Consider this statement: The Vacation Rental industry is now part of the hospitality industry as a whole. Hotels and hotel lobbyist are very much aware of this and they are looking to improve their experience to match what we offer: giving a more personal guest experience and promoting the idea of travelling like a local. We, the vacation rental industry, in return need to learn from what hotels have been excelling at. Providing free toiletries and accessories are some of the things that hotel travellers appreciate very much. So here’s a well-researched list of 8 guest toiletries suppliers for vacation rentals. We highly encourage you to check them out!

The Distinguished guest

Ships to: US
Supplies: Guest Toiletries & Accessories

The Distinguished guest aims to provide unique guest supplies at an affordable price to help offer your guests a five-star vacation rental experience. They offer toiletries like toiletry kits, spa slippers, cleansing soaps, and of course general bathroom amenities like toothpaste, toothbrush, personal care kits, mouthwash etc. You can also purchase robes, towels, hair dryer etc. to add an extra luxurious touch. Check out the cabana towels for the poolside, and if you’re a fan of the Vacation Rental Manifesto created by Rentals United, the Distinguished is the official vendor of the magnets and now also posters!


Ships to: Worldwide
Supplies: Guest Toiletries

If you want to have your logo stand out, Boxpitality is the way to go! To start with, Boxpitality offers charming towel sets (which are 100% cotton), custom made toiletry kits, AND FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. The towel sets are divided into 2 x bath towels, 2 x hand towels, and 2 x face towels, ideal for a couple’s retreat for example, right? Now to the best part, on their custom-made toiletry kits, you can add your own logo on the bottles (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and body wash), choose the color of the gel and even the fragrance. Heavenly customization!

Accent Amenities

Ships to: US
Supplies: Guest Toiletries

Accent Amenities focuses on offering (affordable!) spa quality guest toiletries and soaps for every taste and need. They partner with hotels, B&B’s, resorts, Inn’s and of course – Vacation rentals! Their USP is to provide you with exclusive amenity collections, unique products and packaging to leave a great impression with your guests! You can select from various room ready packages which suits your vacation rental best. Their beautiful and luxurious feeling products already make an impression on us, what about you?

Beach House Logos

Ships to: Worldwide
Supplies: Guest Toiletries & Accessories

Beach House Logos really does offer everything from A-Z. You can find all kind of fun accessories for your VR (like binoculars, barbecue equipment, beach items, picnic and camping items, swimming and pool items etc) and naturally toiletries for your VR guests. Their product list is endless, and 4/5 times you will end up finding what you need plus a little more (we call this the IKEA effect) as they have so many convenient and fun products! 😉 PS. Best of all: they ship worldwide!


Ships to: Worldwide
Supplies: Guest Toiletries

BNBgoodies offers you premium luxury guest toiletries with equal quality as upscale hotels and stylish retreats offers. They are dubbed the #1 source of luxury toiletries and call themselves a “one-stop shopping place”, which it indeed is. You can find luxurious shampoos, conditioner sets, and soaps. There is also a lot of variety in the sets they offer, divided into different styles for depending on home decor (traditional homes, modern and sleek homes, artful decors, and health-oriented places). As BNBgoodies so well says; “A happy guest means a happy host!”. Note! They also offer fun extras towels specifically for make-up removal (no more ruined white towels!), and travel size premium brand toothpaste for your guests.


Ships to: US & Canada
Supplies: Guest Toiletries & Accessories

VRsupplies is a Canada-based toiletries and accessories supplier, and their main focus is to make the ordering as simple as possible for YOU. There is no need for an account set-up, and you also don’t need to order in bulk. They have a wide range of products from toiletries to kitchen equipment, just check their Extras Section and you’ll understand! 😉

Cole & Lewis

Ships to: UK
Supplies: Guest Toiletries

Cole & Lewis is a UK based toiletry amenities provider (ships only in the UK), with beautiful design and vibrant fragrance shampoos, conditioners and body lotions.


Ships to: Worldwide
Supplies: Guest Toiletries & Accessories

BNBsupplies is an Australia-based company, which provides quality hotel amenities from basic toiletries to tea trays (plus tea of course!) and toasters. They also have these convenient ready to go Guest packages which are easy for you to order in bulk! BNBsupplies also focuses on delivering the highest quality, and all their products are eco-friendly! Being green is the thing of today! Ps. BNBsupplies ships worldwide (yay!) 😉

Do you have any toiletry tips of your own? Comment them below!

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  • Amy Osterberg

    Thanks for the article! I have met Alanna from The Distinguished Guest and seen some of her products in person. Really really great stuff! She’s done an amazing job of curating a wonderful collection of items that I would be thrilled to have in my vacation rentals!

  • zGerhard Frank

    Great Article – Thank you!

    best regards from Vienna


  • Thank you Geri! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this article! I’ve been wanting to start a list of my own but never got around to it. This is a good starting point. Thanks again !

  • This is a handy list for anyone with a Vacation Rental. Also check out my company, Vacation Home Amenities – We design and sell our own line of bathroom toiletries for Vacation Rentals, Airbnb’s & more!

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