Short-term rental crowdfunding campaigns are a great way to back innovative companies or projects. Anyone can pitch in, with a few dollars or a sizable investment. 

Now is especially a good time to support innovation in the industry. The vacation rental world is going through the biggest transformation of its history, and it’s in need of companies who can think outside the box.

Here are 3 short-term rental crowdfunding campaigns that you can participate in now. Don’t take too long: all 3 campaigns have upcoming end dates!


1. At Ease Rentals: A booking site for US military and federal staff

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - At Ease

Max target: $500,000

Min individual investment: $250

Ends: 15 December 2020

At Ease, the first short-term rental company to cater exclusively to military and federal personnel is running a crowdfunding campaign on Nextseed.

The company’s goal is to ease the stress of moving, especially for military families, when faced with a permanent change of station (PCS) every couple of years. 

All the rentals on At Ease meet federal requirements. This way, the company can guarantee that all bookings made through its platform are reimbursed by the government (most short-term rental platforms are not approved for reimbursement). 

At Ease is owned and operated by active duty and veteran Marines who have personal experience with PCS processes: Founder and CEO Anthony Gantt, COO Gregory Rollins and Director of Business Growth Mateo Bradford.

The team is currently working on expanding the platform to areas like San Diego, CA; San Antonio, TX; Austin, TX; Tampa, FL; Pentagon City/Washington DC. 

The company plans to utilise the funds raised in the crowdfunding campaign for product development, marketing, staff and business development, and long-term product maintenance.

By investing in At Ease, you’ll be helping federal/military employees and their families. And, you’ll be contributing to the growth of a platform that gives property managers access to an untapped market. 

Did you know that At Ease is one of the 18 new listing sites coming soon to Rentals United?

You’ll soon be able to automatically upload, sync and update your calendar, availability and pricing to At Ease.

Target military and federal staff with the Rentals United Channel Manager!

2. BecoStay: A listing site for eco-friendly homes

short-term rental crowdfunding campaigns - BecoStay

Target: €30,000

Min individual investment: –

Ends: 1 October 2020

BecoStay, a listing site for sustainable and eco-friendly vacation rentals, is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

The company was born when co-founder Boris Olympio noticed a need for rental sites promoting exclusively environmentally responsible accommodation. Together with his partner, they decided to create BecoStay to connect the owners of eco-friendly rentals to travellers looking to book conscious stays.

BecoStay has 4 ecological criteria to help property managers define their rentals and travellers find the green solution they’re looking for. These criteria are: 

  • Eco-amenities: water filters, no disposable packaging, recycling system, food composter, sustainable toilet system, etc.
  • Eco-energy: energy-saving lights, solar energy, rainwater recovery, water flow reducers, etc.
  • Eco-material: natural, recycled, second-hand, etc.
  • Eco-food: organic, vegetarian, vegan, growing/farming own food, local food, fair-trade products, etc.

All eco-features selected by the property manager appear on the listing page. Guests can use the same eco-criteria to filter search results.

BecoStay’s goal is to make finding sustainable accommodation easier, create a community around eco-tourism, and eventually contribute a percentage of its profits to ecological projects. 

The company will use the funds raised in this crowdfunding campaign to improve the MVP version of its website and boost its advertising and marketing campaigns. 

By investing in BecoStay, you can be part of the sustainable tourism revolution. And, you can help property managers with eco-friendly rentals target a hyper-qualified audience.

3. Short Term Rental – Long Term Vision: An art project showcasing short-term rentals

short-term rental crowdfunding campaigns - kickstarter art project
Image source: Kickstarter

Target: $12,500

Min individual investment: –

Ends: 25 September 2020

Short-Term Rental – Long-Term vision is an art project dedicated to the short-term rental industry currently looking for backers on Kickstarter

The project was initiated by John Stokinger, an advocate for the short-term rental industry and an enterprise hospitality SaaS consultant. Artist Jon Marro will help bring his vision to life.

To make sure the artwork represents different voices of the short-term rental industry, the creators organised a think tank and held a brainstorming session with the participation of various industry players. 

This is how the creators describe what the artwork will eventually look like on Kickstarter:

“Envision a large house where you can look into every room – like the cross-section of a dollhouse. Each room will represent a different vacation destination with vacationers interacting in and between the rooms. It is important for us to not only see this through the eyes of the guests staying in a rental, but also through the eyes of all who make it possible. Homeowners, property managers, maintenance teams, suppliers, housekeepers… all play an intricate role and all will be represented in the artwork.”

The original target of $12,000 is enough to make the project possible. If the campaign hits $55,000, the creators will turn the project into a multimedia piece complete with sound and animation.

By backing this unique project, you’ll be contributing to the creation of an art piece that aims to showcase the vacation rental industry. And, you get cool rewards like prints, cards and canvases of the artwork to hand out or hand on your wall – customised with your company logo.

We hope you liked our list of short-term rental crowdfunding campaigns to back. Let us know if we missed any!


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