In 2019, launched Opportunities, a tool to help property managers optimise their occupancy and increase revenue.

Since then, property managers have had access to smart actions and savvy hacks that help to boost visibility, increase conversions and reduce cancellations.

To make it easier to track and improve property performance, has updated its Group Opportunity Centre. It now provides property managers with rich data on their property portfolio. 

To help you take full advantage of this powerful tool, in this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know about the Group Opportunity Centre. 

On top of that, we’ll also explain how to set up Opportunities and Promotions directly in the Rentals United vacation rental channel manager, a Premier Partner.

If you’re a property manager with vacation rentals in the US, check out the webinar we recently hosted with discussing new opportunities in the US market. We revealed all about the latest travel trends and the marketing tactics that property managers can use to capture demand.


Improve your business with Opportunities

Even if you’ve been listing your properties on for a while, there’s always an opportunity to do better. A little tweak here, a small adjustment there: any improvement to your listing could translate into huge results. But how do you know which areas could use a bit of attention? 

The Group Opportunity Centre provides property managers with tailored, data-driven tips that they can use to enhance their listings’ performance on, as well as improve the guest experience. 

As a part of the Group Opportunity Centre, now offers shared market insights and localised data to help you capture the growing demand. The insights include:

  • Source of business 
  • Traveller type 
  • Device used 
  • Booked policies 
  • Book and search window 
  • Length of stay 

This is great for property managers to identify successful marketing strategies, make smart decisions and improve their performance on 

Set up Opportunities and Promotions directly in the Rentals United channel manager

Rentals United is one of the few channel managers named a Premier Partner of in 2021. We put a lot of time and effort into maintaining and updating our connection, so our clients always have access to the latest tools offers. 

Thanks to this, Rentals United clients can set up Promotions and even some Opportunities directly in the Rentals United interface, without having to log into the extranet.

What’s more, our state-of-the-art Promotions API allows you to apply Promotions in bulk and edit existing ones all in one place. This helps to save lots of time, especially if you manage 100+ listings.
Find out more about our channel management connection.

What are Opportunities?

Opportunities are actionable solutions that you can implement to get more bookings and increase revenue – all tailored to your profile and situation. analyses your listings and gives you suggestions on how to improve them and each opportunity is tailored to your property. You can decide to take action on them or postpone for later. You’re always in control of what features are activated and when.

The process guests follow to book a room on can be broken down into 8 steps: 



Each represents a point when a potential guest might leave the process. The  Group Opportunity Centre helps identify why a drop-off might occur and suggests data-driven actions based on algorithms that are all aimed at boosting your performance.

Where can you find your Opportunities?

Your personalised suggestions are displayed in the Group Opportunity Centre, which can be accessed via the top toolbar in the extranet. When you get a new Opportunity, you can choose to take action immediately or ignore it for now and save it for a later time. 


What are the main types of Opportunities?

Opportunities are here to help you increase your revenue, get fewer cancellations and attract high-value guests to your properties.

The actionable tips that you will receive cover all three steps of a successful journey to improving your performance: ranking, conversion and cancellations. 

Here are some examples of suggestions you may get and how you can benefit from implementing them. 

1. Business rate (conversion): Get an average of 11% more bookings by adding a business rate to your page. Attract more of these high-value guests who are 50% less likely to cancel than others.

2. Preferred Partner Programme (conversion, ranking): Boost reservations by 40% by joining the Preferred Partner Programme. Get a boost in visibility and a noticeable thumbs-up icon next to your property in search results. 

3. Genius Programme (conversion, ranking): Make an average of 17% more revenue by joining the Genius Programme. Get a boost in search results ranking and a special Genius tag. 

4. Automatic reply templates (workload): Save 15% of operational time with automatic replies to answer your guests’ most common questions. Update your messaging setting to include scheduled messages and automatic reply that require no manual work. 

5. Flexible cancellations (conversion): recommends having either fully flex policy(guests will only pay when they stay at your property and can cancel free of charge during a time frame of your choice prior to check-in) or 1-day flex policy (The guest can cancel for free up to 1 day before arrival. The guest will be charged the cost of the first night if they cancel within 1 day before arrival.)

6. Diversify rate plans (conversion, ranking): 

  • OBP: Occupancy based pricing 
  • Child rates: You can indicate if you accept children at your property and specify a price for each additional child, from what age children are welcome, whether and home many cribs/extra beds you have and the maximum occupancy of a room.
  • LOS pricing 

7. Mobile rates (conversion, ranking): Over half of all bookings on are made on a mobile device. By activating a mobile rate at your property, you can tap into this valuable and expanding traveller segment.

8. Capture local demand (conversion, ranking): you can set up local rates, country rates and mobile rates. This will help you to be strategic with your marketing efforts to reach the guest you are looking for.’s Group Opportunities Centre is a great way of getting insider data on who your customers are, where they are coming from and how to target them effectively. Take advantage of this tool as it can help boost your visibility and drive incremental value from 

You have the control and flexibility to customise these offers to target travellers based on your business goals. 

Offer discounts with Promotions

Since leisure travellers often make decisions based on the best price, offering discounts is a great way to increase conversions and maximise occupancy.’s Promotions feature lets property managers create promotional rates based on different criteria. 

Promotions lets you offer a discount for:

  • Guests staying longer than a particular number of nights
  • Guests booking in a particular time window
  • Guests staying in a particular time frame
  • Guests booking early in advance
  • Guests booking at the last minute

Promotions can be used to achieve different goals, for example, incentivising guests to book longer stays, making sure your rental is occupied during dry periods, locking in high-value early-bird bookings and securing last-minute stays. 

And best of all, they’re easy to set up and don’t require too much time to manage.

Using Promotions:

According to our Connectivity Manager, Andreas Langgartner, offering a mix of promotions can help you attract more customers and drive conversions. data shows that:

  • By using Mobile rates, you can expect an increase in visibility up to 28%
  • 75% of bookings are made on a mobile device
  • 62% of travellers are saying they’ll be more price-conscious when it comes to planning a trip – and 55% saying they’ll be more likely to search for Promotions

We suggest having active Promotions all year round to constantly take advantage of the visibility boost. As a result, the strategy should be to increase the mark-up for your rate plans in Rentals United to ensure your promotional rates never go below your desired margin.

We recommend the following 3 Promotions (20% maximum stacking discount):

1. Mobile deal: target traffic for domestic trips and young travellers

  • Stacks with:

Genius, Basic Deal, Last-minute Deal/Early Booker Deal, Free Nights Deal and Secret Deal. 

Discounts from all promotions will be applied.

  • Doesn’t stack with:

Country Rate, Limited-time Deal or Business Rate. Only the largest discount will be applied to the price.

2. Early booker deal: especially effective during uncertain times with flexible cancellation policy.

  • Stacks with:

Genius discount, Business rate, country rate, mobile rate. 

Discounts from all promotions will be applied.

  • Doesn’t stack with: 

Business bookers, campaign, last-minute deal, deal of the day, secret deal, free nights deal. 

Only the largest discount will be applied to the price.

3. Last minute deal: especially effective as lockdown restrictions are lifted

  • Stacks with: 

Genius discount, business rate, country rate, mobile rate. 

Discounts from all promotions will be applied.

  • Doesn’t stack with: 

Business bookers, campaign, early booker deal, deal of the day, secret deal, free nights deal. 

Only the largest discount will be applied to the price.

If you’re using a software partner such as the Rentals United Channel Manager, you can create, manage and review your promotions directly from your platform through the Promotions API, without having to log into  Learn more about the Rentals United – connection.