vacation rental guest screening

Protecting rental properties from damage should be top of mind for all property managers. Knowing who your guests are and how they intend to use your rental is especially important now that the winter party season is getting closer. Let’s look at the best ways to handle guest screening and ID verification now and in the new year.

niche vacation rental websites

Diversifying your distribution is key to getting bookings in 2021. We’ve put together a complete guide on niche vacation rental websites so you can start including them in your marketing strategy today.

Property managers reselling their tech – opportunities in B2B software for vacation rentals

Many of the world’s most successful property managers build their own technology solutions to fuel their growth. What’s more, some have started reselling their tech to other companies, enabling them to scale their operations. Here are 3 stories of property managers tapping into the opportunities the B2B software market has to offer.

vrtech – vacation rental tech community

The world’s largest vacation rental tech community is back! VrTech has had a facelift – and we are proud to present our new look and our new motivations to continue the work we started 5 years ago. Here’s what to expect from VrTech in the future and how to become a member.

Top 50 property managers stats

What fuels the growth of the world’s 50 largest property management companies? Here are some fascinating facts showing the patterns of success they follow.


We’ve updated our list of best luxury vacation rental sites! Luxury vacation rentals are difficult to market. Property managers must find the right channels to advertise on, connect with the right travellers and establish relationships based on trust. In this chapter of our Travel Trends series, we explore the luxury segment’s distribution challenges and show you the top 18 niche channels to list luxury rentals on.

The world’s top 50 vacation rental property managers

The wait is over! We’ve just announced the 2021 update of Rental’s United’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Managers in the World. Here is a list of 50 companies leading the way in vacation rental property management using state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated growth strategies. Find out how many rentals they manage, which markets they’re present in, what kind of service they provide, and much more!

how blockchain is transforming the vacation rental industry

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to transform the vacation rental industry. New generation listing sites already use these technologies to give property managers control over their digital assets, increase the security of payments, improve loyalty programmes and more. Here is how blockchain will lead the way towards the decentralisation of the vacation rental market.

Best vacation rental PMS – property management system

What sets a great property management system apart? In this blog post, we dive into choosing the best vacation rental PMS to scale your business. And, we present the latest version of our ebook, the Who’s Who of Property Management Systems, which we update every year with fresh info from the industry’s leading software providers.

vacation rental advocacy

Have you ever considered becoming an advocate for fair short-term rental regulations? Property managers need to get involved in advocacy, as it’s the only way to secure a fair and sustainable future for our industry. Learn how you can start building a community and engaging with policymakers to protect your business.