We’re excited to announce that both Vrbo and Airbnb, two of the world’s biggest OTAs, have yet again named us one of their Preferred Connectivity Partners.

The channels have recognised Rentals United’s impressive channel integration, extensive range of advanced features, and overall contributions to the vacation rental ecosystem.

We’re delighted with the news, but our customers stand to benefit the most. Property managers using Rentals United will get even better connections and exclusive priority features when listing their properties on Vrbo or Airbnb. 

What does Preferred Connectivity Partner mean?

Major channels like Vrbo & Airbnb award Preferred Connectivity Partner status to top-performing partner companies that provide excellent products and services. 

OTA’s collaborates closely with Preferred Connectivity Partners and recommends them to customers.

To qualify, partner companies must consistently meet high standards in technology and service. 

Vrbo’s Preferred Connectivity Partner criteria

Vrbo recognises top providers who maintain high-quality connections and help property managers perform their best on the channel. 

The channel makes its selection based on several technical and performance criteria. 

Preferred Connectivity Partners must improve traveller experiences on Vrbo, develop high-quality software integrations with advanced tools and features, provide a reliable connection to Vrbo with a positive user experience, deliver exceptional performance outcomes on Vrbo to their clients, and collaborate with Vrbo to continuously optimise tools and capabilities.

There are several benefits to Preferred Connectivity Partner status, for example:

  • Increased API connectivity (integrating rates, availability, guest data, descriptions, photos, amenities, titles, policies, fees, and more)
  • A reliable and monitored connection
  • Closer collaboration with the VRBO team
  • Continuous improvement of our connection including the continued addition of new fields that map between systems
  • Faster and easier troubleshooting

Airbnb Preferred Partner requirements and benefits

To qualify for Airbnb’s Preferred Partner status, service providers must meet exceptional standards.

At a minimum, partners must provide a full API integration and meet exceed benchmarks in their technical and business performance 

Airbnb looks for high-performing solutions that offer seamless, reliable connections and excellent customer satisfaction. 

In return, Preferred Partners receive exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Performance-based financial incentive programs
  • Early access to new features and inclusion in pilot programs
  • Opportunities to provide product feedback
  • Promotion as Airbnb Preferred Software Partner 
  • Exclusive marketing opportunities
  • A dedicated Partner Manager who can provide priority technical support, detailed performance reporting, and market insights

How Rentals United customers benefit 

Rentals United customers will benefit from the Preferred Partner status in many ways, for example:

  • Even better channel connections — Rentals United can provide even better connections to Vrbo, Airbnb, and Booking.com. This means reliable, two way sync with all aspects of your listing content and bookings. 
  • Access to exclusive and new features — Preferred Partners can get early access to exclusive features. -This benefits property managers by boosting your listing performance and making your properties stand out.
  • Priority support and troubleshooting — Access to priority support from OTAs means we can resolve problems faster and deliver the best quality of customer service. 

Get the best channel connections with Rentals United

Property managers who choose Rentals United as their channel manager can list their properties on 50+ channels. 

Along with all the mainstream channels, you can choose from a wide range of specialist OTAs to diversify your listings for more bookings and profit.

You’ll also get access to more features like smart guest communication, website builder, and AI-powered data insights with our Elevate tool.

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