In today’s competitive market, a strong Public Relations strategy could be the one asset that makes your vacation rental brand stand out. We asked the vacation rental PR pro, Jessica Gillingham about the impact of PR on rental businesses, how to approach journalists and which publications professional managers should focus on. 


Looking to invest in the fast-paced vacation rental industry? Some young and innovative companies need your help! We list vacation rental services that turned to crowdfunding to grow their business.


Rentals United is proud to sponsor the world’s first Vacation Rental Tech Competition! Have a favourite Vacation Rental Tech Company?


In this post we reveal the 3 unavoidable tech tools you need today to run a professional vacation rental business. Description of what you need + potential companies to contact. Don’t get left behind: invest in these 3 Must-Have Tech for Vacation Rental Professionals today!

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Meet the Rentals United Barcelona team! We took pictures and asked a few fun questions! We hope you’ll giggle at this post as much as us! Welcome “behind the scenes”!


Management tools for property owners and managers in the vacation rental industry are gaining a lot of momentum this year. In this article we explore the newest maintenance and vacation rental housekeeping tools available to property managers and owners. Streamlining your housekeeping can now be a reality – take advantage of the technology!


Last years VRWS was a smash hit! And by the looks of it the 2017 edition will be an even bigger one. We asked the founder of the Vacation Rental World Summit, Antonio Bortolotti, to answer a few questions regarding the upcoming event which will be held in Florence, Italy the 23-24th of September. We even got our hands on a discount just for our readers! Grab it now before it sells out!


As guest expectations rise, providing hotel-quality toiletries should be a number one focus for vacation rental property owners and managers. Here are 12 vacation rental toiletry suppliers that can help you woo your guests.


Not all sales channels are created equal, nor are all property managers. The whole premise of Rentals United is based on this notion which is why we continuously strive to make the relationship between these beautifully complicated entities as blissful as possible! has properties in 212 countries and is available in over 40 languages. With 4.5 million bookings per week, if you’re not already advertising your properties on this platform, find out exactly how to get going NOW with this step by step guide!

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A presence on Twitter is important in any industry today: it helps your credibility, provides an outlet for your content marketing, can make you rank higher on Google and possibly, can help you get direct sales. Get your good Twitter reputation started by following and being followed by the right people and companies. We’ve made a list of important vacation rental Twitter accounts just for you. See you there!