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Automatically update your rates and availability with Rentals United, a Premier Partner.

The Rentals United vacation rental channel manager allows you to effortlessly manage your listings. It automatically updates your rates and availability in real-time, so you can avoid double bookings and sell your units at the optimal price at any given moment. Listing new properties is easy with our unique Content API Push.


Benefits of managing your properties via Rentals United


Premier Partner

Our connection quality and service have earned us the recognition of Premier Partner.


Automatic Upload

We automatically update your rates and availability on in real-time.


Pricing Preference

Choose between price per night, occupancy, LOS, refundable and non-refundable rates, markup and more.

Choose the best channel manager

  • Enjoy the peace of mind provided by a 100% reliable connection
  • Access priority support from and get issues resolved quickly
  • Take advantage of the latest features and updates
  • Work with multi-unit clumps or individual listings
  • Select any pricing model you want for each of your properties
  • Receive ongoing training and become an expert at optimising your listings
  • Boost your visibility and conversions via the Promotions API
  • Get tailored listing optimisation tips via the Opportunities API

Key Info

Category OTA
Service Release Date 2014
Headquarter Location Amsterdam, nl
N of Rentals United properties connected 30,000
Minimum properties required 1
Website Visit now
Pricing model Commission-based
Commission 12-21% per booking
What is synced Availability, Pricing, Content, Bookings, Opportunities, Promotions
Onboarding time Map existing account: 25 minutes with an Onboarding Specialist, 24 hours if self-onboarding. First-time new inventory push: 5 days (if you have all the content). Following pushes: 24 hours.
Minimum requirements Minimum content quality required. Learn more.

How our Channel Manager Works

  1. Learn how to navigate the Rentals United platform with a guided tour led by one of our Implementation Specialists.
  2. Prepare your content. Our Implementation Specialist will help you understand all the requirements and guide you through the signup process.
  3. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually, via PMS or API sync. Go to ‘Services’ and add
  4. Follow the checklist with detailed instructions depending on the connection type you choose.
  5. If you don’t already have one, create a account.
  6. Once your properties have been synced, your rates, calendars, bookings and cancellations will update in real-time.
  7. Receive your first booking.
  8. Charge the guest’s credit card or allow to handle the payment, depending on your location. In the former case, the guest's credit card details will be saved in Rentals United for 10 days.
  9. Arrange arrival directly with the guest using the messaging platform.
  10. will invoice their commission monthly and email the guest for a review after check-out.

The Origins: From a Student’s Vision to an Online Trailblazer

Geert-Jan Bruinsma, a Dutch student at the Universiteit Twente, founded in 1996. Four years later, a merger with Bookings Online created, with Stef Noorden as the CEO. The strategic union rebranded the company and positioned for explosive growth.

In 2005, Priceline Group (now Booking Holdings) acquired for $133 million, integrating the platform with The acquisition supercharged’s expansion, leveraging Priceline’s resources and reach. In just six years, the company’s contribution helped transform Priceline’s $19 million loss in 2002 to a $1.1 billion profit in 2011.

Pioneering the Digital Accommodation Marketplace

From 2010 to 2012, became a digital accommodation leader by launching mobile apps across iPad, Android, iPhone, Windows, and Kindle Fire. The strategic move ensured a seamless user experience for the burgeoning mobile travel market.

Further solidifying the company’s brand, embraced the catchy “booking.yeah” moniker in advertising from January 2013 onwards. A 2020 Supreme Court ruling validated the company’s trademarked name, acknowledging “” as a distinct identity separable from the generic verb.

In recent years, has expanded its offerings. In 2023, tested the AI-powered travel planner AI Trip Planner based on ChatGPT. In the same period, partnered with World Travel Holdings to foray into cruises as a new travel vertical for U.S. customers.

Key Milestones in’s Journey

  • 1996: Geert-Jan Bruinsma founded
  • 2000: merged with Bookings Online to form
  • 2005: Priceline Group acquired for $133 million
  • 2010-2012: launched mobile apps across platforms
  • 2013: “booking.yeah” advertising campaign launched
  • 2020: Supreme Court validated “” trademark
  • 2023: AI Trip Planner and Cruises vertical launched

Meet the Executive Leaders Steering

Talented executives have played pivotal roles in’s meteoric rise:

  • Darren Huston: Appointed CEO in 2011, he served as Booking Holdings’ President and CEO from 2014 until resigning in 2016.
  • Gillian Tans: Succeeded Huston as’s CEO in 2016 before resigning in 2019.
  • Glenn Fogel: The current CEO, Fogel took the helm in 2019 after Tans’ departure.

The Game-Changing Business Model Powering operates under an agency business model, earning commissions from hotels and vacation rental property managers for each booking made through the platform. The model has several key advantages:

  • Incredible Choice: provides over 28 million reported accommodation listings worldwide, including 6.6 million homes, apartments, and unique stays.
  • Low Rates and Price Match Guarantee: secures competitive rates and offers a price match guarantee to customers.
  • Instant Confirmation and No Reservation Fees: Bookings are instantly confirmed, and charges no reservation fees.
  • Secure Booking Process: facilitates secure transactions daily, prioritizing privacy and user protection.
  • 24/7 Global Support: Multilingual customer support is available round-the-clock.

From the accommodation provider’s perspective, offers a global marketing platform to reach new customers and grow businesses efficiently.’s massive marketing budget, investing billions annually in performance advertising across search engines, travel websites, and digital channels, allows the company to outbid individual hotels and property managers for prime ad placements.’s marketing prowess, combined with a user-friendly platform tailored for conversion optimization, creates a powerful virtuous cycle attracting more customers and listing partners.

Why’s Business Model Triumphs

  1. Unrivaled Accommodation Choice: has over 28 million listings, including 6.6 million unique homes and apartments, offering travelers an unmatched selection of stays worldwide.
  2. Low Rates and Consumer-Friendly Policies: secures competitive rates from partners and offers a price match guarantee, instant confirmations, and no reservation fees.
  3. Agency Model Advantages: mitigates financial risk and cash flow constraints by avoiding inventory ownership. At the same time,’s commission-based revenue aligns incentives with accommodation partners.
  4. Massive Marketing Muscle:’s multi-billion dollar annual marketing budget allows the company to outbid individual hotels and property managers for prime ad placements, driving a steady stream of customers to its high-converting platform.
  5. Global Reach and 24/7 Support: is present in over 70 countries and offers multilingual customer support, catering to a truly global audience of travelers.
  6. Innovative and Diversified Offerings: From AI-powered travel planning to cruises, is continuously expanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does make money? operates under an agency business model, earning commissions up to 25% on vacation rental bookings made through its platform. also generates revenue through a merchant model by purchasing room inventory in advance and reselling it to travelers.

How does provide value to accommodation partners? offers a global marketing platform for property managers to reach new customers and grow businesses. Higher commissions often translate to better search rankings, incentivizing partnerships with industry leaders.