Check-in software and guest registration

Check-in software to improve your check-ins

Chekin helps hosts automate the entire check-in process from the booking confirmation till the check-out. Allowing them to save time, money and comply with the legal requirements by managing everything online: guests registration and identification, online payments, remote access, data sending to authorities, upselling and much more.


Why you should connect Chekin with Rentals United?


Properties and Bookings

All synced automatically


Automatic guests registration

For any new booking, guests automatically receive the online check-in


Whole check-in process digitised

From booking confirmation till check-out

Chekin Chekin Chekin

Service Features

  • Whole check-in process digitised: from booking confirmation till check-out
  • Chekin helps you to manage online guest registration and identification
  • Online payments
  • Remote access
  • Legal compliance.

Key Info

Category Operational Tools
Service Release Date 2018
Headquarter Location Seville, ES
Minimum properties required 1
Website Visit now
Pricing model Monthly and Annual plans the more properties you register, the cheaper your subscription will be
What is synced All features are synced
Onboarding time Immediate and seamless

Seamless Stays: Onboarding and managing your guests

Automation is the name of the game when it comes to providing a seamless guest experience. Alex, from Chekin, explains how happy guests equal faster growth.
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How it Works

  1. Go to the registration page of Chekin to create the account.
  2. In the registration process, select Rentals United as the PMS you are using.
  3. Enter your Rentals United account email and add the credentials for your Chekin account
  4. All your properties and bookings will be automatically synched on Chekin and any new data or changes will be reflected
  5. Before starting with guests registration go to Properties tab and complete the set-up of all your units (add property info/add police credentials/activate online check-in/activate premium features of self-check-in , tourist taxes, deposit)