Vacation Rentals on Google: How to Get Listed and Bookable [Free eBook]

Google adding vacation rental listings is a significant shakeup for all stakeholders in our industry. That’s why we’ve created an extensive eBook that explains all the details around this significant development; a great read for all professional property managers.


VrTech Startup Competition 2019: Time to Vote for Your Favourite Startup

Here are the 20 startups shortlisted for the 2019 VrTech Startup Competition! These companies are building revolutionary tech solutions that move our industry forward. It’s time to vote for your favourite and see them pitch on stage at the Vacation Rental World Summit!


Vacation Rental Booking Window and Its Impact on Revenue [+ Statistics]

Your booking window, i.e how far in advance do your rentals get booked, is an important metric to consider. Starting with your historical data, and just as importantly, with market statistics. We looked into the current vacation rental booking window with data by Transparent.


Vacation Rental World Summit 2019: Why You Should Attend [+Discount Code]

Ready for an educational and potentially life-changing trip to the Vacation Rental World Summit in Lake Como? Founder Antonio Bortolotti shares what the best independent event in the industry has in store for attendees this year.


9 Vacation Rental Websites Backed by Venture Capital Funding

If you follow the industry news, you’ll know that a handful of unique listings websites have raised a significant amount of funding lately and are growing incessantly. Here we show who they are and how to get your properties listed!


An Insider’s Guide to Switching Channel Managers

Switching Channel Managers can be a big concern as it implies investing time, money and resources. But if you need help with this process, start with this useful guide that covers all you need to know for a smooth transition.


15+ Vacation Rental Consultants to Help Your Business Grow

If you’re determined to grow your vacation rental business, you can’t be shy about asking for help from highly-qualified professionals with vast experience and knowledge. Here are 15 expert vacation rental consultants you can count on.


Masters of Distribution eBook: The Definitive Guide to Vacation Rental Distribution

The first step towards building a successful vacation rental business is mastering online distribution and advertising. To help you out, we’ve created a comprehensive free eBook with all the latest tools, tips and best practices. Get your copy!


How Three Competitors Came Together To Create A Multi Million Euro Startup

Three competing short-term rental business owners met at a round-table to discuss how they could survive the imminent rise of Airbnb. They came up with a software solution. Now, Rentals United helps property managers in 160 countries to gain time and make more bookings. Oh, and they’re a preferred partner of Airbnb… how’s that for full circle.  Here’s our story, from the dark cellar office to the successful start-up with almost 100 employees in 3 locations.


Vacation Rental Investment: 10 Funding Options to Grow your Property Management Business

Owning a holiday home is at the top of your wish list? Or perhaps you’re determined to expand your vacation rental portfolio? Here we take a closer look at funding options and the helpful resources available.