applying it now. (1)

Loyalty Programs for Vacation Rentals

It can cost 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Adding to the mixture, 70% of people that stay in a vacation rental do not remember who they stayed with! So implementing loyalty programs is a crucial opportunity and here’s all you need to know to apply one.


Vacation Rental PR – How to Get Press Coverage for Professional Property Managers

In today’s competitive market, a strong Public Relations strategy could be the one asset that makes your vacation rental brand stand out. We asked the vacation rental PR pro, Jessica Gillingham about the impact of PR on rental businesses, how to approach journalists and which publications professional managers should focus on. 


The Vacation Rental Mergers and Acquisitions Shaping Our Industry’s Future

Have you noticed the increase in vacation rental mergers and acquisitions over the past year? The consolidation of property management and technology companies is underway, and it’s happening quickly. Check out these 7 recent deals that will transform our industry.