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How Did Vacation Rentals Perform in New Zealand, Thailand and Bali? (Summer 2022 Stats)

Do you manage vacation rental properties in the APAC region? We’ve got invaluable data insights for you. Take a look at our fact sheets with exclusive data on vacation rental performance in New Zealand, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. Next to rich market data and booking performance metrics, we also give you helpful tips on how to improve your revenue management and distribution strategies.

Summer 2022 Stats: How Did Vacation Rentals Perform in Mexico, Chile and Brazil?

Property managers in Latin America, this one is for you! Do you ever wish there was an easy way to compare your vacation rentals’ performance to similar properties, identify the best-performing channels in your market, and get tips on improving your strategy? To help you get started, we’ve created a series of fact sheets with exclusive data on vacation rental performance in Mexico, Chile and Brazil.

pickup in vacation rental revenue management

How to Use Pickup in Vacation Rental Revenue Management & Distribution

Do you know how to spot dates in your calendar where you’re not making sales and take action before it’s too late? In this article, we’re demystifying the concept of pickup to help you take better distribution and revenue management decisions every day.

vacation rental pricing strategy

Vacation Rental Pricing Strategy: 6 Tips from A-List Property Managers

Does your vacation rental pricing strategy need an update? We spoke to four revenue managers from some of the most successful property management companies in the industry. They gave us their first-hand insights into what makes a great pricing strategy – and mistakes to avoid at all costs.

serviced accommodation management

Serviced Accommodation Management: The 5 Pillars of Success

Serviced accommodation management can be overwhelming at the best of times. It requires you to juggle a wide range of customer needs, distribution challenges and operational bottlenecks. That’s why in this article we’ve broken it down into five key pillars for maximum success with minimum stress.

property management kpis

The 8 Best Property Management KPIs to Track

Tracking your property management KPIs is the only way to truly know if your business is a success or heading for trouble. But tracking absolutely everything is a one-way ticket to overwhelm and burnout. Here’s why it’s crucial to track property management KPIs, the 8 most effective ones to measure and our favourite tools to help you do it.

vacation rental industry predictions 2022

9 Vacation Rental Industry CEOs Share Their Predictions for 2022

Is your property management business prepared for 2022? Here are 9 vacation rental industry CEOs predictions of what’s to come, including trends, challenges and technology.

how to start a glamping business

How to Start a Glamping Business in 2022

Glamping has never been so in-demand and forecasts show that it will only increase in popularity next year. Do you want a piece of the cake? Find out how to start your own glamping business – or add glamping properties to your vacation rental portfolio – and reap the benefits in 2022.

reinventing revenue management 2021 ebook

Reinventing Revenue Management: Turn Your Short-Term Rental Business Into a Profit Machine (New Ebook)

Having a foolproof revenue management strategy is key to improving your business performance – but it’s no longer enough. In our new ebook, Doug Truitt, Head of Revenue Succes at Rentals United offers actionable advice on how to combine your revenue management and distribution strategies and harness the power of data to achieve optimal business results.

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Merchant of Record: What Every Vacation Rental Property Manager Needs to Know

What are the benefits of being your own Merchant of Record? Should you outsource it to your channel MoR? And what’s the role of your channel manager in all this? In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know to help you make the right decisions for your business.