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Advertise your properties on Plum Guide: the official selection of the best vacation rentals in the world.

Rentals United allows you to easily list and manage vacation rental properties on Plum Guide. If you manage high-quality properties, Plum Guide helps you grow your business by connecting with a more distinguished audience of guests, who aren't looking for stays on conventional OTAs. This results in incremental increases in occupancy and revenue


Why connect with Plum Guide through Rentals United?


Automatic Uploads

Full synchronisation to effortlessly add properties


Automatic Updates

Synchronisation of rates, availability, photos and property information


Advanced Options

Two-way connection, markup and more

Plum Guide Plum Guide Plum Guide

Service Features

  • We create new properties in Plum Guide for you
  • The connection is 2-way and synchronises prices and availability. Plum Guide generates and controls all ad content and photos.
  • Plum Guide listings are set by default to make an instant booking.

Key Info

Category Vacation rental site
Service Release Date 2016
Headquarter Location London, GB
Minimum Number of Properties 1
Website Visit now
Pricing Model Commission Based
Commission Plum Guide takes from 15 %
Onboarding Time 14 days
Minimum Requirements All properties must pass the Plum Test. This consists of an in-person inspection by a local Plum reviewer. For a property to be approved, it must have a high-quality interior for its price: Clean and well-maintained Good-quality furniture and kitchen equipment Stylish interior

How our channel manager for Plum Guide works

  1. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually or by PMS/API synchronisation. Go to Services and add Plum Guide.
  2. Follow the detailed instructions in the checklist.
  3. Your rates and calendars will update automatically. Plum Guide will generate and control all ad content and photos.
  4. You can set discount percentages for stays of 7 and 28 nights in your Plum Guide control panel.
  5. You will have to set your minimum stay in the Plum Guide control panel.
  6. Plum Guide enviará una confirmación de reserva a ti y al huésped. Los gestores de propiedades deben organizar los detalles de la llegada.
  7. Plum Guide collects payment from the guest and sends it to the property the first Friday after check-in.
  8. Plum Guide accepts properties all over the world.

Plum Guide: Redefining the Luxury Vacation Rental Experience

The Science behind the Perfect Stay

Founded in 2016, Plum Guide collaborated with numerous architects, interior designers, psychologists, and seasoned travelers to decode the “secret ingredients” that make an exceptional vacation rental, from tangible factors like WiFi speed and water pressure to more subjective elements like aesthetic appeal and overall ambiance.

This meticulous attention to detail is encapsulated in the Plum Test, a rigorous 150-point evaluation that every potential property undergoes before earning the coveted Plum Guide Award. The assessment covers the following criteria:

  • Measurable Factors: WiFi speed, noise levels, water pressure, mattress quality, and kitchen appliances.
  • Subjective Factors: Design and aesthetic, lighting, layout and flow, amenities and features, and host responsiveness and hospitality.

Plum Guide’s network of highly trained Home Critics evaluates each home to ensure consistency and objectivity. The critics meticulously assess every detail, from the thread count of the sheets to the quality of the natural light.

Harnessing the Power of AI

Plum Guide has embraced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance the platform’s curation process and achieve greater scale. Plum Guide trains a proprietary AI model on data from over 100,000 vetted homes to automate much of the initial screening process, enabling rapid inventory expansion while maintaining rigorous quality control.

A Curated Collection of Remarkable Homes

Plum Guide has over 30,000 extraordinary homes across more than 500 locations worldwide. From charming countryside cottages to sleek urban apartments, each property in the Plum Guide collection has been meticulously vetted and approved.

A Community of Excellence

More than satisfying travelers, Plum Guide’s success is also about fostering a community of passionate, customer-centric hosts who share the company’s dedication to delivering extraordinary experiences.

Plum Guide has partnered with exceptional property owners and managers by offering a steady stream of high-quality, long-duration bookings and helping hosts optimize offerings. The hosts, many of whom have shared glowing testimonials about the platform, are integral to Plum Guide’s continued growth and success.

Expanding Horizons

Plum Guide plans to launch in 60 new destinations by the end of 2024. The expansion is fueled by Plum Guide’s commitment to exceptional experiences and the overwhelming demand from travelers seeking a more reliable and curated approach to vacation rentals.

Industry Recognition and Partnerships

Plum Guide has been recognized with prestigious accolades, such as:

  • “Industry Innovators” (Skift Idea Awards)
  • “Marketing Campaign of the Year”
  • “Best Online Travel Agency” (Shortyz 2023).

At the same time, Plum Guide has partnered with renowned brands, such as the Financial Times, Net-a-Porter, and American Express.

Inviting the Community to Invest

Plum Guide invites the platform’s supporters to own a piece of the company alongside Plum Guide’s world-class institutional investors. Individuals are encouraged to invest in Plum Guide through a $9 million funding round.

The move underscores Plum Guide’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaged community, where travelers, hosts, and investors are all part of the journey toward delivering exceptional travel experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Plum Guide ensure the quality of its vacation rentals?

Plum Guide employs a rigorous 150-point evaluation process called the “Plum Test,” which assesses properties on a wide range of measurable and subjective criteria. Plum Guide’s Home Critics personally visit and evaluate each home.

What kind of properties can one find on Plum Guide?

Plum Guide offers extraordinary vacation rentals, ranging from charming countryside cottages to sleek urban apartments. The common thread is that each property has met the company’s exacting standards for quality, design, and guest experience.

How does Plum Guide’s AI technology work?

Plum Guide has trained a proprietary AI model on data from over 100,000 vetted homes. The AI model automates the initial screening process, allowing the team to expand the inventory rapidly while maintaining strict quality control.

Can supporters invest in Plum Guide?

Yes, Plum Guide invites the platform’s supporters to invest in a $9 million funding round, allowing individuals to own a piece of the company alongside institutional investors.

What sets Plum Guide apart from other vacation rental platforms?

Plum Guide’s unique blend of human expertise and advanced technology curates exceptional properties.