Diversifying your marketing mix is key to increasing your bookings and revenue.

At Rentals United, we’re always adding new booking sites to our list of connections, so you can find the distribution channels that work best for you. 

That’s why, in the coming months, we’re making 18 high-performing listing sites available to you from the Rentals United platform. 

You’ll soon be able to automatically upload, sync and update your calendar, availability and pricing to all these vacation rental marketplaces. 

Whether you want to target guests looking for mid/long-term rentals, business stays, luxury rentals, last-minute stays, pet-friendly rentals or more, you’ll find a listing site that works for you. 

Take a look and see which ones might fit your properties and business goals!

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Mid/long-term: AnyplaceZeus LivingAt Ease (military & federal employees) │ Furnished Finder (medical staff) │ Nestpick

Luxury: Villa FinderTop VillasOliver’s Travels

Last-minute: WhimstaySnapTrip

Business: SilverDoor ApartmentsZeus Living

Top local: MuchosolSpeedyBooker

Member’s club: BidroomGoLightly (women only)

Metasearch: BluePillowNestpick

Pet-friendly: BringFido

Crypto: EzyStayz

1. Villa Finder

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Villa Finder

Category: top local/luxury rentals

Market: Asia

With over 2,000 handpicked villas in 14 countries, Villa Finder is the market leader for villa rentals in Asia-Pacific. Its curated portfolio includes beachfront villas in Sri Lanka, luxury family villas in New Zealand, eco-conscious villas in Bali and much more. 

Thanks to its competitive prices and world-class concierge services, Villa Finder has gained the trust of more than 100,000 travellers. The company delivers high returns to property managers through its seamless villa distribution solution. 

In 2020, Villa Finder started looking for unique villas in Europe to add to its portfolio. 

2. Anyplace

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Anyplace

Category: mid/long-term rentals

Market: US

Anyplace is a new kind of rental listing platform, focusing on longer-term stays to help property managers maintain filled rooms that provide consistent monthly income. 

As an expert in 30+ day bookings, Anyplace owns the entire booking process of flexible-term furnished rentals. It takes care of tenant screening, customer support and payment collection. All property managers need to do is approve the booking and get paid. 

Anyplace even has an eviction protection guarantee so property managers can enjoy peace of mind. 

If you’re looking to incorporate mid- to long-term rentals into your strategy, getting listed on Anyplace through Rentals United is a great place to start. 

3. Zeus Living 

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Zeus Living

Category: mid/long-term rentals, business stays

Market: US

Zeus Living is an industry leader in high-quality, furnished homes for 30+ days. Its portfolio consists of modern homes in all major US cities including Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington D.C. 

Zeus Living provides property managers with a new demand channel. It can get you bookings with longer leases, fewer gaps and turnovers, and greater net revenue. 

The company focuses on attracting high-quality travellers. Guests who choose Zeus Living are business travellers, relocating families and others looking for mid-term accommodation. 

If you’re planning to shift towards a flexible rental model to maximise your revenue and occupancy, you’ll soon be able to get listed on Zeus Living via Rentals United.

4. Whimstay

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Whimstay

Category: last-minute stays

Market: US

Whimstay is a marketplace for last-minute vacation rentals. It provides value-based travellers with attractive deals for their last-minute vacation needs, offering vacation rentals for up to 60% less than other sites.  

Since its launch in 2019, Whimstay has provided professional property management companies with a channel to monetise expiring inventory and cancellations. WhimStay’s real-time integrations allow for perfect syncing of calendars and pricing at all times.

The company currently operates in the United States but anticipates an international rollout of its service in 2021.

5. EzyStayz

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - EzyStayz

Category: crypto travel

Market: Australia

EzyStayz is Australia’s fastest-growing blockchain-powered travel OTA. It has a portfolio of more than 1 million accommodations worldwide, including hotels, villas, apartments, hostels and vacation rentals. 

The platform allows safe and secure payment processing of over 40 payment types, from Visa, Mastercard and American Express to cryptocurrencies and more.

By getting listed on EzyStays, you get direct access to travellers who want to enjoy the benefits of blockchain for their travels. Guests can use EZY coin, the native cryptocurrency of the EzyStayz platform to book their stays and get membership benefits. 

6. SilverDoor Apartments

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - SilverDoor Apartments

Category: business stays

Market: UK

SilverDoor Apartments is the world’s leading corporate accommodation agent and most trusted provider of corporate serviced apartments. 

With over 20 years of experience in the corporate accommodation industry, SilverDoor offers clients an extensive portfolio of apartments in partnership with over 1,500 property partners worldwide. 

Soon you’ll be able to use the Rentals United Channel Manager to easily upload your listings to SilverDoor and manage reservations, rates and availability.

7. Top Villas

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Top Villas

Category: luxury rentals

Market: US & UK

Top Villas is one of the world’s leading luxury villa rental specialists boasting a portfolio of more than 4,000 luxury villas in over 50 of the world’s finest holiday destinations. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the villa rental industry, Top Villas is proud to be known as one of the best villa rental agents in the world.

From handpicked luxury vacation homes, townhouses and condos to private properties in remote locations, Top Villas offers unique accommodations coupled with the best service and rates. 

Its most popular destinations include Orlando, Miami, St Tropez, the Caribbean, Asia and beyond.

8. Muchosol

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Muchosol

Category: top local/domestic travel

Market: Spain

Muchosol is the preferred distributor of Travel Agencies for large groups such as Carrefour Viajes, Airmet, and Gea. 

The company works with over 3,500 agencies at street level to reach the public offline, where a very high percentage of vacation sales are made.

Muchosol has a presence in major European countries such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Its customers are mostly upper-middle-class families who value quality and safety on their vacations.

Muchosol’s main offices provide personalised service in over 6 languages, resulting in loyal customers who come back to Muchosol year after year.

9. Bidroom

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Bidroom

Category: member’s club

Market: Europe

Bidroom is a hotel and vacation rental booking platform that partners directly with hotels and property managers to guarantee the best prices. 

Bookings are up to 25% lower than on other open platforms due to Bidroom’s membership and travel club.

Bidroom aims to ensure that prices stay as low as possible while hotels and property managers retain ownership of their own bookings.

The company’s mission is based on sustainability, simplicity, and fairness. 

10. SpeedyBooker

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - SpeedyBooker

Category: top local/domestic travel

Market: UK

SpeedyBooker is a fast-growing, innovative network of websites focused on generating booking for a variety of accommodation types, including holiday lets, B&Bs, hotels, guest houses, hostels, beach huts and university residences in 18 countries. 

The network, which includes brands like Britain’s Finest, UniversityRooms, BeachHuts.com and Monasteries.com, generates over 60,000 bookings a year.

SpeedyBooker’s mission is to support independent accommodation providers who are otherwise reliant on large OTAs and to get them additional bookings at a lower cost. The company helps property managers stand out from the crowd through its family of niche websites (the SpeedyBooker Network).

11. BluePillow

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - BluePillow

Category: metasearch engine

Market: UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Canada and Australia

BluePillow is Italy’s leading accommodation comparison website specialising in vacation rentals. 

Its key markets are the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Canada and Australia. The company currently has agreements with all the leading OTAs. 

The site has been growing steadily over the last 4 years, and while BluePillow already has more than 11 million properties, it’s always looking to grow its vacation rental inventory.

12. At Ease

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - At Ease

Category: mid/long-term rentals for military & federal employees

Market: US

At Ease offers temporary lodging for military and federal employees. 

Federal regulations prohibit federal travellers from using vacation rental booking sites. At Ease aims to empower modern federal travellers by supporting their unique needs and making alternative accommodations more accessible to them. 

At Ease only lists accommodations that are within federal lodging standards. Thus, it provides service members and their families with fair, safe and comfortable accommodation options, ensuring that they’re reimbursed. 

By getting listed on At Ease through Rentals United, you can help military and federal personnel find temporary homes. And, you can target a traveller segment that books mid- to long-term stays but isn’t allowed to book on OTAs. 

13. GoLightly

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - GoLightly

Category: invite-only club for women

Market: US

GoLightly is an invite-only home-sharing and vacation rental club for women whose aim is to help women travel safely and go lightly. 

As a private club, GoLightly carefully vets each member and property. All properties are owned and managed by women. 

By joining the GoLightly network, you’re joining a community of likeminded professionals. This is an added benefit for property managers as it provides them with networking connections. 

Some of GoLightly’s most popular destinations are Austin, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Chicago in the US, and the UK and Italy in Europe. 

14. Oliver’s Travels

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Oliver's Travels

Category: luxury rentals

Market: Europe 

Oliver’s Travels is a specialist in luxury villas with a stunning portfolio of hand-picked holiday homes in Europe, Thailand, Bali, Florida, the Caribbean and newly launched South Africa. 

With over 16 years’ experience, Oliver’s Travels offers exceptional properties from stately manor homes in the UK to fairy-tale chateaux in the exquisite French countryside.

The company also offers a free concierge service to help travellers find the perfect villa and make the most of their stay.

If you want to target an audience that searches for extraordinary stays, Oliver’s Travels is your best choice.

15. Nestpick

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Nestpick

Category: mid/long-term metasearch engine

Market: worldwide

Nestpick is the largest aggregator of on-demand housing, connecting property managers with guests looking for 30+ days furnished rentals. 

Millions of guests use Nestpick to search for their new home, whether they are looking for apartments, co-livings, serviced apartments, or rooms. 

Nestpick’s listings are aggregated from major booking sites including Airbnb, Spotahome, Homelike, HousingAnywhere, Blueground, Zeus, Sonder, Wunderflats, and hundreds of local and regional property managers. 

Nestpick currently lists millions of housing options in over 2,000 cities all over the world and is available in 9 languages.

16. SnapTrip

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - SnapTrip

Category: last-minute stays

Market: UK

SnapTrip, part of the Rest Easy Group, offers over 60,000 last-minute holiday cottages, lodges and apartments in the UK.

The Rest Easy Group portfolio of sites cater to a range of specialist niches to help suppliers and customers alike – last minute, large bookings, dog friendly and even B&Bs and campsites.

SnapTrip is focused on helping owners generate bookings for their properties when they would otherwise go empty.

17. BringFido

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Bring Fido

Category: pet-friendly rentals

Market: US

BringFido is a niche vacation rental websites for pet-friendly rentals. 

Since launching in 2006, BringFido has helped more than 50 million people take their pets on vacation. 

While 90% of its users reside in the United States, BringFido has active users in 187 countries around the globe. 

Most of BringFido’s customers are dog owners, but the company has also helped guests travel with cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, horses, and even a tiger. 

18. Furnished Finder

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to Rentals United - Furnished Finder

Category: mid-term stays for medical staff

Market: US

Furnished Finder specialises in monthly furnished rentals and is the leading site for travel nurse housing in the United States.

The company has over 100 staffing partners and 100,000 travelling nurses and other professionals using their platform. 

Targeting travelling professionals is a great diversification strategy and an effective way to increase occupancy throughout the year. With an average stay of 92 days, these background-screened travellers make great tenants for your furnished units.

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