vrtech startup competition finalists

The voting is closed, and it’s time to announce the finalists of the VRTECH Startup Competition 2021. These three startups will have the chance to pitch their products in front of a distinguished audience at the Vacation Rental World Summit and compete for the VRTECH Award. Find out who they are!

vacation rental tv shows netflix

Looking for a new show to binge-watch on Netflix or online? These vacation rental TV shows will keep you busy for many summer evenings to come. See the world’s quirkiest vacation rentals, get home renovation tips and steal some ideas on how to impress your guests!

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The Adapters is a book that presents real-life experiences and fresh insights from a diverse group of innovative workers in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries, including our CMO and Co-Founder Vanessa de Souza Lage. This multimedia phenomenon provides an unfiltered breakdown of how you can navigate through unprecedented times and effectively run your business in the hope of inspiring workers in the services industry and beyond.


Who will win the title of Most Innovative Vacation Rental Startup of the Year? The race is on! Meet the expert judges and property managers who will vote for the tech startups whose solutions impress them the most.

VRTECH competition 2021

Each year, the VRTECH Startup Competition shines the spotlight on the most innovative tech startups in the vacation rental industry. It’s a great chance for them to showcase their products and services – and for you to support your favourite startup with a vote! Here are the 20 startups competing for the VRTECH Award this year.

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The number one reason why Rentals United exists is to help property managers improve their performance on OTAs and get more bookings. That’s why we create tools like the Quality Checker, which allows you to identify missing fields in your listing content and fill them in quickly so your properties can go live on sales channels without delay. Here’s how the Quality Checker works and why, once you try it, you won’t be able to live without it.

top-performing alternative vacation rental websites 2021

With summer just around the corner and demand for vacation rentals surging, it’s crucial to get as many eyes on your listings as possible. A great way to boost your visibility is by getting listed on alternative vacation rental sites. Here are 10 that our clients have had success with in 2021.

vacation rental software

Technology is the key to growth in the vacation rental industry. The software solutions that you choose to include in your tech stack could make or break your property management business. Here are the top 55 vacation rental software providers that you should consider when future-proofing your company.

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If you are listed on Booking.com, have you been taking advantage of their Group Opportunity Centre? Not only does it help you access tailored Opportunities, but you can also get data on your properties. This makes it easier to track and improve your overall performance. Here’s everything you need to know about Booking.com Opportunities and Promotions – and how you can benefit from them.

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What’s the difference between an average Channel Manager and a great one? Find out why Rentals United won the award for Best Channel Manager in 2021, and what makes us essential for property managers who want to win at distribution.