Rentals United is very excited to announce that we have become the first vacation rental channel manager to connect with Hopper Homes.

When demand for vacation rentals skyrocketed at the beginning of the pandemic, and as signs continue to point towards this trend, Hopper has been rapidly growing their whole-home rental offering.

According to Hopper, 40% of its customers have indicated they prefer homes over hotels and 24% have no preference between the two. So moving into the vacation rentals sphere seemed like a no brainer.

Frederic Lalonde, CEO of Hopper says, “ While many travelers prefer booking homes to hotels, the experience is still full of pain points. With top inventory from around the world and flexibility products that offer peace-of-mind, Hopper Homes is creating a new home renting experience that gives travelers more lodging options in the same place where they already book your flights, hotels, and car rentals. With Rentals United we are adding more properties to the app, ensuring the best homes are available wherever customers plan on traveling next.”

As the first vacation rental channel manager worldwide to connect directly to Hopper Homes, property managers now have the opportunity to apply to this fast-expanding platform.

What is Hopper Homes?

Hopper Homes is the newest travel category to be added to Hopper, a mobile app where users can search for and book flights and hotels. With the addition of Hopper Homes, users can now also search for vacation rental properties based on location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and amenities such as outdoor space and parking.

Hopper combines data and artificial intelligence to predict future prices and alert travellers to price drops for flights and accommodations, all of which are booked through the Hopper app.

Hopper is a heavily in-demand 70M user booking platform and rapidly adding 2.3M users per month to their mobile-only travel super app.

The company says it will add a price filter soon, as well as integrate some of the fintech features that are available for flights and hotels such as price prediction and “cancel for any reason.”

Bookings on Hopper Homes will also soon qualify to earn “Carrot Cash” – the app’s loyalty programme that gives credit back on travel purchases and can be used for any type of future booking on Hopper.

What are the benefits of listing on Hopper Homes?

1. Reach new traveller demographics

Hopper is a mobile-only travel app: as a result, its main audiences are mobile-first generations like Gen Ys and Gen Z. Thanks to this, Hopper allows property managers to access new customer demographics with a high lifetime value.

Gen Y and Gen Z have been called “the wanderlust generations” because both consider travelling and seeing the world their number one aspiration and priority. While Gen Y currently travel the most out of all generations, Gen Z is rapidly catching up. Consequently, these audiences have the potential to drive incremental revenue for property managers.

2. Advertise your rentals to engaged, loyal customers

Hopper has a unique acquisition strategy – they encourage users to download their app through social media and keep them engaged with personalised push notifications. These messages contain advice on when to book and help users plan their trip better using recommendations based on artificial intelligence.

As a result, Hopper’s customers engage with the app 4-5 times throughout their trip planning. And, they come back after the fact, too: over 65% of the reservations made on Hopper are repeat bookings. This is great news for property managers who want to tap into an audience of highly engaged, loyal customers.

3. Increase conversions with innovative fintech products

Last but not least, Hopper’s innovative fintech products provide property managers with more flexibility to increase conversions, especially in times of uncertainty. These include:

  • Price Prediction: Hopper predicts future travel prices with 95% recommendation accuracy and sends smart notifications to travellers, advising them on the best time to book.
  • Price Freeze: Users can “freeze” prices so to lock them in from 1 hour to 21 days.
  • Cancel/Change for Any Reason: Hopper dynamically prices a cancellation rate for non-refundable bookings to make them more flexible.

Why get listed on Hopper via Rentals United?

Through the Rentals United and Hopper Homes API connection, property management companies can start advertising their properties fast and efficiently.

Furthermore, our highly reliable connection allows you to sync your pricing and availability in real-time. As a result, you can rest assured that you’ll always be selling your properties at the price you want. And, you’ll never have to be concerned about double bookings.

All in all, the new Rentals United connection allows property managers to take advantage of listing their inventory on Hopper Homes, a heavily in-demand and rapidly expanding platform.

How to get listed on Hopper Homes

If you are a professional property manager with at least 10 rentals, we can help you advertise on Hopper Homes.

Currently, Hopper Homes is only accepting properties in the United
States, Canada and Mexico. However, as of May/June, they will also be accepting properties across Europe – so make sure to fill in this form to get listed on Hopper Homes.

If you would like to list your properties on Hopper Homes simply fill in this form and we will get back to you and let you know if you have been accepted.