Planning a trip can be either fun or stressful, depending on whom you ask.

  • People of colour often face discrimination when travelling
  • LGBTQ travellers are affected by bias and stigma on the road
  • Disabled travellers have a hard time finding accessible accommodations
  • Halal-conscious travellers struggle to find options that meet their needs
  • Female travellers don’t always feel safe when travelling alone

The good news is, there are numerous vacation rental listing sites out there solving the challenges these groups face by putting inclusivity first.

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Not only has this alternative approach carved out a niche market, but it has also created a thriving short-term rental community championing diversity and inclusion.

Below, you’ll find 10 listing sites that cater to groups that have been historically underserved by the hospitality industry.

By getting listed on them, you can expand your vacation rental marketing to niche websites while helping to provide a safe and comfortable experience to all.

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1. Noirbnb

inclusive vacation rental websites noirbnb

Noirbnb is a global travel community whose goal is to curate accommodations and events that offer a safe, stress-free and authentic experience to travellers of colour.

Even though the African American tourism industry is valued at over $50 billion, travellers of colour have historically been underserved, even after the boom of the sharing economy.

Noirbnb aims to fill that gap by focusing on including and celebrating people of the African Diaspora.

Property managers should get listed on Noirbnb to offer accommodation options to the Black community, and at the same time gain more visibility and a new source of bookings for their business.

2. Innclusive

inclusive vacation rental websites innnclusive

Innclusive is a booking platform and community aiming to help its diverse audience travel freely, with dignity and love.

Innclusive removes the opportunity for discrimination by not sharing the guest’s photo with the host until the booking has been confirmed, and by offering instant book properties.

Furthermore, Innclusive’s technology prevents hosts from denying a booking to one guest and then making the same dates available to others.

By advertising on Innclusive, property managers can reach a diverse audience of travellers and offer them welcoming and affordable accommodation.

3. misterb&b

inclusive vacation rental websites misterbandb

misterb&b offers over 1 million LGBTQ-friendly accommodations in 200 countries. The listing site’s goal is to help LGBTQ travellers experience a more welcoming world.

From private rooms and apartments to LGBTQ-friendly hotels, travellers have the option to stay in the heart of gay districts and other neighbourhoods in the cities they visit. They can also connect with other gay travellers and support LGBTQ nonprofits when booking.

By getting listed on misterb&b, short-term rental property managers can expand their reach and market their properties to the LGBTQ community, while offering a travel experience built on acceptance, inclusivity and respect.

Read more about misterb&b

You can easily list your properties and go live on misterb&b through the Rentals United channel manager. Your rates, availability, photos and property info will be synced automatically.

Find out more about connecting to misterb&b.

4. Gay Homestays

Gay Homestays is an innovative listing site that aims to match LGBTQ travellers with LGBTQ property owners, enabling people to avoid the uncomfortable experiences of staying in unfriendly accommodation, by staying with like-minded local hosts.

Their vision is to develop a global private accommodation network and to inspire amazing holiday experiences based on cross-cultural sharing and encounters.

By getting listed on Gay Homestays, property managers can target an international audience of gay travellers.

5. FabStayz

inclusive vacation rental websites fabstayz

FabStayz offers inclusive accommodations to the LGBTQ+ community so they can travel uninhibited.

From tiny homes to vintage RVs, the platform has a wide selection of unique and comfortable accommodations by LGBTQ-friendly hosts.

FabStayz verifies each listing and only approves those that meet its requirements, so it can foster welcoming, inclusive spaces.

By getting listed on FabStayz, property managers can open their rentals to LGBTQ+ travellers who travel twice as much as the general public.

6. Gay Sejour

inclusive vacation rental websites gay sejour

Gay Sejour is a website that aims to connect the gay community with gay-friendly hotels, vacation rentals, guest houses, campsites, restaurants, bars, spas, beaches and more.

The listing site’s main focus is France, but it offers accommodations worldwide.

Gay Sejour has over 1,600 partners who have signed the Gay Provence Charter, guaranteeing commitment to quality services and a non-discriminatory mind-set.

The company handpicks each of the properties listed on its website.

By getting listed on Gay Sejour, property managers can target an international audience of 2 million gay travellers a year.

7. Golightly

High-end accessible rentals on Luxury Listing Websites.

inclusive vacation rental websites golightly

Golightly is an invite-only home-sharing and vacation rental club helping women travel safely.

As a private club, Golightly carefully vets each member and property. All properties are owned and managed by women.

Joining the Golightly network means joining a community of like-minded professionals. This is an added benefit for property managers as it provides them with networking connections.

Some of Golightly’s most popular destinations are Austin, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Chicago in the US, and the UK and Italy in Europe.

Automatically update your pricing, availability and property info on Golightly. Find out more about connecting to Golightly.

8. Handiscover

inclusive vacation rental websites handiscover

Handiscover is the leading booking platform for accessible short-term accommodation. Its goal is to offer guests a reliable way to book accessible hotel rooms, vacation rental and B&Bs with no surprises.

Properties listed on Handiscover are classified based on a specific set of criteria. Each unit is sorted into one of 3 categories based on the level of accessibility:

  • For people who can walk up a maximum of 15 stairs
  • For people who can only handle one step at a time
  • For people who need a fully accessible accommodation

Guests who book vacation rentals on Handiscover are typically families with a disabled child or a grandparent with a disability or limited mobility.

Read our interview with Handiscover CEO and Founder Sebastien Archambeaud!

Property managers who want to improve the accessibility of their rental can do so with a couple of inexpensive fixes like installing a ramp or a handrail for the toilet.

9. Wheel the World

Wheel the World is a listing site that provides a comprehensive guide for travellers with disabilities to find and book accessible travel experiences.

Founded in 2017, they aim to give people the best experiences regardless of disabilities. They do this by providing detailed information about the accessibility at each property and offering a tailored experience for customers.

They also provide 24/h support for their guests so that they can help them with their every need and any problems if they arise.

By advertising on Wheel the World, property managers can reach a diverse audience of travellers and offer them welcoming and affordable accommodation.

10. Halal Booking

inclusive vacation rental websites halal booking

HalalBooking targets halal-conscious travellers and offers handpicked accommodations that suit their needs.

All the resorts, hotels and villas listed on Halal Booking welcome Muslim travellers. They have women-only beaches and pools or family amenities with modest dress code, halal food and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as family-friendly entertainment within the norms of Islam.

Guests can search for accommodations based on the halal-friendly facilities and services that are important to them.

Halal Booking’s top destinations include Turkey, Morocco, Spain, UAE, Maldives, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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