If you host lots of families in your rental, you’ll know that parents can be picky when it comes to choosing a place to stay. And who can blame them? Travelling with children is hard work.

Kid & Coe is a booking site dedicated to helping family travellers find child-friendly, luxury vacation properties. Do your properties fit that profile? If so, you’ll want to consider listing on Kid & Coe.

Attract travelling families to your luxury rentals by getting listed on Kid & Coe now. Rentals United can fast track your application.

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What is Kid & Coe?

Image: Kid & Coe website

Kid & Coe is a booking platform that sits at the intersection of family and luxury travel, offering homes, rentals, house swaps and hotels in 50 countries around the world.

Founder Zoie Kingsbery Coe is the wife of a famous DJ and she frequently tours the world with her husband and kids. On her travels, she realised that child-friendly accommodation wasn’t easy to find.

She identified a gap in the market for people like herself and her husband: worldly, well-travelled people who prioritised design and didn’t want to give up the luxury they had enjoyed in their previous, child-free life.

So what does that mean in practice?

Caitlin Ramsdale, Kid & Coe’s Managing Director, explains, “ Being child-friendly goes beyond providing high chairs and cribs. It’s about having empathy and providing amenities that keep kids entertained and parents relaxed.”

After all, as Caitlin says, “ If the kids aren’t happy, the parents aren’t going to be happy.

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Why do guests love Kid & Coe?

Image: Kid & Coe

Guests choose to book through Kid & Coe over more generalist platforms for a number of reasons.

Trust factor

Family-friendly luxury is Kid & Coe’s unique value proposition. They understand exactly what families go through when booking a vacation rental with children.

Caitlin tells us that Zoie still vets many of the properties herself. Guests know that any property listed on Kid & Coe is guaranteed to meet rigorous standards that even a top-rated property on a mainstream booking site may not.

Curation process

Busy parents always need ways to save time. Instead of trawling through rentals on a mainstream booking site and evaluating each one, they can go to Kid & Coe for a curated selection of the best family homes.

Every property is carefully vetted and selected for its child and family friendliness, as well as luxury.

Caitlin says, “ There’s no specific checklist for properties as each one is evaluated on an individual basis. It’s important that properties have facilities to keep kids entertained, whether that be a pool, a park or toys and books ready to play with when the family arrives.

Peace of mind

It’s rare for parents to truly relax. When going on vacation, it’s much easier for parents to unwind if they know they’re staying in a child-friendly property.

Along with facilities and amenities to entertain kids, Kid & Coe also checks for risk factors like glass coffee tables, fragile antiques or floating staircases.

On the other hand, something like a gated pool can provide parents with peace of mind.

These are all features that Kid & Coe highlights in editorializing a property for its audience.

Attentive customer service

Another key point of difference for Kid & Coe is their customer service. They happily deal with lots of queries and questions from parents, as they know that parents often have specific needs to make their experience great.

“C ertain people absolutely need to have blackout blinds for their kids. Their happiness hinges on their kids sleeping well. We understand that, and we’re happy to help find out if their desired property has blackout curtains,” says Caitlin.

They also advise guests who may be looking at different properties in different locations to help them make the best decisions, acting as a travel concierge.

Why should you get listed on Kid & Coe?

If you manage a luxury property that’s geared up for families, you’ve got plenty to gain from listing your property on Kid & Coe.

Reliable guests

By listing your rental on Kid & Coe, you’ll open up your property to the 150,000 customers in their database.

These well-heeled travellers are reliable and less likely to cancel.

“Parents can’t be that flexible – if they’ve made plans, they do everything in their power to go through with them,” says Caitlin.

She adds that they’re also highly unlikely to throw parties or damage your property.

Higher ADRs

You may be able to increase your ADRs. Since you’re marketing to high-end travellers, you’ll be able to charge more, especially if you include extras. Kid & Coe’s average booking value is around $5,000.

The length of stay may also be longer, as the current average stay is 6 nights and this is increasing.

Marketing and promotion

Kid & Coe has a strong, organically-grown community of loyal users, and the company is very active on Instagram. They often partner with “influencers” in their niche – mostly mothers who travel and share information about properties and locations.

They put a significant effort into creating editorial content on their website about properties, highlighting the information that matters most to parents.

To create a consistent image and help every property shine, Kid & Coe will enhance and retouch your property photos.

Customer service

Kid & Coe’s attentive customer service is not just reserved for guests.

The team get to know all their hosts personally and aim to do their best to ensure they get the most out of the partnership.

Image: Kid & Coe

All the properties on Kid & Coe meet exceptionally high standards. But which ones tend to be most popular, and how can you make sure your property stands out?

Caitlin spotlights California, Italy and France as extremely popular destinations. These are amazing family-friendly locations with plenty of charm to attract luxury guests.

Standalone houses and villas are more desirable than apartments. In terms of size, 3-4 bedrooms seem to be the sweet spot. However, Caitlin mentions that, because of the growing trend for inter-generational travel, properties with an extra room for grandma or extended family members are bound to be attractive.

Family-friendly amenities are a must, so swimming pools, playgrounds, proximity to a beach, toys and games are all desirable.

Caitlin explains that properties that come with services are also hugely popular right now.

After two years of parenting at home, feeling stuck, and homeschooling, people want to go on vacation and actually relax. Home chefs and babysitters are two of our most sought-after services.

Offering this service could be as simple as having the contact details of a babysitter or chef to pass on when requested.

And of course, you can’t neglect style. Properties with the most beautifully styled, modern interiors get more conversions.

Choose the Rentals United-Kid & Coe connection

If your properties pass the vetting process, it’s simple to list on Kid & Coe with Rentals United.

Thanks to the high-quality API connection, you’ll always have up to date pricing and availability on Kid & Coe, and across all your other channels.

Your connection is flexible, meaning you can always add any pricing model, cancellation policy or customisable details you want.

To learn more about the connection, check out the Kid & Coe channel page.

Attract luxury family travellers by listing on Kid & Coe

Travelling with kids is challenging, and there’s nothing parents need more than a vacation where they can truly relax.

If you’re a property manager who can provide a family-friendly experience in the luxury rental space, we recommend listing your properties on Kid & Coe.

You’ll attract premium family travellers, who are some of the most reliable and lucrative guests. If you offer them an exceptional experience they could turn into repeat customers who come back year after year.

As a Rentals United customer, you’ll be able to manage your Kid & Coe listing effortlessly with our channel manager.

Attract travelling families to your luxury rentals by getting listed on Kid & Coe now. Rentals United can fast track your application.

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