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HousingAnywhere has been transforming the rental market since 2009 by developing the most technologically advanced platform in the rental market. HousingAnywhere opens the doors to a home across Europe for students, expats and young professionals to securely rent rooms or apartments from landlords and property managers on the HousingAnywhere platform.


Why list with HousingAnywhere?


Tap into a huge market

Global reach, a popular online ranking and 150+ partnerships with international universities.


Screen tenants with fine-tuned filters

Set your preferences (age, gender, occupation) and let only verified tenants browse your inventory.


Tools for your local rental market

RentRadar helps you match your local rental market and gives you insight into average rents.

HousingAnywhere HousingAnywhere HousingAnywhere

Service Features

  • Match your local market with RentRadar
  • Sync calendars, sync listings and connect to other platforms
  • Fine-tuned filter to screen tenants
  • Remote tenant selection to save you time
  • Collect your rent, deposit, and any other fees through the platform
  • The first-month rental guarantee
  • Support from their international team

Key Info

Category Vacation rental site
Service Release Date 2009
Headquarter Location Rotterdam, NL
Website Visit now
Pricing model Commission based
Commission 25% of the first month rent from the rates received via Rentals United.

How to advertise on HousingAnywhere

  1. Upload your properties to Rentals United.
  2. Go to Services and add HousingAnywhere.
  3. Follow the checklist with detailed instructions on how to sync properties.
  4. Once synced, your rates, calendars, bookings and cancellations will update automatically.
  5. Start receiving bookings!

HousingAnywhere: The Global Platform Who Revolutionized Student Housing

HousingAnywhere is a leading solution originally intended for international students and young professionals seeking accommodation worldwide. Dutch student Niels van Deuren founded HousingAnywhere in 2009 to connect tenants directly with landlords and property managers. The platform streamlines the rental process for students pursuing education or careers abroad.

Since then, HousingAnywhere has grown into Europe’s largest mid-to-long-term rental platform, operating in over 400 cities across 100 countries.

The Origins: A Student’s Eureka Moment

The idea for HousingAnywhere was born out of van Deuren’s personal experiences as an international student. While pursuing his degree in International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management, he was required to complete a semester exchange at the National University of Singapore. However, finding suitable short-term housing in the city was a challenge.

Compounding the issue, van Deuren encountered difficulties leasing his apartment in Rotterdam when he returned from Singapore. van Deuren’s frustrations opened his eyes to a broader problem faced by students and young professionals globally–the lack of a streamlined platform to secure safe, affordable, and temporary accommodations abroad.

A Multi-Sided Platform Approach

HousingAnywhere operates as a multi-sided platform, serving tenants seeking rental properties and landlords looking to list available units.

On one side, international students and young professionals browse and book accommodations, from a furnished apartment for a semester abroad to a longer-term rental. HousingAnywhere’s user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities allow students to find suitable options based on location, amenities, and budget.

On the other side, landlords and property managers tap into a global pool of potential tenants by listing available units on HousingAnywhere. The platform streamlines the rental process and provides exposure to a highly targeted audience.

HousingAnywhere partners with over 100 universities worldwide to facilitate connections and ensure a steady flow of tenants and landlords to the platform. Universities recommend the platform to international students and, in exchange, the universities receive a fee-based membership.

A City-Centric Strategy for Global Expansion

Many rental platforms take a country-by-country approach, but HousingAnywhere has adopted a city-centric business model. The strategic decision allows the company to establish a strong presence in urban centers worldwide, even in locations where student housing demand might not be immediately apparent.

The rationale behind HousingAnywhere’s approach is simple: student housing demand is primarily concentrated in cities, where educational institutions and job opportunities are clustered. By focusing on specific metropolitan areas, HousingAnywhere has been able to serve customers and build localized expertise.

Pioneering Innovations and Partnerships

HousingAnywhere maximized technology to enhance the rental experience and simplify the process of finding and securing accommodations. Plus, the platform has focused on security and verification. All student tenants have a verified email account from a partner university, while landlords undergo rigorous screening processes to confirm the legitimacy of listings.

HousingAnywhere’s innovations have been complemented by understanding the needs and preferences of international students and collaborating closely with educational institutions.

New Leadership, New Vision

In 2023, HousingAnywhere welcomed new CEO Djordy Seelmann, who had been involved with the product development team since 2014. Seelmann has scaled teams, enhanced messaging and payment systems, and introduced new features.

Seelmann has prioritized extending HousingAnywhere’s reach into new markets, capitalizing on the increasing demand for flexible, mid-to-long-term rental options among internationally mobile individuals.

Expanding Into the US and UK Markets

HousingAnywhere launched in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago in June 2023, tapping into the high demand for student and young professional housing in major US metropolitan areas. Similarly, HousingAnywhere has established a presence in London, Manchester, and Birmingham to cater to the thriving international student populations in the UK.

HousingAnywhere recognized that while university enrollments have continued to rise globally, on-campus housing options have not kept pace. As a result, many students and young professionals are seeking off-campus accommodations. HousingAnywhere fills the gap by offering an extensive landlord and property manager network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does HousingAnywhere ensure the safety and legitimacy of rental listings for students?

In HousingAnywhere, all student tenants have a verified email account from a partner university, while landlords undergo thorough screening to confirm the authenticity of listings.

What types of accommodations are available on the HousingAnywhere platform?

HousingAnywhere offers several rental options, including furnished apartments, shared accommodations, and longer-term rentals.

Can individuals list properties on HousingAnywhere, or is it limited to professional landlords and property managers?

HousingAnywhere welcomes listings from professional landlords, property managers, and individuals with available accommodations to rent.

What sets HousingAnywhere apart from other rental platforms in the market?

HousingAnywhere’s city-centric approach, strategic partnerships with universities, commitment to security and verification, and serving international students and young professionals set the platform apart from other rental platforms in the market.