Migliora automaticamente l'esperienza dell'ospite

Gestisci intelligentemente le relazioni con gli ospiti. Ottieni le migliori recensioni.

Duve’s holistic platform provides VR owners with a unified guest management platform that covers the entire digital guest journey from contactless check-in, through a branded guest app, a multi-channel communication hub, and an eCommerce/upselling platform offering the right service to the right guest at the right time. Duve enables every VR owner to easily offer their guests a personalized experience, tailored to their needs, in their own language available for them 24/7 at their fingertips.


Vantaggi di connettersi a Duve tramite Rentals United


Automated Pre Check-in Reminders

Collecting guest contact information, coordinate ID document collection, Signing of Registration Cards, Payment for Stay


Personalised Guest Area

Provide your guests’ access information, check-in instructions and offer services such as Mid Stay Cleanings and Pet Fee automatically


Contact Hub

Preschedule, broadcast and manage all guest communication through the omnichannel Communication Hub

Duve Duve Duve

Informazioni su Duve

  • White labeled, completely customizable communications
  • Automation of guest messaging on four channels (email, Chat, SMS and WhatsApp)
  • Content Translations in over 18 languages
  • All communications are web based - no download required!
  • Create personalized Guest Area with relevant information for posts and upsells
  • View Analytics of guest engagement with Duve

Informazioni Chiave

Categoria Operational Tools
Sede Principale Tel Aviv, IL
Sito Visitare adesso
Modelo di prezzo From €5 to €9 per active unit per month
Sincronizzazione Guest Name, Rental, Reservation Dates, Booking Source and payment information
Tempo di inserimento 14 Days
Requisiti minimi None, it is up to the customer to design their guest experience

Come funziona

  1. Enter the username and password of your Rentals United account and click the "Connect" button above.
  2. You're Done! You will be able to view your properties and reservation information and start using Duve.