With a worldwide presence, but a focus on the French market, Abritel is a must-have if your clientele is mainly based in France or French-speaking countries. List on Abritel and your listings will automatically be translated and shared across the Vrbo network, connecting you to travelers from all over the world.

Abritel is an affiliate partner of Vrbo. Connect to Vrbo within the Rentals United platform to list your properties on Abritel.


Vrbo’s Service Features

  • Access priority support form the Vrbo team
  • Sync your rates and availability in real time thanks to our direct API integration with Vrbo
  • Make changes to your listing content and have them displayed on Vrbo within 24 hours
  • Automatically update your calendars across all your listing sites when you get a booking or cancellation
  • Rank higher and get more bookings with the help of Price Consistency
  • Set up a custom payment schedule for Vrbo
  • Attract mid to long-term guests and increase your occupancy with LOS discounts
  • Commission markup available

Key Info for Abritel (Affiliate of Vrbo)

Category Vacation rental site
Minimum properties required 1
Website Visit now
Pricing model Pay-Per-Booking
Commission 12-15% of booking subtotal
What is synced Rates, Availability, Bookings, Photos, Property Info
Onboarding time New properties that meet Vrbo's minimum content quality will go live in 2 days. When switching software, onboarding takes 2-3 weeks.
Minimum requirements Minimum Content Quality required. Contact us for more info.

Abritel, affiliate of Vrbo

Abritel’s Origins: Connecting Owners and Travelers

Abritel’s story began in 1997 when it was launched to connect private owners and real estate agencies with vacationers in France. The company recognized the growing demand for alternative accommodation options and sought to bridge the gap between property owners and travelers seeking unique experiences.

In its early days, Abritel provided a simple yet effective solution, allowing owners to list properties and travelers to browse and book directly with owners. The direct interaction fostered a sense of trust and authenticity, which became a cornerstone of the vacation rental experience.

Joining the HomeAway Family

Abritel’s success did not go unnoticed, and in 2007, the company was acquired by HomeAway, a leading vacation rental marketplace. The acquisition marked a significant milestone, as Abritel became part of HomeAway’s global platform network, expanding its reach and offering travelers a wider array of vacation rental options.

HomeAway, founded in 2005, had quickly established itself as a major player in the industry, with over 2 million vacation rentals listed across 190 countries and 50 websites in 23 languages. The company offered diverse accommodations, from cozy cottages and vacation homes to grand castles, luxurious villas, rustic barns, and charming farmhouses.

In 2019, the HomeAway and VRBO websites merged into a single platform, now known as Vrbo. Abritel still remains as a customer facing brand for the French market.

The Expedia Acquisition and Growth

In 2015, another pivotal event occurred when Expedia Group, a leading online travel company, acquired HomeAway for $3.9 billion in cash and stock. The acquisition was Expedia’s strategic move to strengthen its position in the rapidly changing vacation rental market and better compete with the rise of disruptors like Airbnb.

Under Expedia’s ownership, Abritel and Homeaway/Vrbo benefited from increased resources, technological advancements, and expanded marketing efforts.

The Business Model: Connecting Owners and Travelers

Abritel’s business model facilitates connections between property owners and travelers seeking unique vacation experiences. The company operates as a marketplace, enabling owners to list properties and travelers to browse, compare, and book accommodations.

Abritel provides a set of tools and services to both owners and travelers. Property owners leverage the platform’s marketing and distribution channels to increase visibility and reach a global audience. Travelers, on the other hand, make informed decisions by relying on comprehensive property descriptions, high-quality images, and user reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of properties can be listed on Abritel?

Abritel offers numerous accommodations, including cottages, vacation homes, castles, villas, barns, and farmhouses.

How does Abritel generate revenue?

Abritel and its parent companies generate revenue through subscription fees for property owners, commission fees on bookings, and additional services such as property management and traveler protection plans.

Can travelers book directly with property owners on Abritel?

Yes. Abritel facilitates direct connections between property owners and travelers, allowing them to communicate and complete bookings directly through the platform.

What makes Abritel different from other vacation rental platforms?

Abritel’s key differentiator is its leading position for French vacation rental customers, yet offering a global inventory spanning over 190 countries.