vacation rental conference takeaways

Had to skip some of the big vacation rental conferences this year? Don’t worry; we’ve summarised the biggest takeaways for you. Here’s our recap of the discussions we had with industry peers and the sessions we attended about everything from industry consolidation to emerging technologies and distribution trends.

Vrbo Premier Host

Becoming a Premier Host on Vrbo drives business results by making your listings stand out and increasing your visibility. Learn all about the Vrbo Premier Host programme, from the eligibility criteria you need to meet, to the benefits of enrolling and actionable tips on how to achieve Premier Host status fast.

Do you manage ski chalets or apartments close to popular ski resorts? Your peak booking season may be just about to start. Here’s what you need to do to prepare for the rush and get your business ready for a record-breaking year, from optimising your channel mix to perfecting your listings.

vacation rental investment deals

Investment and M&A activity in the vacation rental industry shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some highlights from the past 6 months’ major transactions involving property management companies, software providers, OTAs and niche channels.

Do you manage vacation rental properties in the APAC region? We’ve got invaluable data insights for you. Take a look at our fact sheets with exclusive data on vacation rental performance in New Zealand, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. Next to rich market data and booking performance metrics, we also give you helpful tips on how to improve your revenue management and distribution strategies.

travel fintech vacation rentals

What if you could offer customers more flexibility while preserving your financial security? Rental United’s new channel partner, Hopper Homes, plans to add innovative travel fintech add-ons, which will satisfy customers’ desire for protection and flexibility while keeping your conversions intact. Find out why travel fintech should be on your radar in our new post.

Property managers in Latin America, this one is for you! Do you ever wish there was an easy way to compare your vacation rentals’ performance to similar properties, identify the best-performing channels in your market, and get tips on improving your strategy? To help you get started, we’ve created a series of fact sheets with exclusive data on vacation rental performance in Mexico, Chile and Brazil.

vacation rental consultants

Sometimes, asking for the help of an expert is the only way to solve a specific business challenge. Whether you need support with business development, marketing, performance optimisation, investment, revenue management or technology, these vacation rental consultants can help you enhance your business.

pickup in vacation rental revenue management

Do you know how to spot dates in your calendar where you’re not making sales and take action before it’s too late? In this article, we’re demystifying the concept of pickup to help you take better distribution and revenue management decisions every day.

vacation rental pricing strategy

Does your vacation rental pricing strategy need an update? We spoke to four revenue managers from some of the most successful property management companies in the industry. They gave us their first-hand insights into what makes a great pricing strategy – and mistakes to avoid at all costs.