If you’re determined to make your vacation rental business work, you can’t be shy about asking for help. 

Whether it’s vacation rental distribution and marketing, the implementation of new technologies or business strategies that you need help with, you can count on these 15 vacation rental consultants. 

As highly-qualified professionals with vast experience in the industry, they can help you overcome your most pressing struggles.

Vacation Rental Secrets

Vacation Rental Secrets offers one-on-one consulting and online training sessions with Founder Antonio Bortolotti, the mind behind the Vacation Rental World Summit. Antonio is an entrepreneur, trainer, public speaker and event organizer with over 20 years in the tourism industry. Vacation Rental Secrets is a leading online resource for property managers and owners worldwide.

How can they help you?

Antonio can teach you how to convert up to 100% of inquiries into bookings, how to use your website as your number one asset, how to regain independence from listing sites and much more.

Pricing: Learn more on Vacation Rental Secrets and download a free sample session.

Weatherby Consulting

Weatherby Consulting, from California, provides strategic advisory and asset management services. They have 19 years of experience in the vacation rental business, which gives them a solid base for understanding your business needs and helping you reach your goals. President Ben Edwards is a leading figure in the vacation rental industry and has contributed to its growth in various ways over nearly two decades.

How can they help you?

Their services are directed at helping you outperform the competition, maximize revenue and control expenses by leveraging the latest technologies and creating sustainable business models.

Pricing: Get in touch with Weatherby Consulting.


Boostly is run by Mark Simpson, a vacation rental consultant who’s helped over 1,000 owners increase their direct bookings. He’s a marketing and website design specialist who uses lesser-known, but highly effective strategies. He’s also created a super handy resource: an educational video course called Boostly Academy. His website is full of top-notch content, from blog posts to case studies and podcasts.

How can they help you?

Mark can teach you how to make OTAs work for you. With his help, you’ll be able to increase your direct bookings, spend less on commissions and become less independent on large bookings sites.

Pricing: Get in touch with Mark.


AJL Consulting

AJL Consulting is a boutique consulting company that specializes in the international private accommodation and the vacation rental industry. Founded by industry thought leader Simon Lehmann, their primary focus is to help manage corporate development and cross-border M&A processes for exceptional tech companies in the vacation rental space.

How can they help you?

If you’re looking for M+A opportunities, seeking to sell your company, market sizing and matchmaking, ALJ Consulting is your best choice. 

Pricing: Get in touch with ALJ Consulting.

Optimize My Bnb

Vacation rental consultants - OptimizeMyBnb

The expert behind Optimize My Bnb, Danny worked at Airbnb for 3 years. He started a property management company in San Francisco, he practically lives his life in “airbnbs” and he’s a SuperHost himself – so it’s safe to say he knows what works when it comes to optimizing Airbnb listings, he’s one of the well-known vacation rental consultants.

How can they help you?

Danny focuses on Airbnb SEO – getting your Airbnb listing to appear on top of search results. You can choose between three Reports on Airbnb Listing Optimization that will help you make changes so that your listings rank higher and get more bookings.

Pricing: $50-250, depending on the plan you choose.

Grow Social VR

Grow Social VR is a Florida-based growth agency run by Natalee and William Pfeifer. They’re obsessed with innovative travel technologies and promoting the sharing economy. They work with travel tech startups, property managers and hosts to help them solidify and scale their businesses using experimental marketing and growth hacking methods.

How can they help you?

Property managers can contact Grow Social VR for help with growth hacking, digital marketing, professional development and event management. They also help vacation rental tech startups with their product, digital and go-to-market strategy as well as networking, pitching and fundraising.

Pricing: Get in touch with Grow Social VR.

Vacation Rental Rocket

Vacation Rental Rocket is an international consulting company with offices in Barcelona, Paris, Florence and Milan. Vacation rental business experts Gianpaolo Vairo and Gregor Schweitzer bring their experience and passion to the table to help you grow your business.

How can they help you?

Property managers can turn to them for advice on commercial strategy and business development. They can help you optimize your existing website or design a new one from scratch, choose the right Channel Manager or PMS for you and develop the best pricing strategy. They can also help you go digital and adopt state-of-the-art technologies that give you a competitive edge. They even have legal and marketing services!

Pricing: Based on the package you choose. Learn more on Vacation Rental Rocket.


BuildUp Bookings

BuildUp Bookings was founded by Conrad O’Connell. He has six years of solid experience in travel marketing and is here to help you drive traffic and bookings.

How can they help you?

If you want to get more direct bookings – bookings from your own website – than from third-party channels, Conrad and his team can help you develop a marketing strategy that supports your goals. Their services include email marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, pay per click management and SEO.

Pricing: Get in touch with BuildUp Bookings.

The VRM Consultants

The VRM Consultants, hailing from Denver, Colorado, are here to make the toughest decisions and face the most gruelling challenges of your vacation rental business. With a combined 40 years worth of experience in the industry, Tom Kaczmarek and Doug Macnaught are leading vacation rental consultants and experts when it comes to technology and security.

How can they help you?

They can help you select the right technology for your property management business and advise you in a variety of areas such as IT security, management and operations, distribution and channel management.

PricingGet in touch with The VRM Consultants.

Rental Tonic

Rental Tonic provides marketing services and one-on-one coaching sessions to help you stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal guests to your vacation rental. Director Louise Brace is a renowned vacation rental expert and a former editor of RentalBuzz, Spain’s number one vacation rental blog.

How can they help you?

Property managers can leverage Rental Tonic’s expertise to learn how to run an automated business and market vacation rentals in an effective way. The areas they cover include identifying your ideal guests, writing copy that attracts them, finding your niche, creating a website, managing your social media, and even styling and staging your property for photographs. 

Pricing: Get in touch with Rental Tonic and start with a free review of your vacation rental marketing!


Volo is a firm offering vacation rental consulting packages and workshops to property managers and owners. Founder and Principal Consultant Kris Getzie has more than a decade of experience in hospitality and brand-building and she’s a regular blogger.

How can they help you?

They’re dedicated to helping you expand your vision, stay ahead of trends, analyze and plan your business, increase occupancy and profits with the help of a cutting-edge strategy and grow your business with the help of the latest tools, best practices and industry knowledge.

Pricing: Get in touch with Volo.

Paola Gheis

Paola Gheis offers vacation rental consulting for owners and managers of villas who want to tap into their property’s full potential and maximize their revenue. Paola’s starting point is always your values and the style of your home. She then crafts a unique commercial strategy and identifies the channels that will drive the most bookings for you. With offices in Florence and Barcelona, Paola works both in Italy and Spain.

How can they help you?

Paola and her team can help you position your vacation rental to maximize profits. They can help you reach your target guests by using multiple channels. They specialize in establishing high-quality communication with guests and a strong brand that distinguishes you.

Pricing: Get in touch with Paola Gheis.


Holiday Let Success

Holiday Let Success may sound familiar to you – it’s one of our favourite vacation rental podcasts. The expert behind the show, Elaine Watt also provides online courses and consulting services, starting with a free 20-minute strategy session where you can pick her brain about running a successful vacation rental business.

How can they help you?

Elaine is here to help you figure out the solution to the biggest challenge you’re facing as a property manager or homeowner, whatever that challenge may be. She’ll get you started with one of her courses or downloadables. And if you need more assistance, she’ll work alongside you, helping you create our own website, run your social media accounts, write your blog and nurture your email list.

Pricing: Get in touch with Elaine or book a 20-minute Skype call.

VR Owner’s Guide
Vacation rental consultants - VR Owners Guide

Another one of our favourite online resources, VR Owner’s Guide is run by vacation rental expert Steve Sasman. Besides his website, which features tips, hacks, interviews with experts, product reviews and more, Steve is also a vacation rental business consultant.

How can they help you?

Work with Steve if you want to find the solution to your most frustrating problems. As an owner himself, Steve is familiar with the challenges that the industry poses. He can do a vacation rental audit for you, build your website and blog, optimize your SEO, start your pay-per-click ads, create a YoutTube video showcasing your vacation rental, set up your social media strategy and much, much more.

Pricing: Get in touch with Steve for a free 15-minute consultation.


Tourbina is a digital marketing agency specialized in the Spanish market. As vacation rental consultants, they’re dedicated to helping property managers present their listings in the best possible way, grow their business and optimize their processes. They put a special emphasis on travellers, their needs and motivations, and place them at the centre of the strategy.

How can they help you?

Property managers can outsource the management of all their data, software and digital marketing to Tourbina. This way, you can focus on your business and your community!

Pricing: Get in touch with Tourbina.

Amber Carpenter (Pro Travel Tech)

Vacation rental consultants - Pro Travel Tech

Vacation rental tech consultant Amber Carpenter has been a part of the industry since 2003. With an early start in the operations and owner relations side of the business, Amber has spent most of her career on the technology side of the industry.

In the last decade, Amber built and sold a web marketing company to Instant Software (now HomeAway Software), was VP of eCommerce at Wyndham Vacation Rentals and Chief Marketing Officer at the St. Joe Company. The most recent position she held was VP of Product at NAVIS before transitioning back to consulting in 2019.

How can she help you?

Amber offers consulting for global hospotality software teams and tech-enabled vacation rental companies.

Pricing: Get in touch with Amber at Pro Travel Tech.

Adormo Vacation Rentals Consulting

Vacation Rentals Consulting Adormo

Luca De Giglio started in Vacation Rentals back in 2001 when he launched a precursor to Airbnb to fund his travels. He’s stayed in the industry ever since, playing different roles such as distributor, property manager, outsourcing company and trainer.

Since 2017, he’s also been involved in blockchain. Luca has a keen eye on innovation and regularly spots trends years before they become apparent to the rest of us. The latest proved foresight? Self-check-in systems, which he advocated for back in 2016. The next bet? Apartment usability tests and long stays for Digital Nomads and Smart Workers. And, of course, blockchain, still a mystery for most, which he swears will rock the whole industry in the years to come.

How can he help you?

Luca has done it all – but what really makes a difference is trend spotting. If you are innovating, looking for new ideas in vacation rentals or want to be ready and grab the huge opportunities the new internet will bring, talk to him.

Pricing: Get in touch with Adormo Consulting.


BonjourConsulting is a  vacation rental consultancy that helps your business make the right decision to enable growth. From advertising to strategy, Founder Pierre Hubisz, has more than fifteen years of experience in the hospitality sector, including seven years in the short-term rental industry.

How can he help you?

BonjourConsulting helps vacation rental businesses focus on their growth using several options. They can coordinate a business review where they analyse your product, distribution, and your technology, with recommendations and an action plan to stand out. They could create business development projects where BonjourConsulting becomes an extension of your business, or a tailored made sale programme to help increase your team’s conversion rates. Finally, BonjourConsulting can bring customer service training to help create a 5-star customer journey to increase your repeat guests.

Pricing: Get in touch with BonjourConsulting

Romain Giacalone

Romain Giacalone helps short-term rental companies establish their products. He has over 8 years of experience in the short-term rental industry including 3 years at BookingSync, managing his own property management company, as well as publishing a book called “How to be successful on Airbnb”. Romain shares his expertise with online training and consulting services.

How can he help you?

Romain supports short-term rental vendors companies in their business development (particularly if you target the french market), and property managers in their growth, through business analysis and creation of a strategy.

He also shares advice and methods on his podcast and short-term rental online courses (content is in French)

Pricing: For consulting prices please contact Romain directly and his online courses start at 199€.

RevPARTY Consulting

RevPARTY Consulting specialises in revenue management, data analytics and marketing for vacation rentals. They are aware of the increasing convergence between hotels and vacation rentals and can provide insight from both worlds to help you optimise your strategy and stay competitive. They offer consulting services to property managers looking to expand their customer base, enter a new niche or increase their profit margins.

How can they help you?

RevPARTY combines the science of revenue management with economics, data analytics, and e-commerce strategy to help short-term rental property managers increase their revenue.

Some areas of growth where RevPARTY can support you include:

  • Increasing RevPAR
  • Increasing listings and bookings on OTAs
  • Implementing revenue management and pricing programmes
  • Performing due diligence for your tech stack
  • Educating stakeholders on revenue management, marketing, financial reporting and more.

Pricing: Get in touch with RevPARTY Consulting

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