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reinventing revenue management 2021 ebook

Reinventing Revenue Management: Turn Your Short-Term Rental Business Into a Profit Machine (New Ebook)

Having a foolproof revenue management strategy is key to improving your business performance – but it’s no longer enough. In our new ebook, Doug Truitt, Head of Revenue Succes at Rentals United offers actionable advice on how to combine your revenue management and distribution strategies and harness the power of data to achieve optimal business results.

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Merchant of Record: What Every Vacation Rental Property Manager Needs to Know

What are the benefits of being your own Merchant of Record? Should you outsource it to your channel MoR? And what’s the role of your channel manager in all this? In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know to help you make the right decisions for your business.


Urban Property Management Company Frontdesk Is Doubling Their Inventory – Here’s How

Frontdesk is a tech-enabled URBAN short-term rental management company with an ambitious plan to double their inventory this year. Discover their secrets for growth and how they are planning to scale their inventory.

secret sauce of evolve vacation rental

How to Get to 14,000 Rentals in Less Than 10 Years – Interview With Evolve CEO Brian Egan

Evolve Vacation Rental went from zero to 14,000 rentals in less than 10 years, becoming the sixth largest property management company in the world. Discover their secrets for growth and how they are continuing to scale their inventory. From strategy to operations, technology, and distribution – all is revealed!

domestic travellers

How to Target and Convert Domestic Travellers

Domestic tourism is already exhibiting its prominence in 2021; we see upward trends in length of stay, booking windows and average booking price. Take advantage of this trend and start marketing to domestic travellers rather than international travellers and gain that competitive edge through these coming months.

Best vacation rental PMS – property management system

How to Find the Best Vacation Rental PMS for Business Growth

What sets a great property management system apart? In this blog post, we dive into choosing the best vacation rental PMS to scale your business. And, we present the latest version of our ebook, the Who’s Who of Property Management Systems, which we update every year with fresh info from the industry’s leading software providers.

vacation rental advocacy

Vacation Rental Advocacy: Why and How Property Managers Should Fight for Fair Regulations

Have you ever considered becoming an advocate for fair short-term rental regulations? Property managers need to get involved in advocacy, as it’s the only way to secure a fair and sustainable future for our industry. Learn how you can start building a community and engaging with policymakers to protect your business.


Inspiring Stories: How 3 Property Managers Pivoted During the Pandemic

In the third season of the Secret Sauce Podcast, short-term rental managers from around the world discuss how they managed to not only survive, but thrive during COVID-19. Find out how they succeeded at attracting travel nurses, construction workers, military staff, Amazon employees, film crews and more!

New OTA COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols – Airbnb,, Expedia, Agoda

Exclusive: OTA Cleaning Protocols Revealed (Expedia,, Airbnb and Agoda)

Thanks to our privileged position as preferred partners of four major OTAs, at Rentals United we’ve been able to get an insider look into the new health and cleaning guides put in place by Airbnb,, Agoda and Expedia.

vacation rental webinars

Vacation Rental Webinars Worth Signing up for

From the existing coronavirus travel restrictions to what is expected in the future, check out our list of vacation rental webinars we think are worth the watch.