With multi-unit management, you can save time, increase your income and quickly analyse your occupancy rate and other metrics.

In this article, we’ll explain:

  • What multi-unit listings are
  • How to create multi-unit listings
  • The benefits of multi-unit management for property managers

Rentals United supports multi-unit listings for channels that allow. You can easily manage individual and multi-listings across all your channels with our powerful channel manager – speak to us today to find out more.

What is multi-unit management?

Multi-unit management, sometimes called clustering, is when you group several similar properties, rooms or units under one listing.

Originally, multi-unit listings were designed for hotel rooms. For a hotel which has, for example, 50 single rooms and 50 double rooms, it’s much easier to manage 2 listings instead of 100..

Vacation rental property managers can also use multi-unit listings to group similar properties, apartments or rooms under one listing rather than managing them all in seperate listings.

Who can use multi-unit listings?

If you manage a group of very similar properties or accommodations, you can advertise them as multi-listing.

The units must all be similar in appearance and subject to the same booking terms like pricing, guest capacity and minimum stay. 

Property managers can use multi-listing to list similar apartments within one building, or a collection of identical bungalows in one complex.

Multi-unit listings are available on the following channels, among others:

  • Airbnb
  • Booking
  • Agoda
  • Expedia 
  • Vrbo
  • Trip Advisor

The benefits of multi-unit management

There are benefits to listing similar or identical properties as a multi-listing rather than separate listings.

Here are some reasons to consider clustering your listings.

Streamline your process

It’s easier to manage a multi-listing rather than several listings, especially if you advertise on a lot of channels.

When you want to change listing content or update your prices, you only need to make adjustments once, and all your identical properties will change. 

Rank higher in search

On sites like Booking.com and Expedia, multi-unit listings rank higher. 

Booking sites often prefer to promote multi-units, especially for popular locations and dates. This is because these sites often have multiple guests browsing simultaneously, and more than one person can book the same listings. 

Easily track your occupancy

It’s easier to keep track of your occupancy and understand how well your properties perform. You can see your occupancy rate in the calendar without needing reports or metrics.

This means you have more opportunities for yield management, and you can make sure you fill gaps in your calendar.

Streamline solutions to Fill Gaps Between Bookings.

Increase your occupancy 

You can spread bookings more efficiently and maximise your occupancy rate with multi-unit listings. 

Because all your units are the same, you can be more flexible about which unit you allocate to guests. You can even move them from one unit to another before check-in without them realising.

Optimize Preparation Time across units.

This means if you receive several bookings within one month, you can group those bookings across as few units as possible, leaving other units completely free. This helps you maximise your total bookings and attract longer stays.

Accommodate a bigger group

If a large group of people are looking to book a property for a nearby event such as a wedding, multi-unit listings can make it easier. 

WIth all your units listed separately, it would be more difficult for such a group to make a joint booking. However if you create a multi-listing, larger groups may be able to find your properties in search results and can book all together.

Create multi-listings with Rentals United

Rentals United supports multi-unit management for channels that allow, including Booking.com, Airbnb and Expedia.

You can create and manage multi-unit listings seamlessly through the channel manager and get an overview of all your bookings. Sync your multi-unit bookings with the rest of your bookings from all your channels.

With Rentals United you can list your properties on a diverse range of channels and maximise your income. 

Ready to start benefiting from multi-unit management? Follow our guide to set up!