Content management

Manage all your listings’ information in one place with powerful content management

Ensure your listings are so attractive your guests can’t resist booking them. We make it easy to connect your properties’ content through our content management tool.

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Managing your listing content shouldn’t be chaotic

Recreating the same quality content across booking sites is time-consuming. Each channel has its own requirements.
Some are transparent, others less. One thing is sure – navigating your way around them is frustrating.
Here’s the solution you crave.

Use one tool

You’ll never have to waste time deciphering site requirements or using clunky upload tools again. Add calendar availability, pricing, fees, property description, photos, amenities, and more, all from one place. Uploading content to your channels takes seconds.

Create with confidence

You’ll never have to worry again if a calendar fails to upload, images are incompatible, or a booking site’s tools stall. You’ll understand at a glance which channels need work and which can go live.

Go global

You don’t have to be a polyglot to be a host. But you can expand your reach beyond your home country. Automated tools help showcase your content in every guest’s mother tongue easily.

Optimise with ease

You don’t have to check each booking site’s content requirements because we’ve done the work for you. You can instantly see which channel needs more work and those ready to go live.

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How Powerhost helps you manage your content

Use our content management system to boost the quality of your listings across all your channels. You’ll have all you need in one place.

— Get started with guidance.
Our 7-step tool guides your content creation across channels.

— Update listings in one go.
Add available days, pricing, property descriptions, amenities, and more.

— Optimise your listings.
Our Quality Checker will spot opportunities to perfect your listings and go live with speed.

— Stay compliant.
Include license information with a click to comply with your country’s requirements. Add links to contracts guests need to sign before arrival.

— Personalise your prices.
Block dates, create offers, add last-minute limitations, and automate length-of-stay and weekend deals across channels as you wish.

— Customise content by country.
Get instant translations of your property descriptions and photo captions with a click.

— Breathe easy.
Use our reliable connection to create compatible uploads with every booking site.

— Dive into your dashboard.
A clean layout provides you with easy-to-understand functionalities.

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