Dynamic Pricing + Revenue Management

Become the smartest property manager on your block

Wheelhouse helps you determine the perfect revenue strategy for your portfolio by providing you with real time, automated pricing recommendations and market intelligence. Wheelhouse recommendations are built on historical booking performance, real-time market activity, seasonality trends, and local demand. Wheelhouse will update your prices each night to ensure you're always priced to earn more in the high season and book more in the low season. Book a demo with our team to start earning up to 30% higher revenues.


Benefits of connecting to Wheelhouse via Rentals United


Automatic Syncing


Customizable Strategies


24/7 Live Customer Support

Wheelhouse Wheelhouse Wheelhouse

Service Features

  • Automatic syncing
  • Real time data
  • Local event calendar
  • Full customization of Minimum/Maximum Stays, Long Term Discounts, Last Minute Discounts
  • Coming Soon: Market Intelligence

Key Info

Category Yield Managers
Service Release Date 2014
Headquarter Location San Francisco, US
Minimum properties required 1
Website Visit now
Pricing model Commission based
Commission .0050% - 1% of bookings
What is synced Daily Pricing and Booking
Onboarding time 2 hours

How it Works

  1. Connect Wheelhouse in RU "Find Services"
  2. Log in/create account in Wheelhouse
  3. Click "Connect Accounts" on the bottom left in Wheelhouse
  4. Select "Rentals United" and put confirm your RU username
  5. Wheelhouse imports your properties from RU
  6. You can start adjusting pricing settings