Q&A with Pros


The Secret Sauce of Large Property Managers- Interview With Turnkey Co-Founder and President T.J.Clark

The secret sauce of large property managers is back. This time we have interviewed the Co-Founder and President of Turnkey Vacation Rentals, one of the largest property management companies in the USA with over 6,000 units. Find out what makes them so successful, from strategy to operations, technology and distribution.


A Day in the Life of a Successful Property Manager- Nino Dubretić

How do successful CEOs stay on top of their to-do lists, balance work and family, and keep their companies heading in the right direction? Here’s a rundown of a typical day in the life of a successful CEO in the vacation rental industry.


Vacation Rental PR – How to Get Press Coverage for Professional Property Managers

In today’s competitive market, a strong Public Relations strategy could be the one asset that makes your vacation rental brand stand out. We asked the vacation rental PR pro, Jessica Gillingham about the impact of PR on rental businesses, how to approach journalists and which publications professional managers should focus on. 


Vacation Rental World Summit 2019: Why You Should Attend [+Discount Code]

Ready for an educational and potentially life-changing trip to the Vacation Rental World Summit in Lake Como? Founder Antonio Bortolotti shares what the best independent event in the industry has in store for attendees this year.


How WaytoStay listing site can help fill calendar gaps

Fast-growing booking site WaytoStay focuses on providing guests with “feel right at home” holiday accommodation. In this exclusive Q&A, they reveal how they help property managers fill ¨unwanted¨ calendar gaps.


How Handiscover simplifies wheelchair-friendly holidays

With over 23,000 properties, Handiscover is the world’s largest site for accessible vacation rentals. Classifying rentals based on accessibility requirements, they help guests find the perfect accommodation for different needs. But do you know how easy it is to list properties on Handiscover? Find out in this exclusive Q&A with CEO & Founder Sebastien Archambeaud.


Vacation Rental Industry Predictions for 2019 by Top Industry Leaders

Is your business prepared to grow and remain competitive in 2019? We have asked top industry influencers to share with us their vacation rental predictions for the upcoming year and hands-on advice to get you ready!


Glamping is here to stay- why you should advertise on Glamping Hub

Rentals United is proud to announce our new partnership with Glamping Hub, the leading online booking platform for unique outdoor accommodation. Popular with guests who look for an exceptional experience via their vacation rental, find out why you too should advertise on Glamping Hub.