If you’ve been listening to The Secret Sauce Podcast, you’ll know that we love to learn from founders of successful property management companies. 

In each episode, we discuss a property manager’s distribution strategy, their approach to growth, the technology they use, how they pivoted during the pandemic, and much more.

Over the past few months, our interviewees shared lots of invaluable information with us. But we get it – not everyone has time to listen to hours and hours of podcasts. 

So, we decided to compile it all in an easy-to-scan guide, The Secret Sauce of Successful Property Managers 2021.

If you want tips from the best in the game to optimise your property management business in 2021, get your copy now.

Which property managers share their insight in this ebook?

The Secret Sauce of Successful Property Managers is based on a series of interviews with property managers of diverse sizes and locations.

They each have their own unique approach to business. Some manage urban rentals, while others focus on leisure destinations.

Some are already on our list of The World’s Top 50 Largest Property Managers, others are working to get on it in the coming years.

Here are the founders and CEOs we interviewed: 

Brain Egan, CEO at Evolve Vacation Rentals (14,000 units in the US)

Jodi Taylor Refosco, CEO at Taylor-Made Deep Creek (440 units in the US)

Travers Xanthos, Founder of Stay Como (30 units in the US)

Dino Karic, CEO at Walqinn (150 units in Europe)

Rebecca Slivka, Business Developer at Pillow & Coffee (50 units in the US)

Jesse DePinto, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Frontdesk (600 units in the US)

Heather Bayer, CEO at Cottage Link Rental Management (160 units in Canada)

Mike Harrington, CEO at Carolina Retreats (300 units in the US)

What will you find in the The Secret Sauce of Successful Property Managers 2021?

Our new ebook covers five topics that our currently top-of-mind for property managers worldwide:

1. Business models

In this chapter, we cover how successful property managers adapted their business models during the crisis, including pivoting away from the master lease model to third-party management contracts.

We also discuss the most effective ways to diversify your business model, from reselling proprietary technology to getting into real estate and providing ancillary services to owners.

2. Scaling inventory

Driving bookings and maximising occupancy is important, but there’s another side to increasing your revenue: growing your inventory. In this chapter, we explore how successful property managers go about marketing to and acquiring new owners

We explore how they use owner referral programmes and how they collaborate with real estate agents to generate leads.

3. Guest acquisition

This chapter focuses on guest acquisition strategies and how to rethink your distribution in times of low demand

We cover the tactics that our interviewees used to fill their rentals with month-to-month tenants, attract repeat guests and increase direct bookings. 

Some of the marketing channels they used to find renters may surprise you – not to mention some of the ways they decided to overhaul their marketing mix. 

4. Technology

As we all know, technology is the number one enabler of growth in the vacation rental industry. 

So, in this chapter, we talk about how property managers are using technology to their advantage. What software do they build in-house, and what do they outsource? How do they find reliable partners that can support their business’s growth in the next 5-10 years?

If you’ve ever had any doubts about how to build the perfect tech stack, this chapter is full of tips for you.

5. Mistakes to avoid

In the final chapter, we cover the biggest mistakes that our 8 property managers made as they were building their businesses. 

We get into blunders made in three main areas: partnerships, financing and acquisitions. We also learn how the property managers recovered from these mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Who is the ebook for?

The ebook is for all property managers who want to learn from industry peers and get a sneak peek into how they’ve handled the challenges of the past year. 

It’s also for any vacation rental professionals who are interested in what’s happening in the industry right now and how property managers are gearing up for the future of travel.

If that sounds like you, get your copy of The Secret Sauce of Successful Property Managers 2021 now.

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