New Channels Added! Further diversify your Vacation Rentals bookings.

Last night in our offices, Agustin, our Head of Sales, made a speech in front of an audience of Vacation Rental Professionals. He asked whether one should advertise on all the websites that sell vacation rentals? The answer was YES… IF, of course, you’re not adding on manual work. At Rentals United, we make this possible: in a few clicks you can have your Rentals advertised on 30+ channels and make more vacation rentals bookings. Today we’re proud to announce the latest 4 additions to our portfolio of sales channels. Some mainstream, some niche, all 2 way (i.e. if they make a booking it blocks every other channel’s calendar) and all with an EASY setup, literally 5 minutes. Here’s to them, to you, to us! Let’s get connected!!

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  • November 19, 2015
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