Nestpick is the world's largest on-demand housing platform. The channel connects their partners with guests looking for 30+ days furnished rentals. The listings are aggregated from most major providers and hundreds of local and regional property managers. Focused on generating quality 30+ days leads for our partners since its foundation, Nestpick currently lists millions of housing options in over 2000 cities globally and is available in 9 languages.

Nestpick is an affiliate partner of Blueground. Connect to Blueground within the Rentals United platform to list your properties on Nestpick.


Blueground’s Service Features

  • Live availability
  • Instant booking
  • Upfront payment collection from customers
  • PMs can vet/ screen the customer post booking

Key Info for Nestpick (Affiliate of Blueground)

Category Vacation rental site
Website Visit now
Minimum properties required 10
Minimum requirements Need to allow for instant bookings, provide live availability and pricing, and for 30 days minimum stay. Furnishings and apartments need to have high quality standards.
Onboarding time 2-5 business days

Nestpick, affiliate of Blueground

Nestpick & Blueground Early Days: Solving Housing Challenges for Students

Nestpick‘s journey began when co-founders Fabian Dudek and Peter Hofman recognized the struggles of international students and expats in finding suitable furnished accommodation. Back then, many landlords hesitated to rent to students and expats, and the existing rental process was often cumbersome and lacked transparency.

To address the problem, Nestpick streamlined the apartment search process, enabling users to filter options by city and view listings from property owners. Landlords now easily list properties, while Nestpick’s team ensures a smooth rental experience for both parties.

The company’s ability to cater to the English-speaking international community and provide responsive customer service resonated with users quickly. By 2014, 30% of Nestpick’s customers were booking apartments abroad, highlighting the platform’s scalability potential.

Pivoting to a Booking Platform and Raising Funds

Nestpick pivoted to an online booking platform for furnished apartments in 2014, tapping into a broader market beyond students and expats.

Nestpick embarked on a fundraising journey to fuel growth, attracting interest from multiple venture capital firms. Initially seeking €250,000, the company ultimately raised a €2.16 million Series A round in December 2015, led by Target Global and supported by investors like Rocket Internet and Mangrove Capital Partners.

Restructuring and Transformation Into a Meta-Search Engine

Ömer Kücükdere‘s new management restructured Nestpick in 2023. Then, the company adopted a meta-search engine model to aggregate furnished apartment listings from various rental providers. The shift to a less capital-intensive business model allowed Nestpick to simplify the furnished apartment search process for expats, students, and anyone seeking mid to long-term rentals.

As of 2023, Nestpick’s meta-search platform indexed over 40,000 listings across 17 European cities.

Blueground’s Acquisition and the Future of Furnished Rentals

Blueground, a leading global operator of furnished rentals for 30-day stays or more, acquired Nestpick in May 2023. The acquisition allowed Blueground to launch the “Partner Network” that leverages Nestpick’s technology, expertise, and network of third-party providers. The network added over 18,000 units to Blueground’s portfolio, offering guests more furnished rental options worldwide.

Nestpick’s current CEO, Omer Kucukdere, joined Blueground as the Vice President of the Partner Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Nestpick’s original business model?

Nestpick initially started as an online real estate agency connecting landlords and tenants, focusing on serving international students and expats seeking furnished apartments.

How much funding did Nestpick raise in total?

Nestpick raised $13.2 million in funding across four rounds, including a $2.16 million Series A round led by Target Global in 2015.

What was Nestpick’s pivot in 2023?

Nestpick restructured and adopted a meta-search engine model, aggregating listings from various furnished rental providers rather than operating as a direct booking platform.

How did Blueground’s acquisition of Nestpick benefit both companies?

The acquisition allowed Blueground to launch the “Partner Network,” integrating Nestpick’s technology, expertise, and network of third-party providers.