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Altovita Altovita Altovita
  • AltoVita is an end-to-end solution for business travellers and families. Partnering with reliable property management companies and selecting only the highest quality homes, their guests are responsible frequent travellers who book extended stays, from a week to several months. AltoVita is not just another booking site – they go a step further, allowing guests to add on a full range of services that enhance their stay.

Key Info

Category Vacation rental site
Service Release Date 2018
Headquarter Location London, GB
Minimum properties required 5
Website Visit now
Pricing model Commission-based
Commission 9% for property managers, deducted from the accommodation charge. 5% for guests.
Onboarding time 7 days

How our Channel Manager for AltoVita works

  1. Upload your holiday homes to Rentals United. Add them manually or via PMS/API sync. Go to Services and add AltoVita
  2. Follow the Checklist with detailed instructions
  3. Activate Connection. Your holiday homes will be uploaded via API by Rentals United
  4. Your rates, calendars and property info, including photos and amenities, will update automatically
  5. Receive booking requests! AltoVita will email you a booking request to reply to within 24 hours
  6. AltoVita will send a booking confirmation to you and the guest. The property managers must arrange arrival details
  7. Payment: AltoVita charges the guest and sends payments to property managers within 5 days after check-in
  8. Altovita accepts properties worldwide.

A Vision Born from Personal Experiences

AltoVita is tech-forward and easy to use, offering direct end-to-end relationships with corporations and delivering cost savings, improved employee experiences, and data-driven insights.

The frustrating experiences of founders and frequent business travelers Vivi Cahyadi Himmel (CEO) and Karolina Saviova (COO) led to the idea for AltoVita. Karolina, who had worked across various countries, became disillusioned with the lack of transparency and poor employee support in traditional corporate housing models. Vivi, who has extensive experience in real estate portfolio management, recognized the opportunity to leverage technology to address inefficiencies in the corporate housing sector.

The two founders’ shared vision was to create a platform for global mobility by making corporate relocation a comprehensive and stress-free experience.

Facing Challenges and Expanding Globally

Thriving During the Pandemic

AltoVita demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth during COVID-19. In 2020, the company achieved a staggering 391% year-over-year revenue growth, establishing AltoVita’s name as an innovative global corporate housing company.

AltoVita seized the opportunity to evolve from a European player to a global enterprise during the pandemic. AltoVita’s network expanded to over 1 million properties across 165 countries and over 800 cities, catering to relocating employees’ changing needs and expectations.

Diversified Housing Solutions

AltoVita introduced different housing solutions, including unique homesserviced apartmentssingle-family houses and villasco-living, and hotels. AltoVista filled the need for more space, work-ready amenities, and pet-friendly accommodations, ensuring a seamless transition for employees during the pandemic and beyond.

Innovative Features and Analytics Tools

Empowering Relocation Managers

AltoVita launched a powerful data analytics tool, a one-of-a-kind feature in the industry. The tool empowers relocation managers to benchmark, budget, and manage client expectations more efficiently, streamlining the entire relocation process.

Personalized Accommodations

AltoVita integrates with Google API. letting relocating employees and digital nomads select housing near shops and local amenities. AltoVita brings a convenient and tailored experience, enhancing overall satisfaction and well-being during relocation.

The Future of AltoVita

AltoVita’s asset-light business model, dynamic housing options, and commitment to a duty of care have made the platform an attractive partner for corporations seeking to streamline relocation and business travel processes.

As AltoVita continues to expand globally and enhance features, the company is poised to redefine corporate accommodations and relocation fundamentals.

The Advancing World of Corporate Accommodation Booking

Today, corporations and employees have countless options for short-term or mid-term accommodations. Each booking method has advantages and drawbacks, requiring a deep understanding of the corporate unique accommodation world.

Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

Online travel agents (OTAs), such as Expedia and, offer a vast array of accommodations and the convenience of instant booking. Yet, the two platforms often lack the necessary support, duty of care, and corporate policy compliance essential for business travelers.

Temporary Housing Providers

Temporary housing providers cater specifically to the extended-stay business accommodation market, offering a curated selection of vetted properties. Temporary housing providers deliver customer support and pre-check-in communication, but the booking process is more manual, and instant live rates are sometimes unavailable.

Local Travel Agents

Local travel agents are valuable experts in local markets, personalizing recommendations and bringing high-touch concierge service. However, the lack of live rates, availability, and potentially higher costs make the option less suitable for tech-savvy, self-booking consumers.


Self-booking allows consumers to utilize several platforms and methods, providing unlimited options. Still, the approach often lacks duty of care, safety and security verification, and corporate policy compliance.

The AltoVita Advantage

AltoVita is a cloud-based enterprise software model. By connecting directly to property management systems worldwide, AltoVita provides instant booking, live rates, and robust data analytics tools.

AltoVita’s technology-first solution eliminates manual processes, reduces booking time, and presents the tools and insights for streamlining relocation and business travel programs, ultimately leading to significant cost savings.

AltoVita’s Cutting-Edge Technology

Cloud-Based Enterprise Software Platform

AltoVita connects to a plethora of property management systems (PMS) worldwide. The platform fetches real-time data on property details, amenities, locations, pricing, and availability to deliver an instant booking experience.

By automating key workflows, AltoVita reduces the booking process from 24-72 hours to just 3 minutes, saving corporations up to 80% in relocation costs.

Commitment to a Duty of Care

Committed to a duty of care, AltoVita has pioneered a meticulous two-tier quality control standard. AltoVita implements a pre-inspection protocol conducted within 24 hours of a guest’s arrival. The process allows AltoVita’s dedicated Guest Experience teams to verify that all amenities are present and the property condition aligns with quality standards.

Live photos and videos of the walk-through are uploaded into AltoVita’s system, and the performance of property operators is continuously monitored. The proactive approach, coupled with a centralized database and detailed evaluation methodology, guarantees that AltoVita’s clients and their employees can book accommodations confidently.

Modern Features for Corporations

AltoVita’s enterprise software offers a suite of modern features to support corporations and their relocation and travel programs:

  • Integrated communication tools
  • Customizable performance scorecards
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Aggregated billing and invoicing
  • Streamlined incident management
  • Budget setting and approval workflows
  • Automated referral fee calculations

The Transformative Impact of AltoVita

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

AltoVita has delivered significant cost savings for many corporate clients. A recent case study of 152 group moves for a Fortune 500 company revealed a remarkable 26.5% cost efficiency from purchasing power consolidation, plus the 82% process cost efficiency achieved through the platform’s automation.

AltoVita’s operational efficiency, combined with an expansive inventory and effective supply chain management, enables corporations to streamline relocation and business travel programs.

Improved Employee Experience

AltoVita prioritizes the experience of a relocating employee. The consumer-like booking interface, customizable search filters, and duty of care commitment guarantee that employees access high-quality accommodations.

AltoVita’s improved employee experience boosts job satisfaction and well-being and helps corporations attract and retain top talent.


AltoVita provides detailed sustainability information and certifications for accommodations. AltoVita empowers corporations to decide based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

AltoVita’s proactive approach to quality control and incident management gives corporations the peace of mind that employees are cared for, even during unforeseen circumstances.

Data-Driven Insights

AltoVita’s powerful data analytics tools bring unparalleled visibility into relocation and business travel programs. From benchmarking and budgeting to real-time performance tracking, AltoVita’s data-driven insights enable informed decision-making and optimization of crucial corporate functions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Altovita

What makes AltoVita different from traditional corporate housing providers?

AltoVita sets itself apart by leveraging cutting-edge technology, offering a cloud-based enterprise software platform that provides instant booking, live rates, and robust data analytics tools. Additionally, the company’s commitment to duty of care through its meticulous two-tier quality control process ensures a high standard of accommodations for corporate clients and their employees.

How does AltoVita ensure the safety and quality of its accommodations?

AltoVita has pioneered a two-tier quality control standard, with a pre-inspection protocol conducted within 24 hours of a guest’s arrival. Live photos and videos are uploaded into the system, and the performance of property operators is continuously monitored to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Can AltoVita accommodate specific corporate policies and requirements?

Yes, AltoVita’s enterprise software platform offers customizable features, such as performance scorecards, detailed reporting, and budget setting and approval workflows. These tools empower corporations to align AltoVita’s offerings with their specific policies and requirements.

How does AltoVita contribute to cost savings for corporations?

Through its technology-first solution and automation, AltoVita reduces the booking process from 24-72 hours to just 3 minutes, saving corporations up to 80% in relocation costs. Additionally, its expansive inventory and effective supply chain management allow for cost efficiencies through purchasing power consolidation.

Does AltoVita offer sustainable accommodation options?

  1. Yes, AltoVita is committed to sustainability and provides detailed information and certifications for its accommodations. This empowers corporations to make informed decisions that align with their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.