Channel Manager per AltoVita

Annuncia e gestisci le tue proprietà senza problemi su AltoVita, la soluzione completa per i viaggiatori moderni.

Rentals United ti permette di pubblicare e gestire facilmente case vacanze su AltoVita, la piattaforma per soggiorni prolungati e ospiti abituali. Carica automaticamente le tue proprietà e poi gestisci calendari, tariffe e informazioni sulle proprietà dal nostro software avanzato. Prenota una chiamata gratuita e ti mostreremo come fare!


Why choose Rentals United to connect to AltoVita?


Automatic Upload

Complete sync to add new properties effortlessly


Automatic Update

Rates, availability, photos & property info synced


Advanced Options

2-Way sync, Markup, Price per Night and more

  • AltoVita is an end-to-end solution for business travellers and families. Partnering with reliable property management companies and selecting only the highest quality homes, their guests are responsible frequent travellers who book extended stays, from a week to several months. AltoVita is not just another booking site – they go a step further, allowing guests to add on a full range of services that enhance their stay.

Key Info

Category Vacation rental site
Service Release Date 2018
Headquarter Location London, GB
Minimum properties required 5
Website Visit now
Pricing model Commission-based
Commission 9% for property managers, deducted from the accommodation charge. 5% for guests.
Onboarding time 7 days

How our Channel Manager for AltoVita works

  1. Upload your holiday homes to Rentals United. Add them manually or via PMS/API sync. Go to Services and add AltoVita
  2. Follow the Checklist with detailed instructions
  3. Activate Connection. Your holiday homes will be uploaded via API by Rentals United
  4. Your rates, calendars and property info, including photos and amenities, will update automatically
  5. Receive booking requests! AltoVita will email you a booking request to reply to within 24 hours
  6. AltoVita will send a booking confirmation to you and the guest. The property managers must arrange arrival details
  7. Payment: AltoVita charges the guest and sends payments to property managers within 5 days after check-in
  8. Altovita accepts properties worldwide.