Channel Manager for HouseStay offers a curated selection of fully furnished apartments & homes available for 30+ night stays.

Easily connect and manage your listings on HouseStay with Rentals United. Their fully automated booking process along with custom dashboards and workflows make booking a furnished home a breeze for tenants and reduces friction for hosts and property managers.


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Service Features

  • We create new properties on HouseStay for you
  • The connection is 2-way and synchronizes content, photos, price, availability and reservations.
  • Screening guests and verifying homes allows HouseStay to protect the interests of tenants and landlords, alike.

Key Info

Category Vacation rental site
Service Release Date 2017
Headquarter Location Los Angeles, US
Minimum properties required 5
Website Visit now
Pricing model Commission-based
Commission HouseStay will add their commission of 5% on top of the rates pushed from Rentals United.
Onboarding time 1-10 days, depending on the number of properties.
Minimum requirements At least 6 photos of each property.

How our Channel Manager for HouseStay works

  1. Upload your properties to Rentals United. Add them manually or via PMS/API sync. Go to My Services in Rentals United and add House Stay.
  2. Follow the checklist with detailed instructions.
  3. Your content, photos, price, availability and reservations will update automatically.
  4. Your minimum stay will be synchronized. HouseStay has a minimum stay of 30 nights.
  5. HouseStay works on request. You have 24 hours to accept the request and sign the contract. Once the booking is accepted, the client has 24 hours to complete Payment, Background & Credit Screening, ID Verification and sign the contract.
  6. HouseStay will collect the payments and transfer you the money on a monthly basis via Bank Transfer.
  7. HouseStay accepts properties in the US.

The Origins of HouseStay

Homestay accommodation had long been popular among students and youth travelers, but the industry lacked a centralized platform for online booking and management services. The fragmentation back then presented co-founders Alan Clarke and Paddy Holahan with an opportunity to introduce HouseStay in 2013.

With a wealth of experience in the e-commerce travel industry and the education travel sector, Clarke and Holahan created a marketplace for alternative accommodation options. Their vision was to connect travelers with local hosts and experience the rich tapestry of varying cultures.

The HouseStay Experience

HouseStay offers the “Host is Present” model, which sets the platform apart from traditional peer-to-peer accommodation platforms. When booking a stay through HouseStay, guests are welcomed into the homes of local hosts, who share their living spaces and provide an authentic glimpse into the destination’s way of life.

HouseStay allows travelers to forge meaningful connections with hosts, exchange stories, and gain invaluable insights into the local customs and traditions. From sharing home-cooked meals to participating in cultural activities, HouseStay creates lasting memories and fosters a deeper appreciation for the destinations visited.

A Global Network of Authentic Experiences

As of 2023, HouseStay boasts a network of over 15,000 hosts spanning 40 countries across four continents. HouseStay offers diverse accommodations, from a cozy apartment in the heart of a vibrant city to a rustic cottage nestled in the scenic countryside.

HouseStay integrates advanced matching algorithms that pair guests with hosts who share similar interests, such as fishing, golfing, or cycling. The platform ensures travelers enjoy activities while forging meaningful connections with hosts.

Catering to a Diverse Traveler Base

HouseStay caters to tourists seeking immersive cultural experiences, interns and professionals relocating for work, individuals attending events or studying abroad, and anyone who desires to explore the world through the lens of a local.

HouseStay has successfully expanded the appeal of homestays to the mainstream travel market. The platform’s expansion broadened HouseStay’s customer base and contributed to the growth of the global homestay market, estimated to be worth around €11 billion annually.

Scaling for Success: Revenue Model and Growth Strategy

HouseStay’s revenue model is built on a simple yet transparent booking deposit system and maintains a seamless user experience, benefitting hosts and guests alike.

To expand, HouseStay has secured €3 million in funding from venture capital firm Delta Partners and private investors. The funds have supported the company’s ambitious marketing and customer acquisition strategies, which include targeted digital marketing campaigns, partnerships with travel bloggers and influencers, and a strong presence at industry events and expos.

Recognizing the importance of building awareness among students, interns, and those seeking cultural immersion programs, HouseStay has become a leading provider of authentic travel experiences.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Innovation

One of the most significant pivots in HouseStay’s evolution was transitioning from a B2B platform supporting existing homestay network providers and language schools to a fully-fledged marketplace for homestay experiences. The shift was driven by the recognition that many homestay owners were not benefiting from the traditional aggregator model, and a more direct approach was needed to empower hosts and provide exceptional experiences for guests.

Looking ahead, HouseStay is expanding to heritage properties, forts, and palaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Host is Present” model, and how does it differ from traditional accommodation platforms?

In the “Host is Present” model, guests are welcomed into the homes of local hosts who share their living spaces and provide an authentic glimpse into the destination’s way of life. Unlike traditional accommodation platforms offering standalone properties or apartments, Host is Present fosters meaningful connections and cultural exchanges.

How does HouseStay ensure the quality and safety of listed accommodations?

HouseStay implements identification verification and property-related documents. The platform encourages transparent communication between hosts and guests as well, allowing for informed decision-making and setting clear expectations.

Can HouseStay accommodate larger groups or families?

HouseStay offers single-room listings but also caters to larger groups and families by providing options for renting entire floors, villas, or larger accommodations.

How does HouseStay plan to stay competitive in the homestay market?

HouseStay’s focus on the “Host is Present” model, cultural immersion opportunities, and expansion to heritage properties and cultural experiences create a distinct value proposition for discerning travelers seeking meaningful and transformative travel experiences.