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Travellers are waiting until the last minute to book their stays. Find out how to sell your unsold nights and increase your occupancy by getting listed on these channels specialising in last-minute stays.

links to the vacation rental community

You don’t need to go to events to establish ties with the vacation rental community. Check out these newsletters, Facebook groups, forums and YouTube channels where you can connect with fellow vacation rental professionals online.

short-term rental crowdfunding campaigns to invest in

Have you ever considered investing in a vacation rental company? Crowdfunding campaigns are a great place to start. You can help innovative companies kickstart their journeys – and you get to reap the rewards. Here are 3 short-term rental crowdfunding campaigns to invest in today.

Vacation rental listing sites coming soon to rental united

Now’s the time to boost your visibility by getting listed on as many listing sites as possible. Target travel nurses, mid-term guests, pet owners, business travellers and more with these 18 new listing sites coming soon to Rentals United!

8 Best Vacation Rental Events Autumn 2020 Online and Offline

2020 may not be the year of in-person events, but you’ll still have opportunities for invaluable networking. Here’s a list of 8 vacation rental events going ahead this autumn, in a blended or online format, with special discounts!

vacation rental metasearch engines holidu and hometogo

Metasearches could become your best source of bookings during these uncertain times. Here’s why they’re so popular right now with travellers, with exclusive insight from Holidu and HomeToGo.

billboard welcome apps (1)

Your check-ins just got a whole lot easier. These vacation rental welcome apps will take the hassle out of guest interaction and get you raving reviews.


The crisis has left short-term rental property managers questioning the resilience of their business models. We’ve created a guide that will help you diversify and crisis-proof your business.

RFP for vacation rentals

If you’re unsure how to pick the right vacation rental software for your property management business, a Request for Proposals (RFP) might be the way to go. Here’s how to build one in 10 easy-to-follow steps.

Advanced Airbnb Optimisation Webinar

In our latest webinar with Airbnb we cover particular pain points for property managers. Find out how to get your properties set up on Airbnb for long-term stays; cancellation policy updates including stats and trends; discount & promotions including the tools you can use to apply them in bulk; and finally Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning initiative and guide. Watch the webinar now!