The Sunshine State’s stunning beaches, warm climate, and vibrant culture have led to a 10% increase in bookings compared to last year. The Florida vacation market is booming, and you may be wondering how to get in on a slice of that pie. 

Whether you’re fully booked this season or are still searching for how to fill in those vacant rooms, one thing’s for sure: we can help you increase your bookings and earn more money. 

Let’s have a look at how to increase your own Florida property bookings by 10% this year and grow your vacation rental revenue.

Know the Florida vacation rental market

The pandemic started the shift to remote work, and more people moved to Florida to seek out a better lifestyle and more affordable housing. This shift also led to an increase in vacation rental stays – and demand is only going up. 

Familiarize yourself with the Florida vacation rental market to understand the strengths and unique selling points of your property and have an advantage over your competition. 

Know who you’re selling to

Even Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor, announced that Florida is the number 1 domestic tourist destination in the United States and the number 2 destination for international visitors.

Who are the travelers rolling into Florida? Here’s a clue: they really are rolling in – by car. Domestic tourists make up 20% of Florida’s visitors, with many of them coming from the neighboring East Coast. So, it’s no surprise more tourists arrive by car than by plane. 

Having ample parking space at your Florida vacation rental property can be the game- changer between empty calendar slots and a fully booked summer. 

International visitors come from all over the world, ranging from Canada to the U.K. and from Brazil to Germany. 

Regardless of where they’re coming from, try to understand more about your guests. If possible, speak with them when you welcome them to your property or create a personalized feedback form. Consider why they chose your property for their vacation: 

  • Was it the waterfront view? The refurbished furniture? The amenities? The answer will paint a picture of your vacation rental’s unique selling points.
  • Is it mostly groups or couples that book their Florida stay in your vacation rental? Couples might appreciate romantic touches, while groups might be more interested in nightlife activities or extra amenities, such as board games or a popcorn machine for movie nights (while Florida offers many exciting outdoor activities, sometimes guests need a rest too).
  • Do families often bring their children and require extra sleeping space? Providing extra beds or a sofa bed and clearly describing the options in your listing could boost your bookings.
  • Are the less abled interested in your property thanks to its accessibility options? Make sure you provide ample descriptions and photos of these options in your listing.

Having a clear idea of why guests choose your Florida property for their vacation enables you to create more targeted, personalized experiences, ultimately increasing your bookings and revenue.

Meet travelers where they’re booking

Regardless of your amenities, you should list and promote your property in the right place. When visitors easily find your listing, they are likely to become guests, leading to significant increases in your revenue.

Since domestic tourism makes 20% of Florida’s vacation rental scene, it’s crucial to be where Americans are searching and booking trips. 

Here is a list of our top recommendations for vacation rental listings, based on where we see the majority of bookings in Florida being made:

To generate the most revenue from your vacation rentals, list your properties via Rentals United. The Vacation Rental Channel Manager automatically syncs and updates your listings on multiple booking sites worldwide, expanding your reach to potential guests and streamlining your operations.


Understand what travelers are looking for – and give it to them

In Florida, groups and families reign supreme. With an average of five guests per booking, larger properties are in high demand. Four and five-bedroom houses consistently attract the most bookings, and visitors usually spend more than a simple weekend getaway – the average length of stay in Florida is 5 nights. No one wants to leave the sunny beaches too early!

This is not surprising, as some of the most popular activities in Florida are beach or waterfront activities, amusement and theme parks, and sightseeing. (4) Florida’s over 200 state parks and forests are a big attraction for visitors – and hikes are always more fun in groups!

If you have the bedrooms, showcase them in the property name, description, amenities, and photos. If you don’t, remain optimistic and get creative. Can you offer extra sleeping space? What are the unique selling points of your properties, especially compared to the competition? Property health cards, like those offered by Rentals United, are the ace up your sleeve when it comes to ensuring your listings have what they need to earn bookings.

Attract your target audience with a tailored vacation rental listing

Personalized communications, detailed descriptions, visually appealing images, and good reviews are key to ensuring your Florida vacation rentals are all booked up this season. 

Highlight the unique selling points of your listings to attract your ideal guests, set your property apart, and increase bookings.

1. Write compelling descriptions 

Vacation rental descriptions provide necessary details about amenities, layout, and location. They highlight unique features and allow guests to envision themselves enjoying their ideal vacation at your property. Property managers who write detailed descriptions also avoid extra communication hassles by addressing frequently asked questions upfront.

If your guests arrive in Florida by car, leave clear instructions on how, where, and for how long they can use your property’s designated parking space. 

If you only have 2 double bedrooms but enough space in the living room to use a sofa bed, clearly state in your listing that your property can host 5 (or more). Your listing photos should include a couple of shots of the closed and open versions of the sofa bed. 

Remember to always optimize for keywords and search filters. If your property is near a beach in Florida, feature relevant keywords to increase bookings. If your vacation rental is near one of Florida’s national parks, mention some of the trails and adventures in the area.

Use the Quality Checker tool from Rentals United to automatically assess the information from your listings and identify missing pieces of content. 

2. Take professional photos of your property

Over 50% of potential guests say photos are the most important factor when choosing accommodation for their dream vacation. 

If you are wondering why this percentage is so impressive, it’s because professional photos build trust and highlight the property’s best features, attracting more interest and reducing vacancy time.

With the right setup and lightning, even a phone camera can take high-quality photos that increase bookings of your Florida vacation rental. With some of Florida’s memorable beach sunsets and bright sunny afternoons, you are sure to capture a time of day that showcases the best features of your property. 

If you have one, don’t forget to list a photo of your parking space to put yourself ahead of the competition for all the visitors coming to Florida by car!


3. Boost visibility and bookings with 5* reviews

Discounts or low prices are nice, but they represent only a portion of what influences guests looking to book a vacation to Florida. Good reviews are one of the biggest decision factors for travelers. They are also major ranking factors for OTAs like Airbnb and 

Is your rating not where you want it to be? Try using the Guest Communication tool from Rentals United and chat with all your guests on chat, Whatsapp, and email in one unified inbox. Guests always appreciate smooth communication with property managers, and you will feel more relieved as well.

As an extra touch to make guests feel appreciated and increase your chances of getting a 5* review, improve your vacation rental property with:

  • Snacks and drinks from Florida,
  • Florida food, activities, and local attractions guides,
  • Florida maps,
  • Books about Florida or with storylines happening in the state,
  • Board games,
  • Complimentary toiletries (bonus points if they contain native plants from Florida or are locally made).

Increased guest satisfaction leads to more positive reviews, increasing booking numbers and revenue. 

Shifting the communications, photos, and descriptions of your Florida-based listing towards a personalized approach will help you attract your target audience, receive more 5* reviews, and increase your vacation rental revenue!

Looking to boost your bookings and increase the revenue you earn from your Florida vacation rental properties?

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