Why do people choose NOT to stay in a Vacation Rental? A recent study came out listing the top 5 reasons. We’ve laid these out in a beautiful infographic with ideas on how you can convince travellers otherwise.


Whether you manage 2 or 100 vacation rentals, a consistent brand experience across your properties, and from the enquiry to the check-out, is one way to increase referrals and repeat visitors. As our industry matures so must our standards, and branding is part of us growing up. It all starts with designing a logo that communicates what people really enjoy about our rentals and we have some tips on how to create one without breaking the bank. Yet we’re not going to leave it at that because a brand is not just a logo, so read on for practical tips on how to brand your vacation rental business.

Vacation Rentals listing websites

At Rentals United we pride ourselves on working with some of the best vacation rental websites out there. We choose our partnerships wisely and make sure that the sales channels we connect with are ones that not only give you a great amount of bookings but that also make your properties look darn good! So we’ve compiled a list of some, (there are many more!), of the sales channels that we work with and highlighted their unique features and techniques for showing off your amazing rentals!


The story of how a new type of getaway became the best way to getaway. In our fast and innovative industry of vacation rentals, here’s a free ride in our time machine that will take you all the way back to the beginning of the history of vacation rentals.  Find out how the first vacation homes evolved into hundreds and thousands of online rentals ready for bookings! And… it’s all in a very easy-to-read infographic for you (nearly as good as a FREE ride, right?!) Bon voyage!